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Zecharia Sitchin one of the leading writers and investigators of the Astro Archaeology movement has traveled the world many times over in search of out-of-place-artifacts. He discovered that the Istanbul Museum of Archaeology had been holding a stone carved relic that so closely detailed a modern space capsule that they refused to display it. The curators assumed that it had to be a hoax. The amazing vehicle displays many features of a modern day capsule, rocket exhaust nozzles in the back, and a cockpit with pilot seated and wearing a pleated flight suit with his hands at the controls. After meeting with the museum curators and studying the carving Zecharia Sitchin determined the artifact was consistent with many others that he had seen from ancient times and suggested that the museum display the artifact. He encouraged the curators to allow museum visitors to make up their own minds as to whether the object was a spaceship.

Zecharia Sitchin has made it his life's work studying the mysterious artifacts and writings from our ancient past. Stichin points out that our current scientific view of the past does not include spaceships and star travel. But he has uncovered a vast menagerie of artifacts and ancient texts that overwhelmingly point to the existence of a highly advanced ancient world. The Istanbul rocket ship could not have been carved solely from the imagination of an ancient artisan. The engineering details would have been simply impossible to guess at. The model clearly demonstrates that the carver was a first person witness to a much larger craft. The arrangement of the engines in the rear, the pilots sitting position and pleated pressure suit are not details an ancient carver would conceive on his own. Many of the details are repeated in artifacts found halfway around the world in Central America. The Maya left us a compendium of their space fleet in the stone that adorned the massive Temples and Pyramids that rise high above the jungle canopy. Once again the question is raised as to how were these ancients capable of creating works of art that modeled spacecraft with such rich detail. It must be said that just as the Istanbul museum curators were resistant to displaying their ancient rocket ship Mayan researchers are adamantly opposed to any spacecraft or spacemen references to their beloved Maya. Almost to the man mainstream researchers have elaborate accounts of what these spacecraft look alike objects really are. They explain them as religious artifacts that were used by the Kings. Or, they are symbols of the underworld where their gods dwelled. Are these individuals completely blind or are they just following the company line in order to keep their jobs and funding intact? Whatever the real answer luckily we have dedicated researchers like Zecharia Sitchin who don't answer to a higher buck and is out there opening new doors and asking compelling questions. The Maya not only carved exquisite detailed cut-a-way drawings of their vessels they were the most proficient star gazers. At least modern science doesn't deprive them of there astrological expertise. The tone was set by the church in Spain when the Conquistadors massacred the Mayan descendants all in the name of the church and state and some gold of coarse. Modern Universities and Institutions are the direct inheritors of this warped thinking. Once a doctrine is in place it can not be altered under any circumstances. Even if these brilliant individuals found a working rocket under a Temple they would say that it just looks like a rocket it really is a religious symbol used by the King to worship the underworld. This is the core reason that our true history will never be given serious study by the mainstream and that any references to spacemen or spaceships will always generate a roll of the eyes and a chuckle. Are all of these ancient artifacts just religious symbols that just happen to resemble modern space vehicles? Is the Istanbul rocket ship just a bunch of Instan-bull? In the Atlantium continuum the answer is "NO". Occam's Razor is a principal attributed to the 14th century Francican Friar William of Occham. The principal states; "All things being equal the simplest explanation tends to be the right one." In the case of the ancient spaceship artifacts we can be certain which side old Occam would have come down on. ATLANTIUM. Roc Hatfield/Author

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The Buhistan Inscription stands prominently on a mountainside 300 feet above the ground like a modern day over sized billboard. The figures depicted in the scene are carved life sized or larger and are flanked by a story that has been written in three different cuneiform texts. The true age of the massive carving is hotly debated and the age varies wildly. The monument is located in the Kermanshah province in the Islamic Republic of Iran near the boarder with Iraq. The speculation around this ancient stone carving is as monumental as its physical size. The voluminous story that appears next to the illustration is recorded in Old Persian, Elamite and Babylonian. It was discovered by British Army officer Henry Rawlinson in 1835 who subsequently had the texts translated. The image clearly exalts the Sumerian Zoroaster Logo top and center hovering in the air. Could the texts have been added to this carved image thousands of years after its creation?

