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Roc Hatfield the best selling author of the Atlantium Series and Nano Technology Innovator is announcing the formal organization of the ATLANTIUM PROJECT.  Hatfield the Author of "Aliens Mining Our Moon", "Ancient Man on the Moon" and "Moon Base Cover-Up" and holder of numerous Nano Technology patents, is forming an initiative  to build a privately  funded  Rocket  and Moon Orbiter for the sole purpose of photographing Alien Moon Bases. The Atlantium author has written for years about the major building activities and obvious mining operations concentrated on the moon.  Numerous researchers have combed through thousands of photos taken by NASA satellites in orbit over the Moon.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration Act was signed into law by President D.D. Eisenhower in 1958. The agency is under direct control of the executive branch and the siting U.S. President. Space exploration was a military operation prior to the establishment of NASA. Not much has changed, NASA remains an adjunct of the U.S. Military and operates under the direction of the White House. NASA has no allegiance to the Civilians of the USA. They run a very aggressive marketing campaign to generate the impression that they are working for the people, but that's just so you will feel good about giving them your tax dollars. They will never share any of their sensitive information about Aliens with us.

What ever discoveries NASA makes, NASA keeps. All information regarding Aliens, Alien Bases and the craft they fly are held as Top Secret and used exclusively for the Military. Is this wrong? That is not for average civilians to say, and the average Joe shouldn't even care anymore. Technology, and the cost of it are well within our reach now to make our own discoveries. Let Cesar have what's Cesar's, and we will get our own information.
"It is blatantly obvious that NASA has spent a great deal of time and resources to systematically smudge out Alien Buildings and Machinery present on the Moon's surface"explains Hatfield. "If they don't want to play ball with us, we'll just get our own ball and bat", Hatfield went on to say.

Hatfield is the Managing partner of  the ATLANTIUM PROJECT LLC. which will be the project coordinator and work with the various sub contractors to design and build the Rocket and hyper advanced satellite camera systems that will beam back 6K 2 Giga pixel images to an IMAX sized video wall at their headquarters here on mother Earth. "This will be the most advanced optic system that human kind can produce" Hatfield states. Once in place and in orbit over the Moon the advanced optics will be capable of displaying objects 6 inches in diameter with perfect clarity. "You could see the pedals on a flower from 50 miles above", Hatfield claims. No Country, or Government has had this sophisticated of a camera system in orbit over the Moon.

Many well known Moon researchers like Jose Escamillia and Richard Hoagland have engaged audiences with fairly clear photos of buildings, mining machines, vast towers, and structures covering the Moons surface for decades. The photos however are like old Polaroid's, they are grainy and lack real detail. The goal of the ATLANTIUM PROJECT is to capture these same artifacts with an advanced optic system capable of displaying images at until now unheard of clarity and contrast. The cameras currently being used on some DARPA experimental drones like the ARGUS system have mind boggling capabilities that can be easily adapted for space flight. The ATLANTIUM PROJECT LLC intends to contract with the same scientists that have developed these amazing optical systems.

The Indian Space Agency was successful placing a high tech satellite into Mars orbit in 2014.
The ultra modern agency was more importantly able to complete this mission for $84 Million U.S. dollars. A mere fraction of what NASA would spend on an equivalent mission. The ATLANTIUM PROJECT intends to contract with the commercial division of the Indian Space Agency for the development of the launch vehicle and it's payload satellite. The complete system is expected to come in at $100 Million, far less than the cost of a summer Hollywood Blockbuster.  ATLANTIUM PROJECT LLC will market a number of innovative advertising opportunities as well as access to raw data feeds, along with company logo placements in Global image releases. Additionally, a Smartphone App will make photos of structures and bases available to look at in high resolution, as well as deliver Breaking News to followers. The service will cost $2.99 for Android and iPhone users. It's safe to say that almost every human being on Earth will want to view images sent back of Alien Moon Bases and potentially the Alien inhabitants themselves. Therefore, making the ATLANTIUM PROJECT the greatest advertising and data partnership ever offered in the history of our World. "Go BIG or Just Go HOME."

The ATLANTIUM PROJECT presents  "Aliens Mining Our Moon?"  Below is a scene from the up coming video from Roc Hatfield.  This video features breakthrough CG that reveals in amazing detail the Massive Machine stationed at the Zeeman Crater. NASA and other World Governments have gone to extraordinary lengths to cover up the existence of this Alien Mining Machine. A 747 aircraft has been added for scaling.  

Below are grainy photographs of a number of Alien Structures that will be on the Atlantium Project Fly Over schedule. The references are by the Atlantium Project.

