Saturday, March 07, 2009



An astonishing photo of the ancient remains of a giant human skeleton circled the planet on the world wide web recently. The backstory revealed that the ancient discovery was unearthed by engineers working for a Saudi Arabian oil company while drilling for oil in a remote desert. The remains were huge and the individual would have been between 25 and 30 feet tall. Many speculated that it could be the remains of an ancient Annunaki or Nephlim as described in the Quran and Hebrew Bible. Alas, hopes were dashed when it was announced that the photo was an entrant into a contest sponsored by a company that makes photo enhancing software for photographers. Many of the world's ancient people handed down oral history and texts that detail an ancient tribe of giants known as the Watchers, Annunaki, Brahma, Nephlim, Sons of god and Men of Renown. Are modern humans related to these ancient beings?

The ancient Sumer chronicled there history on thousands of clay tablets and cylinder seals. They stated in no uncertain terms that they were the product of Evocreationism. The combination of an indigenous human species and a being from a distant planet that circled our Sun every 3600 years. They were called the Annunaki which meant "Those who came from Heaven". According to the Sumer the Annunaki made them in a laboratory using clay jars and glass bottles. They mixed the blood of the Annunaki with a primitive humanoid and a hybrid human was created. This hybrid was unable to reproduce at first just like a Mule, a hybrid of a donkey and a horse, but with some additional lab work this was overcome and the Annunaki began breeding their newly minted creation in numbers. The Annunaki were both illustrated and described as very large creatures towering over the Sumer by 3 feet or more. Most depictions have them at 9 to 10 feet tall, and built very stout. The images of the Annunaki show them sporting great muscles in there arms and legs. No match for a human or even large animals like Lions and Alligators, many images have Annunaki holding these by the tail in mid air. After the human hybrids grew in numbers they inhabited the cities of the Annunaki that were built all over the Earth. The highly advanced Annunaki used humans as a labor force to mine gold and strategic metals, build and maintain their cities. The humans were drafted into the armies of the Annunaki who were a warrior race and waged wars between different Annunaki factions here on Earth. This could explain how all of the great ruins around the world came into being. These giant stone creations could be all that is left of once great and powerful city states lived in by the Annunaki and their human subjects. According to the Sumer the Annunaki were almost immortal living for well over 100 thousand years. The Annunaki soon became attracted to human women, for many years it was strictly forbidden to mate with a human woman. But according to many ancient texts including the Bible, Quran, Indian scrolls and the Book of Enoch the Annunaki just could not resist the beautiful daughters of man. The Annunaki used their own blood and DNA to create the hybrid humans and therefore were able to mate with the daughters of man and bare offspring. These offspring were known as Nephlim and were giants. Enoch the son of Cain, grandson of Adam and father of Methuselah wrote a book that reads today like an investigative report. The book was considered by christian church founders for inclusion into the newly created Bible but they felt that it was to controversial. This coming from a group of men who believed that a Jew from Bethlehem changed water into wine, walked on water, raised people from the dead and came back to life and walked around after being crucified. What was so inflammatory about Enoch's expose? Enoch said the same things that the Sumer later reported. Since he was the seventh human made he knew all the Annunaki and he called them god. He knew the same god described in the Bible by Moses as the Annunaki. Moses wrote about Enoch in Genesis. He wrote that Enoch was close with God and that God really liked him and at the age of 360 years took him into heaven and he was on the earth no more. The first human hybrids lived a very long life. Moses recorded that the pre-flood descendants of Adam lived around 1000 years. This was most likely the result of the Annunaki genes worked into the human hybrids giving them a little of the Annunaki longevity. Enoch told the story of how once the Annunaki started to mix with humans they withdrew into two camps. Those that loved human women and those that despised it, and unfortunately for the women lovers they were in the minority. The outrage could be heard all the way back in Nibiru, the home planet. The top council leaders declared that the earth was an abomination and that the lawless Annunaki, their human offspring the Nephlim and pure humans all had to go and ordered that the Earth be cleansed. The women loving Annunaki vowed to defend the Earth against the forces of heaven and went about their daily lives. The women of the Annunaki according to Enoch were called Witches by the humans and learned of the Annunaki ways and crafts. They studied under the Annunaki learning of things the humans considered vile and evil. The humans said the Witches were un-natural and took the side of the Annunaki in heaven persisting even until this day. The Nephlim grew to be 408 thousand upon the Earth and they were making things impossible for the humans and the undefiled Annunaki. Now completely fed up the Annunaki from heaven caused the Earth to be flooded and destroyed all living things by covering the Earth with water. Only Noah the grandson of Enoch and his family survived after receiving help from a sympathetic Annunaki who told him of the impending doom and gave him instructions to build a boat. It is easy to see why the early church would have felt that Enoch's little tale was a bit to confusing. Was the God of the Bible, Quran and other ancient texts a spaceman? Did the early christian church know that man was created by an ancient space fairing race? In the Atlantium continuum the answer is "YES". Both private and professional researches are now piecing together this incredible story. This is not a threat to the religions of the world. This is the answer to so many questions; Who, Where, Why. So, does this finally answer the debate of evolution or creation? No, but it does offer a thrid option...Evocreation. The Annunaki took an evolving primate, a drop of their own blood and created a new highly intelligent creature that could now ponder the vastness of the universe, be aware of himself and have thoughts of God. ATLANTIUM. Roc Hatfield/Author