Monday, March 15, 2010



The beautifully rendered image of Die Glocke or "The Bell" by Designer and Author Julius Perdana is impressive considering that the device was virtually unknown until just recently. The Bell was the Top Secret of the Top Secret and said to be the single most expensive research project ever undertaken by the Nazi SS. The project was headed up by a high level SS General named Jakob Sporrenburg. He is the only reason the world knows of the strange project, which only came to light in recent years. The project was developed and maintained in a laboratory built deep in a mountainside in Northern Germany. General Sporrenburg was tried in Poland after the war for killing 60 top Nazi scientists that had worked on the project. It seems that whatever the Third Reich was trying to achieve warranted killing all the researchers and burying them in a mass grave, in order to keep the secrets of The Bell from the Allies.

The true purpose of The Bell may never be known, but by piecing together information revealed by General Sporrenburg and other eye witnesses a picture may be emerging. The device was said to contain two counter-rotating cylinders and made a buzzing sound when in operation. The cylinders contained a form of Mercury that had a violet color called Xerum 525. When the cylinders were spun at high speeds The Bell emitted high levels of radiation that killed two scientists and a number of plants that were in the Lab. The project required huge quantities of electricity and was connected to its own power station above ground. It is speculated that the spinning motion and electromagnets generated a powerful gravity field. But what kind of weapon could possibly be derived from such a device? The ultimate weapon of war...Time Travel. Hitler and the SS traveled the world looking for ancient artifacts that contained long lost technological information. The occult of the SS itself was an organization dedicated to the concept that the pure root German race was a direct descendant of Atlantis. Only now in the last few years have ideas of how time travel could be achieved been possible. Frank J Tipler a physics professor at the Maryland College wrote a paper in the late 60s that unwittingly brings some light to how The Bell may have worked. Professor Tipler wrote: In 1936 Van Stockum solved the Einstein equation for the gravitational field of a rapidly spinning infinite cylinder. It was shown that such a field violates causality, in a sense that it allows a closed timeline to connect to any two points in spacetime. This suggests that a rotating cylinder could act as a time machine. Remember professor Tipler had never heard of the Top Secret Bell.

All of this really comes into focus when you bring in the lucid accounts of Maj. John Titor. Nothing is more controversial than John Titor, but many of the things he said regardless of who he really was makes a lot of sense. John Titor is a Major with the Air Force based in Tampa Florida and his unit uses a device built by GE that allows him to time travel. He came to our timeline in November of 2000 from the future date of 2036. He began posting conversations on the internet in various chat rooms and was very open about his reasons for being here and his mission. The world in his timeline was very different from ours, a world war and subsequent U.S. civil war in 2015 had taken a very deep toll on his time. He was sent back to 1975 to get an IBM computer that was only produced in small quantities. The IBM could translate basic programming code that was desperately needed in his time.

Titor described in great detail his future and how time travel worked. He said in 2000 that the CERN Hadron Collider which had not been built at that time would discover micro-singularities. This is spooky because now all these years later CERN scientists are debating whether their research will produce small Black Holes or Micro-Singularities. Maj. Titor says his GE Time Machine produces two micro-singularities that are counter-spun at extreme speeds by injecting a stream of electrons at the event horizon. The stream of electrons can be varied producing more or less gravity. A micro-black hole would have the equivalent weight of a mountain range. This weight produces intense gravity and distorts the fabric of spacetime. Just like Professor Tipler hypothesised in 1967. Where the two counter rotating black holes overlap there is a time distortion. This distortion field will allow anything within it to go back or forward in time. Maj. Titor went on to say that generating the distortion field was the easy part. Easy? He said that early experiments were baffling, they would send cameras with GPS through the field and they would not come back. They later discovered that the cameras were appearing 12 miles away and at 3000 feet in the air. Why? Because the earth had move away from them. It turns out that we fail to measure our position in space in three dimensions. We are held to the earth by gravity, if we were free in true space the earth would rotate away from us, not only rotate away but also move away as it flies around the sun. So, in order to keep from traveling back into time and appearing underwater or in a mountain they had to create a multi-dimensional navigation system to keep the GE Time Machine locked to the earth at the same exact location. This was done buy adding 5 cesium clocks and some gravity sensors. It's unlikely the Nazi scientists got that far.

John Titor elaborated on the practical aspects of his experiences as well. He said that there were an infinite number of parallel universes. Time travel was actually achieved by moving from your own timeline over to an adjacent timeline. He stated that you can not move forward or backward through your own timeline. Divergence was the term he used to describe how it worked. Timelines or Universes closest to you diverged only slightly from your own, maybe 3-5% meaning that you would notice small differences in the new timeline but for the most part it would be the same as your own world. Titor did say that he noticed a number of things like the winners of Football games, books, and movies that were different. Perhaps the most striking difference was that he said there were two very tall buildings in New York that were not in his timeline. This was in 2000 before the attacks of 9-11. He explained that if he were to move over into another timeline from ours that things would get progressively different. A greater divergence would occur.

Titor was asked if he could change things while he was here. He said he could change things in our timeline but it would have no effect on his own timeline. The paradox theory was out the window. He could kill his grandfather in our timeline but his grandfather would still be alive in his own. He actually visited his childhood home in Tampa and saw himself as an eight year old boy. His mother came to the door when he knocked and she immediately recognized him. He stayed with them while he waited on a window of opportunity to return to his own time. Presumably that eight year old John Titor is out there somewhere now a young man. But, it doesn't mean he will go on to time travel. He may become a dentist in this timeline.

Were the Nazi SS trying to build a time machine that would allow them to move around in time? Did they recover ancient information that gave them inspiration to build The Bell? In the ATLANTIUM continuum the answer is YES. It is highly likely based on a number of emerging stories and discoveries that the SS wanted to travel in time. They assumed that they could alter or change history in their favor. Maj. John Titor from the year 2036 says that it would not work. They could have won the war in another timeline but not in their own. We all know how that turned out. ATLANTIUM. Author/ ROC HATFIELD