The Vatican

The Miner in 
Green Suit

The Bank

The Opera House

The Chang'e

Golden Dragon
 Mining Barge

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Above is a photo taken last year by the Chinese Lunar orbiter called Chang'e and photos below by NASA orbiter Clementine. Sitting in the Zeeman crater is an immense machine which both NASA and the Chinese Space Agency tried to obscure with a smear on the photo. Using proprietary photo software to cut through the smudge. The picture below, is what is under the smudge, looking like a giant locomotive engine with a massive bulldozer blade on front. Our brains are not used to seeing Alien Technology so it might take a few minutes to see it.  It is clearly a vast machine. I was able to make out a number of features after looking at it for a long time. It is made of numerous hydraulic cylinders of inter-locking plates, it most likely moves by pulling and contracting large static legs. I believe this allows it to undulate like a snake or caterpillar. The machine is so long that it needs to flex in order to set flat on the lunar surface. If it was ridged it would be like a pencil on a basketball, both ends would be in the air when the middle was on the ground. By being flexible it can wrap it's huge length around the curvature of the Moon's surface.

The image is a side view. Here is the shocker! It is an immense vehicle, potentially 2 miles long. I have been studying buildings and towers on the moon for years. I wrote 2 books "Ancient man On the Moon" and "Moon Base Cover Up?"

Below is a scene from the upcoming video "Aliens Mining Our Moon?"  This video features breakthrough CG techniques that reveal the alien massive mining machine at the Zeeman crater. A 747 has been adding for scaling.

The machine is a mining crawler that takes in moon material at the front using a giant gantry and processes it on board in a massive on board factory. It is most likely extracting He-3, Helium with 2 protons and 1 neutron, perfect for use as fuel in a Fusion Reactor. This element is rare on Earth, but thought to be abundant on the Moon. I believe the machine can fly and has been to earth in the past. Could be the dragons seen by ancient Chinese people. It looks like a dragon from the side. My attorney ran Congressman Bilirakis's office in Tampa for years, so I am going to see if I can get the un-doctored photos from NASA under the Freedom of Information Act. However, it's a safe bet that NASA will fight tooth and nail to keep this information secret and away from the public.

This is why I have decided to create the ATLANTIUM PROJECT "Moon Reconnaissance Mission". It's time to take this information away from the World's Governments
and put it directly into the hands of the people. I am going to develop a low cost plan for sending an Ultra HD camera to orbit the moon and take Ultra High Resolution Images of the amazing Alien Bases and Artifacts that literally cover the Moon's surface. It is up to us to find our own answers, NASA and the other associated agencies will never tell the public about the mind bending technologies that are waiting for us to see on the Moon.

The ATLANTIUM PROJECT might prompt some of our major tech companies to help fund a low cost expeditionary mission. Photographing Alien Bases and Structures on the Moon would be the single greatest discovery in the history of mankind! Columbus would pale in comparison.

Obviously NASA already knows about this because they have gone to great links to keep it quiet and out of the public domain. They felt it was necessary to Photoshop all alien artifacts out of any public photos. Lucky for us, they didn't know at the time we would have software that could remove their defacing efforts in the future. It will be up to private companies like ATLANTIUM PROJECT LLC and private space efforts like SpaceX and Virgin Galactic to get the answers. This machine has the ability to move technology ahead thousands of years, who could begin to imagine what technologies are inside this thing. Not to mention who is inside it.

Earth’s Moon, was captured by the U.S. Clementine spacecraft called (Deep Space Program Science Experiment, 1994). The original photograph was blurred by NASA as they always do and later recovered using Photo software. It clearly depicts a humanoid, wearing a full-bodied green suit, leaning over a vehicle or, some other type of machine.

The individual in the photo below is very tall, maybe hundreds of feet tall, perhaps even taller. These Moon men most likely don't travel to Earth due to their fantastic size and weight. On Earth the gravity would be punishing if they were of similar weight as us. They would weigh the equivalent of a Battleship here on Earth. If they are used to the lower Moon gravity it would be hard for them to move around freely, they would be very sluggish, unless of course they have mastered the use of anti-gravity which it appears they have. 
There is a good chance that the Alien worker in the photo is standing next to the Golden Dragon photographed next to the Zeeman Crater, photographed by the Chinese. It is also very possible that the suited creature is a Robot. A humanoid Robot designed to work in the harsh conditions on the Moon's surface. If a smaller race of aliens built these massive ships and bases, it stands to reason that they may have also built an army of advanced Robot workers. A photo of one of these giant creations was found walking out in the open recently on Google Moon. You can see in the image that he is strolling across the Moon's expanse. Based on the scale of the photo this
creature would be a mind bending hundreds of feet tall. An army of 200 feet tall intelligent Robots are the stuff of Pentagon Nightmares.
It's time to get some real answers, let's go!, who's with me?

