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(AP) Washington D.C. Feb. 2, 2012 Scores of amateur stargazers gathered in the Capital today to protest the Government's seemingly lackadaisical attitude regarding the brightest object in the night sky. Dr. Samuel Watson a spokesman for the group insists that the object known as Planet X poses a great threat to our own planet and the Government needs to begin to prepare all Americans for an unprecedented time of tribulation. This rag tag group of star watchers has come from all of the 50 states and even other countries including France and Russia. NASA officials declined to comment about the group but stated that they have been watching the progress of Planet X since 1984. A number of officials inside the space agency have made public statements concerning Planet X and their own concerns about its effects on earth as it continues to enter the core of the solar system. The huge planet is 6 times larger than earth and is on track for a December 2012 fly-by.
Planet X completely unknown before 1984 when NASA using an infrared telescope launched into orbit photographed the object some 50 billion miles from earth. The object had moved to within 7 billion miles by 1993. If the object continues on its current path it will pass within just a few million miles of earth on its way around the sun. Planet X will be at its closest on December 21 2012, this is a highly auspicious date for many who study ancient prophecies. Many ancient cultures and profits told very clearly of a time when a great tribulation and time of unequalled death and destruction would be visited upon the earth. These predictions were recorded by the Sumer over 6500 years ago, the Egyptians, Hebrews, Apostles of the new Testament, Mayans, ancient Chinese and in elaborate detail by the 16th century seer Michele de Nostradamus. The "KING of TERROR" is the name given to this menacing Planet by Nostradamus. The Sumerians called it Nibiru and claimed that it made its way around a giant circuit in space every 3600 years. These are just some of the things Nostradamus had to say about this object; "Continents as you know them now will cease to exist or will be changed dramatically, all the central part of your continent as you know it will be spared (Europe) Continents all over the world will be effected. Water masses as we know it will cover greater percentages of the earth. Continents that are connected will be split, divided by water where they were not divided before. There will not be any country that is not affected. A large part of Asia will be covered by water and Africa will be divided by a great channel of water, creating a new strait." NASA officials have speculated that Planet X could perturb our sun in complex ways as it swings around our star on it's way back out of the solar system. Gravitational waves could cause the sun to eject massive amounts of plasma that could reach the earth in hours. this would cause a rain of radiation hundreds of times stronger that an atomic blast. "All pretty gruesome stuff," continued Dr. Watson. "This is our purpose for being here today we are trying to alert our leaders of the potential dangers we may face."
(NEW YORK TIMES) TOKYO April 6, 2012 The Japanese geological agency announced that an earthquake of an undetermined strength struck Japan's largest city last night at 11:06 local time. The size of the quake could not be measured due to the severity of the jolt. Scientist in southern Japan stated that the quake was similar in size and amplitude to the quake that struck near Perth Australia last month. "Our sensors are not calibrated to record the seismic activity of these enormous quakes, our instruments just completely peg out, they are off the chart way off the chart," said one official. It is unknown how much of the city was destroyed or what the death toll may be. Rescue workers have been unable to reach the epicenter due to loss of much of the infrastructure. This brings the number of mega-quakes around the world to 177. Scientist have warned the world that earthquake activity and plate shifting will continue to increase until December when Planet X flys by us at its closest. In a related story NASA announced today that they were aware of the "KING OF TERROR" as Planet X has become to be known since 2006 and that they had cautioned U.S. leaders on the potential ravages that the object could unleash. However they were placed under a gag order by the administration for fear of a general widespread panic. No one could be reached at the agency for further comment.
(REUTERS) MOSCOW May 12, 2012 The Russian Interim Forces (RIF) announced today that it is closing it's boarders. The announcement came with a stern warning that anyone trying to leave or enter the country would be met with deadly force. The RIF was given the order by a panicked Russian leadership that has seen millions perish from vast fissures that have opened up all over the country. Russia has been one of the hardest hit regions over the last few months. The RIF was given authority by the leadership just 6 weeks ago to use tactical nuclear weapons to defend itself from large private forces like the Wulfburgendolf who have raided many large cities stealing food and supplies from storage facilities. The RIF has had to use tactical nukes on 6 occasions in the last few months, primarily along the European boarder where large numbers of troops had amassed. A group from the former United Nations said that they had counted a total of 63 small and medium size nuclear devices had been detonated around the globe to date.
(NEW VEGAS NEWS) NEW VEGAS Aug. 11, 2012 New Vegas one of the only remaining Pacific coast cities has been in the dark for 4 weeks. The Colorado river has dried up due to a huge rip in the earth's crust just 300 miles north of the city. The Hoover dam and the once powerful Colorado have all but gone quiet for now. Lake Meade has completely dried up and only boats set on the flat bottom where a hundred feet of water stood last year. City officials are working on a plan to create an electrical plant that could generate emergency power for essential services but plans have been hampered by the current lack of water and the scorching 120 degree heat. "People have forgotten that New Vegas sits in a desert and life without air conditioning out here is a struggle, but we haven't let the "KING OF TERROR" dampen our spirits," comments Mayor Barnard Ebbers.
Could these be headlines from our near future? Were our ancient ancestors all trying to warn us about the "KING OF TERROR"? In the Atlantium continuum the answer is "YES." It is completely possible that our ancestors knew of the "KING OF TERROR" and have gone to extreme lengths to warn us of its ravages. Most likely oral stories were handed down by ancients that witnessed its passing first hand. The predictions of its return are no different than predicting the return of Haley's comet only that the time frames are much longer. One thing is for sure, most of us will have a front row seat if the "KING OF TERROR" returns in 2012. Let's just hope that our ancestors were just good fireside Horror writers. ATLANTIUM. Roc Hatfield/Author