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(AP) Washington D.C. Feb. 2, 2012 Scores of amateur stargazers gathered in the Capital today to protest the Government's seemingly lackadaisical attitude regarding the brightest object in the night sky. Dr. Samuel Watson a spokesman for the group insists that the object known as Planet X poses a great threat to our own planet and the Government needs to begin to prepare all Americans for an unprecedented time of tribulation. This rag tag group of star watchers has come from all of the 50 states and even other countries including France and Russia. NASA officials declined to comment about the group but stated that they have been watching the progress of Planet X since 1984. A number of officials inside the space agency have made public statements concerning Planet X and their own concerns about its effects on earth as it continues to enter the core of the solar system. The huge planet is 6 times larger than earth and is on track for a December 2012 fly-by.
Planet X completely unknown before 1984 when NASA using an infrared telescope launched into orbit photographed the object some 50 billion miles from earth. The object had moved to within 7 billion miles by 1993. If the object continues on its current path it will pass within just a few million miles of earth on its way around the sun. Planet X will be at its closest on December 21 2012, this is a highly auspicious date for many who study ancient prophecies. Many ancient cultures and profits told very clearly of a time when a great tribulation and time of unequalled death and destruction would be visited upon the earth. These predictions were recorded by the Sumer over 6500 years ago, the Egyptians, Hebrews, Apostles of the new Testament, Mayans, ancient Chinese and in elaborate detail by the 16th century seer Michele de Nostradamus. The "KING of TERROR" is the name given to this menacing Planet by Nostradamus. The Sumerians called it Nibiru and claimed that it made its way around a giant circuit in space every 3600 years. These are just some of the things Nostradamus had to say about this object; "Continents as you know them now will cease to exist or will be changed dramatically, all the central part of your continent as you know it will be spared (Europe) Continents all over the world will be effected. Water masses as we know it will cover greater percentages of the earth. Continents that are connected will be split, divided by water where they were not divided before. There will not be any country that is not affected. A large part of Asia will be covered by water and Africa will be divided by a great channel of water, creating a new strait." NASA officials have speculated that Planet X could perturb our sun in complex ways as it swings around our star on it's way back out of the solar system. Gravitational waves could cause the sun to eject massive amounts of plasma that could reach the earth in hours. this would cause a rain of radiation hundreds of times stronger that an atomic blast. "All pretty gruesome stuff," continued Dr. Watson. "This is our purpose for being here today we are trying to alert our leaders of the potential dangers we may face."
(NEW YORK TIMES) TOKYO April 6, 2012 The Japanese geological agency announced that an earthquake of an undetermined strength struck Japan's largest city last night at 11:06 local time. The size of the quake could not be measured due to the severity of the jolt. Scientist in southern Japan stated that the quake was similar in size and amplitude to the quake that struck near Perth Australia last month. "Our sensors are not calibrated to record the seismic activity of these enormous quakes, our instruments just completely peg out, they are off the chart way off the chart," said one official. It is unknown how much of the city was destroyed or what the death toll may be. Rescue workers have been unable to reach the epicenter due to loss of much of the infrastructure. This brings the number of mega-quakes around the world to 177. Scientist have warned the world that earthquake activity and plate shifting will continue to increase until December when Planet X flys by us at its closest. In a related story NASA announced today that they were aware of the "KING OF TERROR" as Planet X has become to be known since 2006 and that they had cautioned U.S. leaders on the potential ravages that the object could unleash. However they were placed under a gag order by the administration for fear of a general widespread panic. No one could be reached at the agency for further comment.
(REUTERS) MOSCOW May 12, 2012 The Russian Interim Forces (RIF) announced today that it is closing it's boarders. The announcement came with a stern warning that anyone trying to leave or enter the country would be met with deadly force. The RIF was given the order by a panicked Russian leadership that has seen millions perish from vast fissures that have opened up all over the country. Russia has been one of the hardest hit regions over the last few months. The RIF was given authority by the leadership just 6 weeks ago to use tactical nuclear weapons to defend itself from large private forces like the Wulfburgendolf who have raided many large cities stealing food and supplies from storage facilities. The RIF has had to use tactical nukes on 6 occasions in the last few months, primarily along the European boarder where large numbers of troops had amassed. A group from the former United Nations said that they had counted a total of 63 small and medium size nuclear devices had been detonated around the globe to date.