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The detailed depiction of an Annunaki deep space command module carved in an ancient Sumer cylinder seal is startling. It's image is amazing in a number of ways, it is heading inbound toward the center of a diagram of our solar system. The ancient Sumer were generating information about all of our neighboring planets 6500 years ago. The great Sumerians left us a massive amount of data related to their gods the Annunaki.  The word Annunaki is Sumer for "those who from heaven came". They give credit to Enil and Enki, two Annunaki leaders for almost all of mankind's discoveries. Ultimately giving a high tech account of how the Annunaki used their own blood to genetically engineer a hybrid creature from an earth man and themselves. According to the Sumer we are the results of this creation.
Babylon grew from the Sumerian empire and honored the gods of the Sumer. Recent discoveries point to the possibility that the Annunaki remained on earth during the time of the Sumer, Babylon and the Assyrians, 3500 B.C. until 600 B.C. The Annunaki assisted these civilizations with technology and training. Hammurabi King of Babylon is credited with handing down a code of laws to his people to live by. Over 400 unique laws that governed everything from life and death to live stock, marital problems, slavery almost every possible dispute individuals could  find themselves in. However, the Sumerians were recording these ideas a thousand years earlier.  The image of an Annunaki is engraved on a monolith that includes the codified laws.
The Annunaki are always depicted as very large in stature. They are usually seated when dealing with humans and are as tall or even taller when in a sitting position. If they were to stand they would tower over the humans. Hammurabi most likely took out the 400 laws from the archives and dusted them off and re-issued them, perhaps at the behest of the Annunaki. The Annunaki were re-establishing their cities around the middle east and the world during this time. They were driven out circa 12,000 B.C. by a global cataclysm of flooding and climate change.

Abraham, a.k.a. Abram the Hebrew patriarch was a Babylonian from the city of Ur. According to the Hebrew Bible as written by the Egyptian Moses, Abram decided to leave Babylon and head out to make a new life for himself and his wife Sarai.  If the Annunaki were present in Babylon as many ancient relics evidence, then Abram would have known of them and most likely would have seen them. After leaving Ur and traveling to Canaan or present day Lebanon, he encountered god or what he knew as god,  the Annunaki. The Hebrew Bible records many encounters with beings that Abram believed were god. The great Annunaki spaceport in Baal Bek Northern Lebanon known by the Romans as Heliopolis was close by. The Temple of Jupiter is considered to be the main launch complex where shuttle vehicles carried Annunaki to and from space. Their large command platforms as depicted in Sumer engravings orbited above. The Annunaki were obviously advanced geneticists, The Sumer, Babylonians, Assyrians and Egyptians all created engravings of strange hybrid creatures associated with the Annunaki. Not to mention that the Sumer claimed that ancient earth man (Homo-Erectus) was improved by mixing the blood of the Annunaki with the blood of early man resulting in modern humans. One story in the Hebrew Bible centers on Abram's wife Sarai who was said to be old and barren. The angel of god went to her and she became with child. It seems that the Annunaki were always artificially inseminating something. Sarai gave birth to a child. 
Moses, the Hebrew that as the story goes became an Egyptian prince and later wrote the first five books of the Bible. He was raised and educated in the Pharaoh's palace. Some modern researchers believe the Pyramids were built by the Annunaki and are large machines of some kind. Some have speculated that they may have been massive microwave generators that beamed energy to spacecraft in geo-synchronous orbit. Moses would have been schooled on the Annunaki and their role in Egyptian culture. Moses wrote in the first chapter of the Bible that the Sons of god came back and forth from heaven. He went on to say, these Sons of god loved earth women and had children with them and the offspring became giants, known as the "Men of Renown". Moses would have learned about the Annunaki and may have even encountered them just as Abraham did. Moses' accounts of meeting god on mount Sinai and being given the ten commandments from god could have come from the Annunaki. Moses would have seen and learned Hannurabi's laws in school. The Annunaki gave these laws to the Sumer and Babylonians and they would have been a part of his curriculum. The creation story of Adam and Eve was also a Sumerian epic recorded thousands of years earlier that would have been handed down to the Egyptians. Moses wrote a history of the Annunaki and their interactions with man here on earth. It's easy to see why Abram would have called these creatures god. They were imposing, had flight and advanced technology and medicine. Moses would have seen them the same way. The offspring of human females and Annunaki called the Nephlim were discussed in later books of the Bible. The stories of the Bible took place in the shadows of Baal Bek a major Annunaki hub. When Hebrew scouts went to look for more promising lands they came across these old Annunaki cities and the Nephlim. They described them as giants that made them feel like grasshoppers. Goliath was most likely a Nephlim. 

