Saturday, September 15, 2007



On a cool autumn night two star struck lovers drive their vehicle down a secluded country road searching for a location to park. Suddenly, bright headlights shine in their eyes from a car coming down the road just ahead of them. The young lady cautions her beau to pull over and let the fast moving car pass. The lights now extremely bright prompt our alarmed passengers to flash their high beams to indicate their presence in the road. The entire area where their car is setting is engulfed in a blindingly bright light so intense you can almost touch it. Then as fast as the light appeared it disappears just like it was turned off by switch. A light breeze rustles the leaves on the nearby trees and a million stars shine bright in the crystal clear night sky. Once the excitement of the event subsides our drivers notice that the dashboard clock has jumped ahead 2 hours.

This story or a variation of it has been reported to authorities hundreds of times over the last 50-60 years. The story elements vary, but the perpetrators remain consistent. Short gray men with big almond shaped eyes. 6500 years ago the ancient Sumer wrote about their gods the Annunaki and a creation myth that has recently opened a new train of thought about our species true origins. The Sumer articulated endlessly about many aspects of the lives of the Annunaki. The Annunaki are described as a race of highly technologically advanced individuals with space fairing capabilities. When the Annunaki first came to earth from their home world Nibiru they found man in a very primitive state. Between 450-150 thousand years ago they began modifying man with genetic engineering in an effort to bring him up to a standard more suitable for servitude. The Annunaki were unable to come here in great numbers and would need the help of the locals to mine minerals, build pyramids and fight wars as proxy armies over the earth's natural resources. After numerous generations man was re-engineered into the current Homo Sapien model. Most of the Sumerian record was left to us from the time after the deluge and records revel how this global cataclysm was foreseen by the Annunaki. Perhaps more incredibly the Sumer refer to beings called the "Helpers" a term used to describe creatures that assisted the Annunaki in every aspect of their lives. These Helpers were created by the Annunaki and were alive but not living. This statement could be describing an android. The creatures assisted their creators by flying the vessels that the Annunaki traveled in. The Helpers remained in the orbiting ships in space and came down to the Earth on shuttle flights. Artifacts of the Helpers left by the Sumer depict a creature that is very familiar with what we now call the Grays. Thousands of individuals have come forward in the last 30-40 years with stories of being abducted by small aliens with big heads and large almond shaped eyes. The stories told by these varied victims all center around these Grays sedating them and then subjecting them to a cadre of medical experiments that seem focused on reproduction. The Sumer believed that the Helpers assisted the Annunaki in the creation of man and took part in the engineering process. Curiously 6500 years later people claim to have been experimented on by creatures that look very much like ancient Sumerian artifacts of Helpers. Critics of the abduction phenomenon say that the subjects are suffering from a common type of sleep sickness that allows the brain to be awake but leaves the body paralyzed. Sleep Paralysis is a well known and documented disorder. This the experts claim is the sole explanation for the wave of abduction reports. This disorder can cause vivid out of body type experiences. There is a mass epidemic of sleep paralysis making its way around the world, be sure it doesn't happen to you. Images of the Grays have appeared down through history on cave walls and Egyptian temples. The modern Grays according to the lore are very interested in human reproduction usually taking sperm samples and eggs from abducted humans. Some women have cited being shown human-alien offspring that they claim are their children. Many of the victims tell of being abducted on many occasions since childhood. A tracking device is implanted under their skin so that they can be located easily. Today scientists perform all of these tasks to keep track of endangered species and assist in helping them reproduce. Are the Annunaki Helper artifacts accurate records made in clay? Are the Helpers still involved in the on going evolution of mankind? In the Atlantium continuum the answer is "YES". The Sumer recorded a number of unique aspects of the Helpers that are in every way similar to the folk myth of the modern Grays. If the Annunaki were involved in the development of the human race they may still be monitoring us with the assistance of their android Helpers. The ability to use such a sophisticated robot to fly to a distant planet and carry out complex observations is mind boggling at a minimum. It would be completely essential for a hyper advanced civilization to use androids to reach out to distant planets to monitor long running experiments. The Mars Rover would have seemed as amazing to us 500 years ago as the idea of the Annunaki Helpers do to us today. ATLANTIUM. Roc Hatfield/Author

