Wednesday, November 22, 2006



Every ancient tribe or group has a deep rooted myth describing a worldwide all encompassing deluge. Flood myths are recorded in the histories of myriad religious texts from Egypt to Australia. All of these ancient myths have a number of elements in common. The Earth was filled with a corrupt civilization, the Supreme Deity became very dissatisfied with the population and covered the entire Earth with water, killing practically ever living thing on the planet. The One Supreme God warned a few select individuals before hand and they fabricated a boat or some kind of floating platform and were spared, subsequently repopulating the Earth. Researchers have documented dozens of these almost identical mythologies. The Hebrew Bible handed down in part by MOSES chronicles the story of NOAH. The flood story told by MOSES contains all the same elements of the Babylonian and Assyrian flood myths which were written hundreds of years before him. The Egyptians have a similar myth and MOSES would have studied these stories as a student growing up in the PHARAOH'S Palace. Many theologians do not believe MOSES ever existed and that he is just the Hebrew's version of the myth teller. It is difficult to imagine that all of these far ranging cultures would develop a myth that featured so many of the same elements. Could a world wide flood that ravaged the Earths' surface killing all living things and destroying everything in its path have really happened? Scientists and Geologists have discovered evidence of a global flood in the fossil record. Today fossils of ocean fish can be found hundreds of miles inland and at high altitudes atop mountain ranges. A large body of evidence points to a time when water covered the entire Earth.What could cause the Earth to be completely covered by water? The ancient flood myths all point to the need of the Supreme Deity to rid the Earth of a failed civilization. The complete destruction of all humanity and its global accomplishments. This violent behavior is out of character for a universal benevolent creator, but seems to be more like an eye witness account retold by the unwitting descendants of the few who survived. The Earth is subject to cyclic changes that transpire over the course of thousands of years. The Greeks call it the "Great Year", the MAYAN, "the Long Count" many other ancient tribes refer to an astrological event now known as the "Procession of the Equinox". The Earth wobbles like a spinning top; it wobbles in a circular pattern on a track that takes 25,920 years to complete. Many ancient civilizations were aware of this sophisticated astrological data. How this was discovered is unknown. The Mayans known as great astrologers charted these slow cyclic changes and incorporated them into the most accurate calendar known to exist. Even today our calendar is considerably less accurate. Perhaps one of the most profound predictions of the Maya is that their Super Tech calendar ends December 21, 2012 at 11:18 AM GMT. This is a calendar that has remained perfect for over 4000 years and it just stops. Ancient Mayan texts proclaim that this is the end of the current age and the start of a new age when the Supreme Deity will return and the world will be destroyed by water. The Egyptians and Greeks were aware that the North Pole points to all of the star constellations of the Zodiac as it sweeps through the "Great Year". Every 2500 years pointing to a different constellation like a grand hour hand on a galactic clock face. Now the "Great Year" is coming to a close, or a fresh beginning depending on your point of view. And what star constellation will the North Pole be pointing to on December 21, 2012? Aquarius. We are entering the Age of Aquarius. And we all know that Aquarius is the sign for "WATER". Is it possible that every time the North Pole completes a 25,920 year cycle around the Zodiac and stops on the sign of Aquarius that we take a big drink? Could our Ancient High Tech fore fathers have seen through their corruption long enough to know that the Earth has a built in washer cycle? In the Atlantium continuum during the last "Age of Aquarius" the Earth tilted down like a Top ready to fall over, pulled by gravitational forces from our astral neighbors. The world then fell on it side one quarter turn. This put the old North Pole now at the Equator. The worlds oceans would have sloshed out of their basins and covered the planet with a tidal wave as high as any mountain and would have swept the Earth at a speed faster than sound. The result would have been the complete scrubbing of the Earths' surface by water. Just a few lucky souls would have survived and "they" are the NOAHs of our Flood Myths. ATLANTIUM. Roc Hatfield/Author

Friday, November 17, 2006


"SONS of GOD"?