The Vril Society a psychic cult under direct oversite of the German SS and Hitler from 1936 until 1944 claimed to be in direct contact with an advanced civilization in space. The historical record is rich with details about this eye opening cult. A group of women with very long hair produced  blue prints of advanced anti-gravitic aircraft known as Vril Discs. These machines were capable of extremely high speed operations. Plans for other advanced weapons were also delivered to the SS by the Vril women. SS scientist Werner Von Braun and his associates remarked that they received instruction from "Them" the space people. The Vril women wrote the information down phonetically and German researchers thought is was an ancient German dialect. However, further research found it to be close to ancient Sumerian. The German SS scientist gave much of the credit for their advanced weapons to these others. 

Today the internet community is a buzz with speculation about the Annunaki and their return. A photo of a modern Annunaki was supposedly leaked by operatives at a secret facility in Australia known as Pine Gap. The photo reveals a large hermaphrodite with very strange features, yet very beautiful overall. In one account of a Government researcher that was present at a high level meeting with this Annunaki , tells an interesting story. The Annunaki was seated at a large conference table with six other officials. The Annunaki was warning the officials to be on guard with their interactions with other space fairing beings. This official became somewhat suspicious of the Annunaki and said "How do we know you are for real and not just a human like us?" The Annunaki immediately split herself into 20 more individuals that were all separate and animated. Apparently this convinced the Government official that the Annunaki was genuine. 
Is the God of the Torah, Bible and Quran an Alien? Do all of these ancient religions worship a flesh and blood extra-terrestrial?  In the Atlantium continuum the answer is "YES".  It is becoming more and more clear as science and discovery uncover the secrets of our past. The Sumerian cylinder seals were only discovered 150 years ago and at that time many of the references to modern space flight, planets, genetics were far off science fiction. As we continue to move into the future we may find that our ancient ancestors were out of this world. ATLANTIUM   Roc Hatfield/Author

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The beautifully rendered image of Die Glocke or "The Bell" by Designer and Author Julius Perdana is impressive considering that the device was virtually unknown until just recently. The Bell was the Top Secret of the Top Secret and said to be the single most expensive research project ever undertaken by the Nazi SS. The project was headed up by a high level SS General named Jakob Sporrenburg. He is the only reason the world knows of the strange project, which only came to light in recent years. The project was developed and maintained in a laboratory built deep in a mountainside in Northern Germany. General Sporrenburg was tried in Poland after the war for killing 60 top Nazi scientists that had worked on the project. It seems that whatever the Third Reich was trying to achieve warranted killing all the researchers and burying them in a mass grave, in order to keep the secrets of The Bell from the Allies.

The true purpose of The Bell may never be known, but by piecing together information revealed by General Sporrenburg and other eye witnesses a picture may be emerging. The device was said to contain two counter-rotating cylinders and made a buzzing sound when in operation. The cylinders contained a form of Mercury that had a violet color called Xerum 525. When the cylinders were spun at high speeds The Bell emitted high levels of radiation that killed two scientists and a number of plants that were in the Lab. The project required huge quantities of electricity and was connected to its own power station above ground. It is speculated that the spinning motion and electromagnets generated a powerful gravity field. But what kind of weapon could possibly be derived from such a device? The ultimate weapon of war...Time Travel. Hitler and the SS traveled the world looking for ancient artifacts that contained long lost technological information. The occult of the SS itself was an organization dedicated to the concept that the pure root German race was a direct descendant of Atlantis. Only now in the last few years have ideas of how time travel could be achieved been possible. Frank J Tipler a physics professor at the Maryland College wrote a paper in the late 60s that unwittingly brings some light to how The Bell may have worked. Professor Tipler wrote: In 1936 Van Stockum solved the Einstein equation for the gravitational field of a rapidly spinning infinite cylinder. It was shown that such a field violates causality, in a sense that it allows a closed timeline to connect to any two points in spacetime. This suggests that a rotating cylinder could act as a time machine. Remember professor Tipler had never heard of the Top Secret Bell.

All of this really comes into focus when you bring in the lucid accounts of Maj. John Titor. Nothing is more controversial than John Titor, but many of the things he said regardless of who he really was makes a lot of sense. John Titor is a Major with the Air Force based in Tampa Florida and his unit uses a device built by GE that allows him to time travel. He came to our timeline in November of 2000 from the future date of 2036. He began posting conversations on the internet in various chat rooms and was very open about his reasons for being here and his mission. The world in his timeline was very different from ours, a world war and subsequent U.S. civil war in 2015 had taken a very deep toll on his time. He was sent back to 1975 to get an IBM computer that was only produced in small quantities. The IBM could translate basic programming code that was desperately needed in his time.