(NEW VEGAS NEWS) NEW VEGAS Aug. 11, 2012 New Vegas one of the only remaining Pacific coast cities has been in the dark for 4 weeks. The Colorado river has dried up due to a huge rip in the earth's crust just 300 miles north of the city. The Hoover dam and the once powerful Colorado have all but gone quiet for now. Lake Meade has completely dried up and only boats set on the flat bottom where a hundred feet of water stood last year. City officials are working on a plan to create an electrical plant that could generate emergency power for essential services but plans have been hampered by the current lack of water and the scorching 120 degree heat. "People have forgotten that New Vegas sits in a desert and life without air conditioning out here is a struggle, but we haven't let the "KING OF TERROR" dampen our spirits," comments Mayor Barnard Ebbers.
Could these be headlines from our near future? Were our ancient ancestors all trying to warn us about the "KING OF TERROR"? In the Atlantium continuum the answer is "YES." It is completely possible that our ancestors knew of the "KING OF TERROR" and have gone to extreme lengths to warn us of its ravages. Most likely oral stories were handed down by ancients that witnessed its passing first hand. The predictions of its return are no different than predicting the return of Haley's comet only that the time frames are much longer. One thing is for sure, most of us will have a front row seat if the "KING OF TERROR" returns in 2012. Let's just hope that our ancestors were just good fireside Horror writers. ATLANTIUM. Roc Hatfield/Author

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The world was first placed on notice during the 1936 Olympic games in Berlin that a new and strange ideology had been birthed. Adolf Hitler the "Supreme Fuhrer" the "Father" of the Nazi party and every German citizen, used the 1936 Olympics as his global coming out party. This was the first ever Televised Olympic games and for that matter one of the first ever Televised events. Who were these odd people that demonstrated such bazaar mannerisms and resolute devotion to their State and leaders? The true nature of the Nazi ideology has been suppressed for decades and is only now emerging as an amazing spiritual and historical alignment with the ancient lost world of ATLANTIS.

The ATLANTIUM is the ancient global world of 25,000 to 13,000 years ago. This Golden Age is referred to by every ancient culture as a time when men existed and thrived in a very technologically advanced span of time. This age of enlightenment was brought to an end by some form of global disaster that brought worldwide flooding and climate change. The discovery of OOPARTs, out of place artifacts and ancient texts have put some researchers on the trail of finding out more about this ancient advanced world. The movie "Raiders of the Lost Ark" touched on the association of the Nazis with collecting artifacts from the ancient world. In fact the Nazis were scouring the world for anything that could help them understand and connect them to Atlantis. The Nazis were ahead of everyone on this subject all those years ago. Nazi science in the 1930's and 40's was a degree more advanced than the rest of the world. Nazi submarines were far more advanced than those of any other navy in the world as was many of their weapons and communication equipment. These quantum advances have been credited to the Nazi's belief in their atlantean heritage. By the 1940's the Nazis had Jet Aircraft, Computer guided rockets and were working on real life flying saucers. Allied bombs destroyed working prototypes of these saucers and the inventors burned the blueprints in an effort to keep the knowledge out of enemy hands. Allied soldiers found remnants of the bombed saucers and were astounded when they found crude working models that they quickly moved to top secret labs in the U.S. and later tried to recreate them. During the 1920's and 30's German researchers were exploring the ancient Nordic writings and became believers in the lost Continent of Thule and the race of supermen that lived there. These supermen were the most culturally, genetically and technically advanced men to ever walk the earth. The German professors and Historians were convinced the ancient Nordic Aryan race of tall blond blue eyed men and women were descendants of an alien space faring race that established a colony here on earth. These perfect creatures were telepathic, psychic and possessed great knowledge according to the researchers. Hitler and the founders of the Nazis believed they were destined to recreate this super race. The Nazi SS was a chosen group within the regime that embodied the characteristics of the Aryan super race, a core beginning, a prototype. Even the symbols wore on the collars of the SS were lighting bolts found in the texts of ancient Nordic writings. The symbols were misinterpreted by the Allies as the letters SS. All of Hitler's and the Nazi's plans, dreams and hopes were based on the belief in the Thule and Atlantis. They believed just like the Mayan, the American