Saturday, September 01, 2007



Google Earth the extremely popular web site that allows the general public to view the Earth from space has spawned a new application....Satellite Archaeology. An army of amateur Sat-Sleuths have found thousands of amazing objects and anomalies all over the face of the Earth by scanning high resolution Satellite images. Google uses high quality color photos taken from space and stitches them together to form a continuous composite of the entire globe. A completely unforeseen benefit of this technology is the ability to spot strange and unique structures both on the surface and below the oceans that could only be seen from the air. One such photo captures two disc shaped objects just under the surface of the ocean traveling in tandem. These discs although thought provoking could have a much more down to earth explanation. What makes these objects even more intriguing is that they were photographed in the heart of the Dragon's Triangle.

The Dragon's Triangle is the antithesis of the Devil's Triangle or Bermuda Triangle which lies off the coast of Florida. The Dragon's Triangle is situated off the coast of Japan almost on the same parallel on exactly the opposite side of the world. Just like the Bermuda Triangle the Dragon's Triangle has generated stories for centuries of strange unworldly events. The Dragon's Triangle however has produced much richer details of highly sophisticated flying craft that enter and leave the waters just off the coast of Japan. These flying craft possess amazing capabilities, according to dozens of eyewitness that have observed the craft. These machines can fly at great speeds and maneuver in any direction with tremendous agility. Perhaps the most impressive capability of these craft are their underwater operations. The craft enter the ocean at high rates of speed and dive or skim just under the surface. The wake created when entering or leaving the water can lift a large ocean vessel dangerously high out of the water. Tales of many ships and crew being lost to these treacherous waters goes back thousands of years. More recently Japan lost five military vessels between 1952 and 1954 with combined crews of 700. Japanese Naval officials alarmed by the loss commissioned a research vessel in 1954 with 31 scientists aboard to investigate the strange disappearances. The Kaiyo Maru No. 5 was sent into the heart of the Dragon's triangle and was never heard from again. The Japanese government quickly declared the area a hazard and extremely dangerous to shipping.

Japan has a rich and fascinating history with regards to UFOs. The culture has recorded many accounts of encounters with UFOs and their operators. One painting discovered on a cave wall documents two UFOs and their pilots hovering over a herd of wild game animals holding weapons that look like rifles and taking aim at the herd. This is a matter of fact illustration created by someone who most likely witnessed this event. This would seem to have very powerful ramifications. Dozens of these incredible images are known to exist, another color image from 900 A.D. clearly addresses the siting of a flying disc. The highly technical drawing features portals and what appears to be a hatch at the top of the vehicle. One myth that ties all of the recorded sitings together is the enigma of the Dogu. The Dogu figurines have been showing up for centuries, these little clay figures embody the epitome of the modern alien. Thousands have been found and they are believed to be thousands of years old many perhaps dating back 12,000 years. The detail of the figurines is stunning if looked at with modern understanding. The Dogu appear to be wearing a pressure suit. This suit is depicted with valves, gauges, vents, hoses, fittings and a very sophisticated helmet that features large goggles with articulating irises. On the surface these figures could represent the pilots of the craft that have been seen for centuries emanating from the Dragon's triangle. The suits wore by the Dogu could have been both protection from the vacuum of space and the pressures of the deep ocean. One ancient Japanese myth describes how the Dogu came from the ocean each day out onto the land to assist villagers. The Dogu gave instructions to the primitive people on virtually every subject and helped them with learning how to make everyday life easier and more enjoyable. What ever the inspiration for the Dogu figurines it was powerful. The clay spacemen have been found all over the entire country and in great numbers. It is possible that they were seen and interpreted as gods. Their popularity undoubtedly spread across the whole ancient Japanese culture and they were warmly worshiped. Is the Dragon's Triangle just an unstable geological vortex? Are the hundreds of sightings of advanced flying craft a side effect of ocean sickness? In the Atlantium continuum the answer is "NO". In a court of law an overwhelming preponderance of evidence can send a man to the gallows without one stitch of physical evidence. If this same tenant were to be applied to the mystery of the Dragon's Triangle the conclusions could be simply astonishing. ATLANTIUM. Roc Hatfield/Author