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The term "Hiding in Plain Sight" is used frequently to describe a person or thing that goes unnoticed even when viewed directly. Upon the landing of Christopher Columbus on the Caribbean Island of Hispaniola in 1492 he reported that curiously the natives could not see the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria. These vessels apparently were to strange to the brains of the primitive inhabitants to even realize their existence. it wasn't until the tribal elders studied disturbances in the water that they were ultimately able to grasp the presence of the ships.
This phenomenon is with us today and many are stricken by it when exposed to artifacts from our Ancient Past. Take Salimeni's "Glorification of the Eucharist" (circa 1600 a.d.) which hangs in the Church of Lorenzo in San Pietro for example. Art experts and religious scholars are vehement that the image of Jesus and GOD the FATHER holding the antennas of a Satellite or Reconnaissance Drone are in fact perfectly normal and easily explained. Regardless of the hysterical blindness of these individuals many technological features can be observed. The painter went to great lengths to record details that would have to been taken from a reference object. Painters of that era typically used models and rarely painted from imagination or memory. Seams in the metal can be clearly seen suggesting a method of fabrication. This has been rebuffed, explained as a graph used for Naval navigation at the time. The antenna are being held by GOD and Jesus indicating that a higher power is receiving information. The object is clearly in flight denoted by the clouds the Deities are setting on and the bird in flight over the object. Experts say the bird symbolizes the Holy Spirit and completes the Holy Trinity. Grommets are seen where the antenna extend from the Orb. This would be needed to keep out the elements from sensitive systems inside. The antenna are described by critics as simply pencils that GOD and Christ are using to write their plans upon the Earth. At the bottom of the Orb near Jesus' leg is a circular protrusion that resembles a powerful zoom lens. The detractors explain this is a representation of the moon. The Sun can be seen reflecting indicating that the Orb is outside in the daylight and that the surface is very smooth and metallic like. It is important to note that in 1600 a.d. holding an opinion other than that ordained by the Church could result in a very painful death. If the Painter of this amazing scene was looking at an actual artifact he would have had to paint it in the context of a Religious setting. The Church would have built a fire under him had he not.
Regardless of the dangers faced by Renaissance painters many ventured to express their curiosity and record what they perceived as divine objects. Advanced Aircraft are painted subtlety into many Renaissance paintings. These Avant Garde Artists were very determined to record the sightings of strange craft in the sky despite the dangers.
Could highly advanced aircraft have been prevalent in the skies over Renaissance Europe? In the ATLANTIUM Continuum the answer is YES. Ancient Aircraft from the Pre-flood world were still being flown in plain sight. These objects were commonly observed and then recorded in the Art of that time. We have only just begun to uncover the meanings in these images. Just like Columbus' Indians we are unable to see. ATLANTIUM. Roc Hatfield/Author


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