Moses the great Patriarch of the Hebrews described in the book of GENESIS how the "SONS of GOD" came from Heaven to Earth. He further declared that these non-terrestrials were very enamored with human women and took them as wives. The offspring of these unions were considered to be the Men of Renown, from ancient times.Moses born as a Hebrew was adopted and raised by a daughter of PHAROH, the Egpytian King more than 3400 years ago. Moses a prince of Egypt would have been exposed to the highest levels of education and knowledge that would have been available at the time. Egypt was one of the most technologically advanced civilizations on Earth and could have been a trading partner with other advanced civilizations around the world.The Men of Renown are described in many different ancient cultures. These individuals were well known to the people of Moses' day and long before Moses came on to the scene. Who were these SONS of GOD? A curious altered human form appears in hieroglyphs, pottery, statuary and in the form of well preserved skulls. All of these artifacts have one undeniable element in common; they memorialize a record of a group of humans that were very different from us and most of the others around them. It seems that these individuals were completely accepted at the time and actually revered. The most striking feature of these SONS of GOD is their enormous brain cavities. These large heads must have held a very large brain in comparison to our modern brains. Anthropologists and archeologists have weighed in on these individuals and explain that their appearance is the result of a practice called "Binding". The concept of Binding describes a process whereby a baby's head is bound tightly with a wrapping and kept tightly bound until reaching adulthood. The result is an elongated head that meets all the fashion status of the day. If this practice was at all ever used it was most likely an attempt at trying to make a counterfeit SON of GOD. These Men of Renown enjoyed a celebrity status like modern day Rock Stars. It’s easy to imagine that envious Royals would attempt to emulate the Big Heads.The skulls discovered in recent years near the NAZCA plains would have a much larger volume of brain cavity than a human skull formed into the same shape. If that cavity was in fact full of brain matter how intelligent would these individuals have been? It is notable that in the areas where artifacts of these SONS of GOD are found are great ancient structures that still defy explanation. The Pyramids, The NAZCA plains, Great Mayan Cities all dwelling locations of these large headed ancient Men of Renown. NEFERTITI the great Queen of Egypt is depicted in two and three dimensional artifacts as having a very large conehead. Many times shown wearing an elaborate hat that covers her elongated head. Her daughters also had this prominent feature. There are no records of where NEFERTITI came from and her death was not recorded, strange for a society that chronicled everything. None the less she became one of the greatest leaders of Egypt an unheard of accomplishment for a woman of her era. Could the oversized brain of these non-terrestrial decendents account for some of the advanced technology in use around the world of their day? Could they have been in contact with their space fairing fore fathers? In the ATLANTIUM continuum, there is one explanation as good as any other to this mystery. A great space fairing civilization made initial contact with our pre-flood world and intertwined with the humans that lived here. An ancient SUPER-TECH civilization arose as a result of the influence that these SONS of GOD exerted on the humans of that time. The inter-breeding and technology transfer could have advanced the whole human race in immeasurable ways. Could our innate curiosity of our origins be a hereditary trait passed down to us from these powerful figures? Moses and his other cultural counterparts were aware of these Men of Renown and were undoubtedly influenced by there presence in the World. ATLANTIUM. Roc Hatfield/AUTHOR