Titor described in great detail his future and how time travel worked. He said in 2000 that the CERN Hadron Collider which had not been built at that time would discover micro-singularities. This is spooky because now all these years later CERN scientists are debating whether their research will produce small Black Holes or Micro-Singularities. Maj. Titor says his GE Time Machine produces two micro-singularities that are counter-spun at extreme speeds by injecting a stream of electrons at the event horizon. The stream of electrons can be varied producing more or less gravity. A micro-black hole would have the equivalent weight of a mountain range. This weight produces intense gravity and distorts the fabric of spacetime. Just like Professor Tipler hypothesised in 1967. Where the two counter rotating black holes overlap there is a time distortion. This distortion field will allow anything within it to go back or forward in time. Maj. Titor went on to say that generating the distortion field was the easy part. Easy? He said that early experiments were baffling, they would send cameras with GPS through the field and they would not come back. They later discovered that the cameras were appearing 12 miles away and at 3000 feet in the air. Why? Because the earth had move away from them. It turns out that we fail to measure our position in space in three dimensions. We are held to the earth by gravity, if we were free in true space the earth would rotate away from us, not only rotate away but also move away as it flies around the sun. So, in order to keep from traveling back into time and appearing underwater or in a mountain they had to create a multi-dimensional navigation system to keep the GE Time Machine locked to the earth at the same exact location. This was done buy adding 5 cesium clocks and some gravity sensors. It's unlikely the Nazi scientists got that far.

John Titor elaborated on the practical aspects of his experiences as well. He said that there were an infinite number of parallel universes. Time travel was actually achieved by moving from your own timeline over to an adjacent timeline. He stated that you can not move forward or backward through your own timeline. Divergence was the term he used to describe how it worked. Timelines or Universes closest to you diverged only slightly from your own, maybe 3-5% meaning that you would notice small differences in the new timeline but for the most part it would be the same as your own world. Titor did say that he noticed a number of things like the winners of Football games, books, and movies that were different. Perhaps the most striking difference was that he said there were two very tall buildings in New York that were not in his timeline. This was in 2000 before the attacks of 9-11. He explained that if he were to move over into another timeline from ours that things would get progressively different. A greater divergence would occur.

Titor was asked if he could change things while he was here. He said he could change things in our timeline but it would have no effect on his own timeline. The paradox theory was out the window. He could kill his grandfather in our timeline but his grandfather would still be alive in his own. He actually visited his childhood home in Tampa and saw himself as an eight year old boy. His mother came to the door when he knocked and she immediately recognized him. He stayed with them while he waited on a window of opportunity to return to his own time. Presumably that eight year old John Titor is out there somewhere now a young man. But, it doesn't mean he will go on to time travel. He may become a dentist in this timeline.

Were the Nazi SS trying to build a time machine that would allow them to move around in time? Did they recover ancient information that gave them inspiration to build The Bell? In the ATLANTIUM continuum the answer is YES. It is highly likely based on a number of emerging stories and discoveries that the SS wanted to travel in time. They assumed that they could alter or change history in their favor. Maj. John Titor from the year 2036 says that it would not work. They could have won the war in another timeline but not in their own. We all know how that turned out. ATLANTIUM. Author/ ROC HATFIELD

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An astonishing photo of the ancient remains of a giant human skeleton circled the planet on the world wide web recently. The backstory revealed that the ancient discovery was unearthed by engineers working for a Saudi Arabian oil company while drilling for oil in a remote desert. The remains were huge and the individual would have been between 25 and 30 feet tall. Many speculated that it could be the remains of an ancient Annunaki or Nephlim as described in the Quran and Hebrew Bible. Alas, hopes were dashed when it was announced that the photo was an entrant into a contest sponsored by a company that makes photo enhancing software for photographers. Many of the world's ancient people handed down oral history and texts that detail an ancient tribe of giants known as the Watchers, Annunaki, Brahma, Nephlim, Sons of god and Men of Renown. Are modern humans related to these ancient beings?