Indian and the ancient Chinese prophesied, that the world will enter a new age near the year 2012. Hitlers ultimate plan was to be ready for this new dawn by cleansing the world of the inferior races, all those other than the one true Aryan race, and regenerating the once powerful pure super race. The SS were dispatched to all points on the globe to discover artifacts and any cultural references to Atlantis and its inhabitants. The SS were taught to practice mind over matter techniques and were used in strange baby making experiments all in an effort to advance the super race. Hitler and his leaders believed that the world would soon be destroyed just as it had been during the time of Atlantis. The age of Aquarius was upon them and they wanted to emerge from the destruction with a new super race that could rebuild the world. As part of the universal plan the Nazis were preparing to hide in underground cities in South America where they would be safe from Tidal waves, Earthquakes and Polar shifting. This plan was based on their theory of how the Atlanteans had survived the last great calamity. By the end of world war II the Nazis had transferred millions worth of gold, numbers of their secret army and many top German scientists to a region in Argentina to prepare for the impending end. All of this study and research of the ancient world paid off in great ways toward the advancement of technology. However the perceived gains in power by the Nazi leadership corrupted their thinking immeasurably. Did the Nazis find a connection to the ancient knowledge of Atlantis? Were the Nazis destroyed by the same power as the Atlanteans? In the Atlantium continuum the answer is "YES". It is possible that the Nazis were building on the knowledge of the ancients. More likely it was an obsession of the elite to justify their own personal desires to form the world in the way they wanted it to be. The moral of the story in the end was the same for the Nazis as it was for Atlantis. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. ATLANTIUM. Roc Hatfield/Author

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Craig Venter the world famous and tediously controversial DNA researcher stunned the science community with his announcement that he had created a complex synthetic chromosome. Venter and his team of scientist stitched together laboratory chemicals to create a gene that is 381 genes long and contains 581,000 base pairs of genetic code. The synthetic life form is then placed in the cell work of a bacterium known as Mycoplasma genetailia. Once inserted the DNA takes over the workings of the cell and becomes an entirely new form of life. The new bacterium has been dubbed Mycoplasma Labortorium. Designer lifeforms could provide completely new ways of solving problems in many areas from energy to medicine. No doubt these new genetically engineered creatures will open up new unseen uses, but are we just relearning ancient knowledge?

The ancient Sumer built super cities and lived in very modern like conditions over 6500 years ago. The existence of this civilization has only been known since the 1800's and researchers have only begun to scratch the surface of the many artifacts that have been discovered. The Sumerians were excellent record keepers and invented a way to engrave metal and stone cylinders to make clay seal panels. The panels still completely intact today offer some insight into the pantheon of the Sumer society. Their beliefs regarding man's creation are very well documented in the seals and tablets that they generated. One image that stands out is the double helix of the entwined snakes. This image has been used ever since as the symbol for medicine. The medical establishment today still prominently uses this ancient image as its mascot. The ancient Sumer believed that their creators the Annunaki literally designed them in a laboratory. In one clay panel the Annuanki are depicted sitting among what appear to be flask jars and vases while presenting a human infant, the tree of life a symbol used in many Sumer panels is standing in the room representing creation. The tree of life and the entwined snakes have appeared frequently in Sumer clay panels. The Annunaki came down from heaven and created man and woman. The Annunaki made man in his own image by using his own blood to make man. These detailed creation myths have been reinterpreted by modern researchers like Zecheria Sitchin to read like a Sci-Fi novel. Sitchin's research has lead him to believe that the Annunaki were a space fairing race that came to Earth 400,000 years ago to mine for gold and other valuable minerals. While here they took indigenous primates and other animals and experimented with their DNA, finally breeding Homo-Sapiens some 150,000 years ago. Interestingly, the Hebrew Bible written some 3000 years after the Sumer wrote their creation story asserts that the "Elohim" said; "Let us make man in our own image". The Elohim are the same individuals as described by the Sumer as the Annunaki. The name Annunaki means "Those who came to earth from heaven". Zecheria