Saturday, November 11, 2006



The Hubble space telescope has revealed images of our Universe that until recently would have been incomprehensible. The vastness of the universe with its billions of galaxies overwhelms the mind and humbles the human sprit. A new armada of advanced telescopes scans the Heavens for Planets. These new juggernauts have already discovered dozens of Planets circling their stars in a timeless dance millions of light years away. There is little doubt among astronomers that hundreds if not thousands of planets will be eventually documented. A number of new deep space telescopes are in the works and scheduled for deployment in the next few years.
One already emerging theme is that Earth like planets are rare, while gaseous giants and solid rock planets are the norm. Even though this developing search is in its earliest stages, finding Earth like planets will be equivalent to finding Gold or Diamonds here on our own globe.
Our planet would be seen as a great treasure to anyone looking back on us from the other side of the Universe.
Could a great space faring race of Super-Tech voyagers have come to Earth in our distant past? The established scientific community rejects even the suggestion of such a question. Always falling on the ever ready "where is the proof”? Science, and rightfully so relies on the facts, hard tangible proof. "Show us a Spaceship let us go onboard and take a test flight then we will believe" It may be awhile before that takes place so for now we must depend on more subtle artifacts and some common sense deduction. This of course will not prove anything but it could open our collective minds to possibilities and deliberation.
The Ancient Sacred Sanskrit texts from the RAMA EMPIRE over 2300 years ago lucidly describe Demi-gods that lived in heaven and traveled from great distances to visit the Earth. The texts reveal many details about these visitors and the awesome technology they possessed. One account chronicles a diplomatic trip made by a delegation from RAMA in India to what is now Peru in a vehicle flown by these visitors from Heaven. This is a trip of some 8500 miles.
The NAZCA plains of Peru are known around the world for the strange lines on the desert floor that form drawings of animals and spacemen. Once again archeologist and scientist insist that these drawings on the desert floor are religious monuments made by early Peruvians, even though their age remains unconfirmed.
Erik Von Daniken made the observation in his book "Chariots of the gods" that these immense drawings could have only been seen from the air and that ancient spacemen used them as landing and navigational aids. From the ground the large drawings are only seen as lines scratched in the ground that proceed off into the far distance. Only when seen from the perspective of 1000 feet into the air can the intricate images be made out.
Could have ANCIENT AIR TRAVELERS used these lines and images as a way to navigate to this spot from high in space? Most conspicuous is the NAZCA SPACEMAN that is carved into a mountainside overlooking the vast plain. His helmet and pressure suit are easily made out as he waves in a friendly gesture of hello or welcome. Perhaps air travelers saw the spaceman figure from a distance and were comforted by the warm greeting. These large icons and runways similar to the Nazca site appear in other parts of the world most likely as part of a worldwide network of landing sites. In the ATLANTIUM continuum Earth is an OUTPOST for a civilization from a distant star system. Large inter-stellar spaceships with thousands of passengers remained in earth orbit for long periods of time. Numerous shuttle craft traveled frequently from the orbiter to the Earth's surface, landing at well marked airports all over the planet.
In Genesis the first chapter of the BIBLE the patriarch MOSES writes of a time when the "SONS of GOD" traveled back and forth from Heaven to Earth. EZEKIEL described being taken up to Heaven. Could the Pre-Flood world have been a base camp for the "SONS of GOD"? Are we descendant children of this Hyper-Advanced space faring race? As amazing as it may seem the answer is most likely, "YES". ATLANTIUM. Roc Hatfield/Author

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Ancient Flying Craft

An amazing roster of Ancient Flying Machines is emerging from recently translated Indian Texts that date back as far as 300 B.C. These 2300 year old texts are most likely transcripts and manually copied versions of much older knowledge. The Sanskrit texts are voluminous and many remain to be translated. "VIMANAS" the word used to describe a type of aerial machine with incredible capabilities appears dozens of times in these Ancient Indian documents. Citizens of the Seven Rishi Cities possessed Flying Machines called "VIMANAS". The Samara Sutradhara a collection of poems appears to be a scientific flight manual. The writings instruct readers on the many aspects of operating a "VIMANA". Detailed discussions on construction, operating, maintaining, navigation and even emergency landing procedures are laid out in precise detail. These ancient writings could be dismissed as nothing more than the scratches of an inebriated primitive Science Fiction writer. But, could the Sci-Fi writers of today write operators manuals for craft that will exist 2,300 years into our future? Ancient Indian accounts of these Flying wonders reveal that they used what they detail as a Mercury Engine. A centrifugal force engine that uses Mercury as a fuel source and that propels the craft in any direction at great speeds. The crafts are described in effect as Anti-Gravity ships that can hover in the air and take off and land vertically. Much of the transcripts tell of the military uses of the machines and how they are used to wage war on other empires that operate similar aircraft. One vivid account chronicles the destruction of a large RAMA Empire city by the "Lighting Bolt of Iron" that was released by an enemy "VIMANA". What happens to the city and its inhabitants is apocryphal and would seem fanciful before J. R. Oppenheimer's atomic bomb in 1945. "The weapon became a Column of incandescent light that shone as a 1000 Suns. The column appeared as if a great parasol was opening, people were burned beyond recognition, entire armies, elephants and their provisions were blown away by a great wind, those left behind plunged into the River to escape the burning in their skin, their hair and finger nails fell out and the food was poisoned". Ancient Flying Craft are prevalent in many artifacts of this, and even earlier times. The Hakatha (LAWS of BABYLON) contains this astonishing quote; "The privilege of operating a flying machine is great. The knowledge of flight is among the most ancient of our inheritances. A gift from those upon high we received as a means to save many lives". The Babylonians are quoted as saying that "Flying Machines and the knowledge of flight are among the most ancient of inheritances". The Babylonian Empire is 4300 years old, how old is Flight? Could the aircraft depicted in a 3500 year old panel at the ABYDOS TEMPLE in Egypt be illustations of "VIMANAS"? The ancient sacred Sanskrit texts state clearly that a number of different empires had "VIMANAS" technology. In the Atlantium continuum Anti-Gravity powered Flying Craft dominated the skies above the Pre-Flood world. Exotic fuels and weapons technologies were understood in ways that make our accomplishments today look primitive and child like. The answers to all these mysteries are woven into the fabric of our ancient past and the artifacts and writings that have been left behind. ATLANTIUM. Roc Hatfield/Author