The ancient Sumer chronicled there history on thousands of clay tablets and cylinder seals. They stated in no uncertain terms that they were the product of Evocreationism. The combination of an indigenous human species and a being from a distant planet that circled our Sun every 3600 years. They were called the Annunaki which meant "Those who came from Heaven". According to the Sumer the Annunaki made them in a laboratory using clay jars and glass bottles. They mixed the blood of the Annunaki with a primitive humanoid and a hybrid human was created. This hybrid was unable to reproduce at first just like a Mule, a hybrid of a donkey and a horse, but with some additional lab work this was overcome and the Annunaki began breeding their newly minted creation in numbers. The Annunaki were both illustrated and described as very large creatures towering over the Sumer by 3 feet or more. Most depictions have them at 9 to 10 feet tall, and built very stout. The images of the Annunaki show them sporting great muscles in there arms and legs. No match for a human or even large animals like Lions and Alligators, many images have Annunaki holding these by the tail in mid air. After the human hybrids grew in numbers they inhabited the cities of the Annunaki that were built all over the Earth. The highly advanced Annunaki used humans as a labor force to mine gold and strategic metals, build and maintain their cities. The humans were drafted into the armies of the Annunaki who were a warrior race and waged wars between different Annunaki factions here on Earth. This could explain how all of the great ruins around the world came into being. These giant stone creations could be all that is left of once great and powerful city states lived in by the Annunaki and their human subjects. According to the Sumer the Annunaki were almost immortal living for well over 100 thousand years. The Annunaki soon became attracted to human women, for many years it was strictly forbidden to mate with a human woman. But according to many ancient texts including the Bible, Quran, Indian scrolls and the Book of Enoch the Annunaki just could not resist the beautiful daughters of man. The Annunaki used their own blood and DNA to create the hybrid humans and therefore were able to mate with the daughters of man and bare offspring. These offspring were known as Nephlim and were giants. Enoch the son of Cain, grandson of Adam and father of Methuselah wrote a book that reads today like an investigative report. The book was considered by christian church founders for inclusion into the newly created Bible but they felt that it was to controversial. This coming from a group of men who believed that a Jew from Bethlehem changed water into wine, walked on water, raised people from the dead and came back to life and walked around after being crucified. What was so inflammatory about Enoch's expose? Enoch said the same things that the Sumer later reported. Since he was the seventh human made he knew all the Annunaki and he called them god. He knew the same god described in the Bible by Moses as the Annunaki. Moses wrote about Enoch in Genesis. He wrote that Enoch was close with God and that God really liked him and at the age of 360 years took him into heaven and he was on the earth no more. The first human hybrids lived a very long life. Moses recorded that the pre-flood descendants of Adam lived around 1000 years. This was most likely the result of the Annunaki genes worked into the human hybrids giving them a little of the Annunaki longevity. Enoch told the story of how once the Annunaki started to mix with humans they withdrew into two camps. Those that loved human women and those that despised it, and unfortunately for the women lovers they were in the minority. The outrage could be heard all the way back in Nibiru, the home planet. The top council leaders declared that the earth was an abomination and that the lawless Annunaki, their human offspring the Nephlim and pure humans all had to go and ordered that the Earth be cleansed. The women loving Annunaki vowed to defend the Earth against the forces of heaven and went about their daily lives. The women of the Annunaki according to Enoch were called Witches by the humans and learned of the Annunaki ways and crafts. They studied under the Annunaki learning of things the humans considered vile and evil. The humans said the Witches were un-natural and took the side of the Annunaki in heaven persisting even until this day. The Nephlim grew to be 408 thousand upon the Earth and they were making things impossible for the humans and the undefiled Annunaki. Now completely fed up the Annunaki from heaven caused the Earth to be flooded and destroyed all living things by covering the Earth with water. Only Noah the grandson of Enoch and his family survived after receiving help from a sympathetic Annunaki who told him of the impending doom and gave him instructions to build a boat. It is easy to see why the early church would have felt that Enoch's little tale was a bit to confusing. Was the God of the Bible, Quran and other ancient texts a spaceman? Did the early christian church know that man was created by an ancient space fairing race? In the Atlantium continuum the answer is "YES". Both private and professional researches are now piecing together this incredible story. This is not a threat to the religions of the world. This is the answer to so many questions; Who, Where, Why. So, does this finally answer the debate of evolution or creation? No, but it does offer a thrid option...Evocreation. The Annunaki took an evolving primate, a drop of their own blood and created a new highly intelligent creature that could now ponder the vastness of the universe, be aware of himself and have thoughts of God. ATLANTIUM. Roc Hatfield/Author

Saturday, January 10, 2009



The 6500 year old Sumerian culture invented writing utilizing hundreds of letters in their alphabet. In order to add illustration to their documents they invented the Cylinder Seal. Many theories abound as to how these cylinders were created, but no one really knows. Tens of thousands have been found by archaeologists over the last 125 years and they are piled away in Museums from London to Baghdad. Many of these ancient tablets reveal incredible knowledge such as the existence of all the planets in our solar system, their positions relative to the Sun, and even their colors. The Sumer attribute this advanced knowledge to the Annunaki, their gods "who from heaven came". These clay tablets have now become pawns in an Internationally funded black op that may have produced an actual TIME MACHINE.