Sitchin and others firmly believe that the Annunaki were a very advanced race from a distant planet called Nibiru. The Annunaki were skilled in all the sciences we are familiar with today. It seems that they may have been a few hundred years ahead of where we are currently. Of coarse there is no way to know how advanced they really were. But 500-800 years into our future could be amazing. After all Columbus could have never imagined our world today only 500 years ago. His little wooden ships state of the art at the time took months to cross the Atlantic. Today thousands of people cross the oceans everyday in hours. Our modern DNA research has mapped the human genome and discovered that humans are extremely closely related to every other thing on earth. We share 50-60 percent of the genes of plants and bacteria, and 99 percent of the same genes as other primates like chimps. It is clear that man is the most complex being on the planet and a product of the evolution and improvement of the lower species. Man has evolved from the successes of all the lower creatures that have come before. But wait, it turns out that there are 223 genes in the human genome that don't show up anywhere in any of our predecessors. In other words there is a milk man somewhere in our past. 223 genes is almost 1% of our total 30,000 gene instruction package. Where did these unrelated genes come from? The Annunaki were said to have used their own blood to make mankind more like them, to improve them physically and mentally. These unique genes show up in man at the same time as the Annunaki reigned in Sumer, our modern day Iraq. A recent study of the Human genome was concluded and determined that a Mitochondrial Eve in fact existed. Eve would have lived 140,000 years ago in the north of Africa near southern Iraq where the Sumer settled. Was ancient man genetically altered by an advanced race of beings from a distant planet? Is the missing link the result of altered DNA? In the Atlantium continuum the answer is "YES". The Sumer, Hebrews, Egyptians and others have been telling us this fact about ourselves for Millennia. It is very difficult to come to the realization that we may be hybrid beings. As races here on earth we mix together frequently and this should stand as an example of how blending can be good. ATLANTIUM. Roc Hatfield/Author

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On a cool autumn night two star struck lovers drive their vehicle down a secluded country road searching for a location to park. Suddenly, bright headlights shine in their eyes from a car coming down the road just ahead of them. The young lady cautions her beau to pull over and let the fast moving car pass. The lights now extremely bright prompt our alarmed passengers to flash their high beams to indicate their presence in the road. The entire area where their car is setting is engulfed in a blindingly bright light so intense you can almost touch it. Then as fast as the light appeared it disappears just like it was turned off by switch. A light breeze rustles the leaves on the nearby trees and a million stars shine bright in the crystal clear night sky. Once the excitement of the event subsides our drivers notice that the dashboard clock has jumped ahead 2 hours.

This story or a variation of it has been reported to authorities hundreds of times over the last 50-60 years. The story elements vary, but the perpetrators remain consistent. Short gray men with big almond shaped eyes. 6500 years ago the ancient Sumer wrote about their gods the Annunaki and a creation myth that has recently opened a new train of thought about our species true origins. The Sumer articulated endlessly about many aspects of the lives of the Annunaki. The Annunaki are described as a race of highly technologically advanced individuals with space fairing capabilities. When the Annunaki first came to earth from their home world Nibiru they found man in a very primitive state. Between 450-150 thousand years ago they began modifying man with genetic engineering in an effort to bring him up to a standard more suitable for servitude. The Annunaki were unable to come here in great numbers and would need the help of the locals to mine minerals, build pyramids and fight wars as proxy armies over the earth's natural resources. After numerous generations man was re-engineered into the current Homo Sapien model. Most of the Sumerian record was left to us from the time after the deluge and records revel how this global cataclysm was foreseen by the Annunaki. Perhaps more incredibly the Sumer refer to beings called the "Helpers" a term used to describe creatures that assisted the Annunaki in every aspect of their lives. These Helpers were created by the Annunaki and were alive but not living. This statement could be describing an android. The creatures assisted their creators by flying the vessels that the Annunaki traveled in. The Helpers remained in the orbiting ships in space and came down to the Earth on shuttle flights. Artifacts of the Helpers left by the Sumer depict a creature that is very