The Sumer civilization expounded dramatically and powerfully in texts found in thousands of clay tablets about their gods the Annunaki. The Sumerians were a very advanced state that existed 6500 years ago. They are credited with discovering many sophisticated innovations that we still use today. The Sumer were aware of the planets, our solar system, spaceflight, genetic engineering and many other technological ideas. The word Annunaki translates as "those who came to Earth from heaven". The Annunaki came to Earth from the distant planet of Nibiru. According to the Sumer the Annunaki traveled from Nibiru in search of much needed gold and other strategic metals. Not finding any suitable work force on Earth they genetically engineered modern humans from the pre-historic homo erectus. One theme running through their writings and illustrations is the description of the Annunaki's ability to fly and the craft they used to travel from earth to heaven. The Zoroaster logo is a capsulation or metaphor illustrating that the Annunaki could in fact fly. The winged and tail feathered man riding in his ring with its stylized landing gear could be a representation of the flying craft that the Annunaki operated. The Zoroaster image if seen in this context is amazing in its ability to communicate a very technical idea across millennia and cultures. The Sumer cleverly used this image to represent their space traveling gods. Later the Babylonians and Assyrians adopted the Logo. The Annunaki lived and lorded over the newly minted man for thousands of years educating him on how to be useful citizens and build advanced cities. Up until the height of the Sumerian era the Annunaki were involved in the everyday life of their human creations. Prior to their exit here on Earth they installed a government officiated by a human ruler King. This family of human Kings and their descendants were given charge of everything and everyone by those who came to Earth from heaven. The lastest translation of the texts next to the Behistun Inscription tells of a great King by the name of Darius I of Persia. 593 lines of text are dedicated to informing everyone who is passing by 300 feet below that Darius I is a very important and powerful man. Darius I was put in place by God and he is from the bloodline of those that lived in the place of the gods. And to make sure no one misses the message it is in three languages. This sounds very much like the Sumerian records and perhaps Darius I was a long lost decendant of the Annunaki anointed human King. The Sumer illustrated the Annunaki as very large muscular individuals, the Babylonians and Assyrians copied the Sumer prototype. It is not certain if the Annunaki were giants or just depicted in that way to convey their larger than life persona. In the chapter of Genesis in the Hebrew Bible the great patriarch Moses tells of the time when the "Sons of God" came down to Earth and took human wives and had offspring that were giants. The "Nephilim" the "Men of Renown" as they were described. The Annunaki are the Nephilim and could have actually been large individuals. The Hebrews and Moses believed in a one true God and therefore moved the Annunaki down in rank to the status of "Sons of God". The Sumerians on the other hand believed the Annunaki to be the true creators. Were the Annunaki real flesh and blood creatures? Were the Sumer living among an alien contingent? In the Atlantium continuum the answer is "YES". The Behistun Inscription is just one of the many records left behind by the ancients that capture a time when a space fairing race walked the Earth. The ideas credited to these iconic creatures could not even have been understood 100 years ago and perhaps we can't see many others now. We are beginning to slowly open our eyes to the possibilities that these awe striking images and ideas represent. The Annunaki may someday bring understanding and light to a very confused world. ATLANTIUM. Roc Hatfield/Author

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Journey to the center of the Earth, the classic Jules Verne novel was originally published in French in 1864. The story tells the tale of a Professor, his Nephew and a hired guide who climb down into a volcano in Iceland and eventually reach the center of the Earth. The rag tag explorers encounter numerous monsters and amazing vistas as they climb deeper and deeper into the Earth. This Civil War era tale has great relevance to a growing number of Hollow Earth Theorists. These researchers have gathered volumes of information from old tribal myths and modern reports of Unidentified Submerged Objects or USOs and combined them to create what they call the Hollow Earth Theory.

In the early 1920's Russian Explorer Ferdinand Ossendowski traveled through Mongolia and Asia speaking with the locals about the ancient tribal myth of the Kingdom of Agharti. This myth describes a subterranean Kingdom known to the Buddhist Monks as Agharti. The entrance to this world is through a cave with the inscription "This is the Gate to Agharti" carved prominently in stone above the cave's opening. Ossendowski found the same myth among dozens of cultures and tribes. Astonishingly, many of these tribes were completely unaware of each other. Ossendowski wrote a book "Beasts, Men and gods" and it became a sensation setting off a wave of expeditions to all corners of the World in search of the Hollow Earth. Adolf Hitler and his occult cabinet believed in the Hollow Earth Theory sending clandestine researchers to find the openings to the underground world. Alternative scientists have speculated that the worlds oceans were once below the surface. This prospect would require an immense amount of space. Today we know that giant caverns filled with oil sit thousands of feet below the surface. Theorists believe that a vast network of caves and tunnels could have been left behind when the oceans made there way to the surface. There are countless reports by eyewitnesses of Unidentified Submerged Objects. Records of the accounts go back to the days of Christopher Columbus and have continued unabated to our current time. Boaters and Pilots have filed hundreds of reports of siting highly sophisticated craft entering the water from the air and moving at high speed under the surface of the water. A concentration of these sitings come from witnesses traveling by boat and airplane over the Bermuda Triangle. Numerous reports have been made that detail advanced machines that are seen either entering or exiting the waters off the coast of Florida and the Bahamas. Tribes in the South American country of Peru have seen strange craft enter volcanoes and descend into Andes Mountain plateaus. The Japanese have there own unique Hollow Earth tale known as the Dogu. Dogu figurines have been found by the thousands all over the Japanese islands. These highly intricate figurines depict creatures that appear to be wearing spacesuits or diving gear. One myth tells of the Dogu coming from under the sea and walking out onto land. They would spend the day teaching the ancient Japanese how to do a multitude of tasks that made life easier and richer. At the end of the day they would return to the water and disappear below the surface. The Dogu were said to be from a world far below the sea. Other more ethereal myths describe a huge city that is hidden below ground. Shamballah is inhabited by very enlightened people who have reached a oneness with God. They live in their advanced city completely apart from the surface dwellers. On occasion they will meet with surface representatives and share some of their great wisdom and knowledge with them. A great city of Peace from which all understanding has come. The city of Salem in the Hebrew Bible is most likely taken from the same ideal. Jeru-Salem which means City of Peace was the home of Melchizedek a great spiritual leader who instructed Abraham on the ways of Peace and the path to God. Could the Hollow Earth Theory be just a tribal myth? Are the Hollow Earth Theorists just a bunch of wacky Sci-Fi fanatics? In the Atlantium continuum the answer is "NO". Many artifacts and eyewitness accounts from ancient times up through today point to the possibility that there could be caves and large caverns under the Earth's surface. Ancient humans may have found openings to these large underground expanses and returned with fantastic accounts of what they saw while on the road to Shamballah.