Dr. Dan Burisch PHD a microbiologist by trade has weaved an amazing story about his top level involvement in super-secret operations that were the Blackest of Black. Now a Rogue Agent bent on telling everything he knows and he knows a lot. If Burisch is making up his story then we are witness to a modern day Jules Verne. Burisch claims that a group of scientists used information they found on a Sumer Cylinder Seal to back engineer a Stargate device. This device could locate naturally accruing worm holes and piggy back on them to transport information and even people vast distances across the Universe. The device uses a barrel 18 inches or so in diameter and 6 feet long sealed and filled with Argon or other gas. A number of powerful electromagnets encircle the barrel and as the power is fluctuated to the magnets it dials into the worm holes, like dialing a radio to find different stations. This project became known in the Black Op community as Looking Glass. What the Scientists quickly discovered according to Dr. Burisch was that it was multi-functional. Through a variation of power settings and alignments of the barrel it would produce images. It was soon determined that the images were of future events to happen here on Earth. The Looking Glass was used over a multi-year period and introduced our vigilant researchers to individuals from our distant future. Dr.Burisch details how two societies one 47 thousand years into the future and one 52 thousand years into the future became part of an exchange that culminated in visits by individuals from both time frames. Even though once us the future visitors had evolved to be very different than the way we are now, even moving out into the vastness of our galaxy. After years of use it was learned unbeknownst to the researchers that using this device was altering our own timeline, our reality was being jumbled around because the observation of the future effects the here and now. Basically an infinite loop was being created, when we observe the future we change things in our time in any number of ways, this effects the future. This ultimately becomes a closed loop and everything just happens over and over again. According to Dr. Burisch the device was dismantled because it was feared that it may have contributed in some way to events that may take place in the next few years. The looking Glass foresaw a time of grievous tribulation that could take place between 2012 and 2016. The Looking Glass only provides a possible future, once again seeing the future can change the future, so they give events percentages of possibility. The coming tribulation has a low percentage of possibility presumably due to interventions on our part and our future descendants intervention. At the least Dr. Burisch believes they may have minimized the fury and duration of the coming tribulations. Dismantling the Looking Glass was part of these interventions and all agreed not to turn it back on until a few years after the up coming window of disaster has passed. If any of this is true why would Dr. Dan tell us this mind boggling tale? He seems to be a deeply spiritual man, a very dedicated christian and says he was told to take this information to the people by some of his superiors. These revelations have been known in the halls of our intelligence and surveillance agencies for many years. Some conjecture that the Iraq War was in part a cover for the acquisition and recovery of ancient artifacts that would contribute to the Looking Glass project. The Museum of Iraq in Baghdad was looted and a number of pieces remain missing. There is interesting evidence that information gleaned from Looking Glass is being taken seriously by factions of our own Government. Large cashes of plastic coffins have been discovered stockpiled around the country. One million plastic coffins sit in an open field ten miles from the Atlanta airport, and very near major train routes. These coffins were purchased by the Dept. of Homeland Security and the Centers for Disease Control. Amateur investigators have discovered massive detention centers built next to railroad tracks. Video of these facilities are concerning and clearly reveal large holding areas with 20 foot high barbed wire fences. Whatever the cover story is for this massive preparation it would be easy to see these facilities being used in a disturbing and potentially malicious way if things got really ugly. The book of Revelations 6.12 points to a time when "the stars fell to earth burning like a torch, every mountain and island was moved from its place, and Kings of the Earth, the rich men, the commanders, the wise men hid themselves in caves in the ground and the rocks of the mountains for the great day of wrath had come". Dr. Burisch and others state that massive underground bases have been built in the last 20 years all around the U.S. and outfitted with everything needed to survive anything that could be thrown at them. According to Revelations these facilities will not be of much help. Did the ancient Annunaki leave us the instructions to build a TIME MACHINE? Have a few reckless scientists engaged in using a device that has the power to mangle time and space? In the ATLANTIUM continuum the answer is "YES". Would we as a society approve the experimentation of an alien device that had the potential to wreck the World? Most likely we would not, this is why a few wild eyed scientists have to operate in complete secrecy because they know there would be an outrage. The best part of the coming cataclysm is that all these people will be wiped off the face of the Earth just like the rest of us. ATLANTIUM. Roc Hatfield/Author

Saturday, December 06, 2008



One of the most profound events of the 20th century for the Vatican and all Catholics worldwide was the appearance of the Holy Lady of Fatima. In 1916 near the village of Fatima in the Portuguese countryside an intense bright light cut the sky and a figure appeared to three young Shepperd girls. These young naive girls fell witness to an event that they later described as Heaven opening and the Virgin Mother Mary appearing to them. They all later repeated the same story and were believed by everyone including priests in Rome. The Virgin Mary as they interpreted the vision to be gave them a great deal of information telepathically. This information was categorized into three Secrets or prophecies. The first two were told soon after the event by the young girls but the third Secret was held back at the instructions of the apparition and was not to be revealed until many years later. It was not until 1960 that the third secret was opened and read by Vatican officials. The prophecies were terrifying and subsequently led to the creation of a secret intelligence service now called the SIV or Secret Intelligence Vatican.