Saturday, November 04, 2006



Many in our culture today are intent to the point of militancy over protecting the sacred ideas of our beginnings. After all it has taken millenia to compile the historical record that is generally accepted today. Religion in all its present forms is an oral record that in the very recent past was transcribed to the medium of writing. Anyone who has played the childhood game "Pass It On" knows how distorted a simple sentence can become after being repeated to just a few people.
Can we in all honesty build an entire belief system upon an infinitely reiterated oral record. Until the advent of the most recent technologies there was no other option. Today civilization can look at the historical record in a previously unavailable light. The world finally is moving into an age of enlightenment. Our engineering, computerization and abilities to observe stars and molecules gives us a quantum advantage our forerunners could have not dreamed of.

The image above is a photo of a panel carved in relief that was discovered by Dr. Ruth Hover. The panel is part of a story recorded in Egyptian hieroglyphics at the temple of ABYDOS. A basic translation of the story is compelling and warps the current concepts of history. The PHARAOH is being asked, How will you defend Egypt from the Nine Enemies of Egypt? The answer is represented on the panel below. The panel has been highlighted below to show the glyphs that represent the Pharaoh's answer. The same panel is shown above in natural light. The images are in the own words of PHARAOH, what he intends to use
to defend Egypt from the Nine Enemies. Take a closer look at the enlarged images below. This image of a modern helicopter is 3500 years old according to accepted egyptologists. ATLANTIUM dates it to 11,000 -15,000 B.C.
Many respected POP Scientists reject the image entirely. Suggesting that the image is a forgery, a trick of light, a damaged panel that just happens to resemble modern aircraft. The panel has been noted by some experts as possibly one of the most well crafted panels in the the ABYDOS temple.

Regardless of where science falls on this highly detailed panel it remains a testament to the ancient past and those who made it. Below are highlighted images of the other amazing craft in the PHARAOH's arsenal. The other vehicles are even more advanced in nature and if not for the minds of the Sci- Fi writers and film makers of today might be completely unrecognizable. These images further emphasize the technological veil that is only just now beginning to be lifted from this and many other artifacts that are being discovered around the world. These images would not have had a grain of meaning to archaeologist 100 years ago. But, looking at them through the filter of modern technology it is easy to see that they are highly advanced flying machines that could be only 50-100 years into our future.
The final image below evokes parallels to modern satellite ground stations. A parabolic dish is easily made out standing on a tower, or perhaps this was an energy weapon that uses the dish to focus on enemy targets. Military scientist are currently developing energy beam weapons and the hardware looks eerily similar. Can all of these intriguing images be just a lucky cosmic coincidence, a trick of light or the fanciful musings of an ancient carver. In the ATLANTIUM continuum these are tangible records of our true ancient past. A past rich with advanced super science and answers to all the questions of OUR vast universe.
Roc Hatfield/Author

Friday, November 03, 2006



ATLANTIUM is a culmination of a life's worth of study, travel and curiosity run amok. Every story that has been told in all the religious and historical works of the ancient past elude to a mystical angelical race of beings that lived and traveled freely over the earth.

Scientist, archeologist and spiritualists are rediscovering ancient texts and artifacts that when filtered with the eyes of modern technology take on whole new and amazing meaning. Questions that would have never been posed 10 years ago for fear of ridicule are now capturing the imagination of the most skeptical. Who are we really? Our history is riddled with guesses and grand leaps of faith. Many turn to religious texts for answers and believe without waiver in the answers proffered there.

The BIBLE itself contains many references to ancient beings that roamed the earth, offering grand detail about what they were like and how they behaved. Could this and countless other documented accounts of ancient beings be a cryptic analogue of a hyper-advanced civilization that lived here on earth over 30,000 years  ago?
ATLANTIUM will venture into this mind altering world of possibilities. The ATLANTIUM continuum, is an exhaustive look at our real and potentially freighting past. Many people of the current world will be unable to except the potential ramifications of the knowledge of the pre-historical world and the impact it could have on our thinking. Join us as we search for the real truth of who we are, and where we may be from.                       Roc Hatfield/Author