Italian Journalist Cristoforo Barbato wrote a series of articles in an Italian magazine about an interview he conducted with a high ranking Jesuit Priest that worked at the very highest levels of the Vatican's SIV bureau. The Jesuit explained that the formation of the SIV was initiated in the late 50's after an American Bishop named Francis McIntyre became involved in a clandestine high level meeting in 1954 at Muroc Airfield now known as Edwards Airforce Base. McIntyre was the Bishop of Los Angels at the time and was invited to the meeting as the personal spiritual advisor to then President Dwight D. Eisenhower. This meeting would put the fear of God into the Bishop and his bosses in Rome. It seems the President and the Bishop met with an Alien delegation of what many UFO experts call the Nordics among others. Adolf Hitler and his SS were aware of this ancient race of large, blue eyed, white haired humans that once had an outpost here on Earth. According to McIntyre a great deal of information was given to the delegation by the Aliens. At the close of the meeting President Eisenhower asked the Bishop not to disclose anything he had heard in the meeting. The Bishop agreed, for the moment. Once he left the airbase he became very concerned and felt he could not keep this from the Pope and Vatican officials. He flew a private jet to Rome and informed Pope Pius XII that we are not exactly alone. The SIV was born and after all, here was a chance to take the Catholic church to a new planet think of the possibilities. The main purpose of the Jesuit priest coming forward was to leak information regarding the Vatican's secret space Program called Kerigma. The Vatican according to the Jesuit operates an amazing complex of Radio Telescopes at both poles as well as a multi-million dollar facility in Arizona which are all tied using state of the art satellites and encryption software. In the early 1990's SIV contracted with Lockheed Martin to build a long range deep space probe that could be launched from an aircraft at high altitude. The project was developed and constructed at the Groom Lake facility in Nevada also known as Area 51. The probe was called "Siloe" and was successfully launched in the 1995 time frame. The Aliens had warned the SIV that an enormous planet inhabited by an advanced warrior race was on a trajectory that would send it across Earths' path and then loop around the Sun and head back out to deep space. Siloe was sent speeding toward Planet X and it passed by the giant planet which had a discernible atmosphere a few years later. The probe sent back pictures and the Jesuit presented Barbato with a videotape that showed the planet flyby. The ancient Sumer recorded their experiences with the Annunaki on clay tablets that reveal astonishing details about this advanced race they called god. The Sumer record holds that man was made from mixing the blood of an ape man with the blood of the Annunaki. The Annunaki made man to be his worker and subjected him to fighting in wars between the various Annunaki factions. If the Annunaki still exist on the planet that Siloe found then we could be in for some turbulent times. Ronald Reagan was most likely very much aware of the SIV and the Alien threat. His SDI or Space Defence Initiative commonly known as Star Wars was in part an attempt to create a defence shield in space against in coming Alien attack. In a famous 1986 meeting with Mikhail Gorbachev former president of the Soviet Union, was asked a strange question by Reagan. If our planet was under attack from space by Et's could we combine our two armed forces together to combat the threat? Gorbachev agreed that they could and would. Later in an address to the United Nations Reagan once again alluded to the fact that if our planet were under the threat of attack by some Alien force could we all come together to combat that force. The question was rhetorical but it may have had a deeper meaning to some leaders here on Earth and other Planets. One obvious explanation for all of this could be that it is just cleaver counter-espionage. The meeting might have been staged at Muroc AirForce base in 1954 to trick the Bishop into leaking information that the U.S. knew would fall into the hands of Russian spies in the Vatican. They could use this as a way to find leaks and seal them. Reagan may have been up to the same trick, posing questions about Aliens and alliances to make the Soviets question the true reason for Star Wars. This might have made the Russians a little more tolerant if they thought there were Aliens out there. Are the Jesuits and the Vatican operating a secret space program? Are the Governments of the world withholding information about threats from space? In the Atlantium continuum the answer is "YES". In a recent press conference the Rev. Jose Gabriel Funes, the Jesuit director of the Vatican Observatory, was quoted as saying the vastness of the universe means it is possible there could be other forms of life outside Earth, even intelligent ones. "How can we rule out that life may have developed elsewhere?" Funes said. "Just as we consider earthly creatures as 'a brother,' and 'sister,' why should we not talk about an 'extraterrestrial brother'? It would still be part of creation." The Vatican has museums full of ancient documents, texts and paintings that contain references to Alien spacecraft. They operate complex astrological projects with universities all over the world. The Vatican was the location of one of the first purpose built observatories in history. As the clamour builds toward the questions about 2012 the Vatican is already positioning itself for the potential of first contact. The Pope wants to lead us all to Heaven, but the SIV may know we are all on the road to HELL. ATLANTIUM. Author/Roc Hatfield