familiar with what we now call the Grays. Thousands of individuals have come forward in the last 30-40 years with stories of being abducted by small aliens with big heads and large almond shaped eyes. The stories told by these varied victims all center around these Grays sedating them and then subjecting them to a cadre of medical experiments that seem focused on reproduction. The Sumer believed that the Helpers assisted the Annunaki in the creation of man and took part in the engineering process. Curiously 6500 years later people claim to have been experimented on by creatures that look very much like ancient Sumerian artifacts of Helpers. Critics of the abduction phenomenon say that the subjects are suffering from a common type of sleep sickness that allows the brain to be awake but leaves the body paralyzed. Sleep Paralysis is a well known and documented disorder. This the experts claim is the sole explanation for the wave of abduction reports. This disorder can cause vivid out of body type experiences. There is a mass epidemic of sleep paralysis making its way around the world, be sure it doesn't happen to you. Images of the Grays have appeared down through history on cave walls and Egyptian temples. The modern Grays according to the lore are very interested in human reproduction usually taking sperm samples and eggs from abducted humans. Some women have cited being shown human-alien offspring that they claim are their children. Many of the victims tell of being abducted on many occasions since childhood. A tracking device is implanted under their skin so that they can be located easily. Today scientists perform all of these tasks to keep track of endangered species and assist in helping them reproduce. Are the Annunaki Helper artifacts accurate records made in clay? Are the Helpers still involved in the on going evolution of mankind? In the Atlantium continuum the answer is "YES". The Sumer recorded a number of unique aspects of the Helpers that are in every way similar to the folk myth of the modern Grays. If the Annunaki were involved in the development of the human race they may still be monitoring us with the assistance of their android Helpers. The ability to use such a sophisticated robot to fly to a distant planet and carry out complex observations is mind boggling at a minimum. It would be completely essential for a hyper advanced civilization to use androids to reach out to distant planets to monitor long running experiments. The Mars Rover would have seemed as amazing to us 500 years ago as the idea of the Annunaki Helpers do to us today. ATLANTIUM. Roc Hatfield/Author

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Google Earth the extremely popular web site that allows the general public to view the Earth from space has spawned a new application....Satellite Archaeology. An army of amateur Sat-Sleuths have found thousands of amazing objects and anomalies all over the face of the Earth by scanning high resolution Satellite images. Google uses high quality color photos taken from space and stitches them together to form a continuous composite of the entire globe. A completely unforeseen benefit of this technology is the ability to spot strange and unique structures both on the surface and below the oceans that could only be seen from the air. One such photo captures two disc shaped objects just under the surface of the ocean traveling in tandem. These discs although thought provoking could have a much more down to earth explanation. What makes these objects even more intriguing is that they were photographed in the heart of the Dragon's Triangle.

The Dragon's Triangle is the antithesis of the Devil's Triangle or Bermuda Triangle which lies off the coast of Florida. The Dragon's Triangle is situated off the coast of Japan almost on the same parallel on exactly the opposite side of the world. Just like the Bermuda Triangle the Dragon's Triangle has generated stories for centuries of strange unworldly events. The Dragon's Triangle however has produced much richer details of highly sophisticated flying craft that enter and leave the waters just off the coast of Japan. These flying craft possess amazing capabilities, according to dozens of eyewitness that have observed the craft. These machines can fly at great speeds and maneuver in any direction with tremendous agility. Perhaps the most impressive capability of these craft are their underwater operations. The craft enter the ocean at high rates of speed and dive or skim just under the surface. The wake created when entering or leaving the water can lift a large ocean vessel dangerously high out of the water. Tales of many ships and crew being lost to these treacherous waters goes back thousands of years. More recently Japan lost five military vessels between 1952 and 1954 with combined crews of 700. Japanese Naval officials alarmed by the loss commissioned a research vessel in 1954 with 31 scientists aboard to investigate the strange disappearances. The Kaiyo Maru No. 5 was sent into the heart of the Dragon's triangle and was never heard from again. The Japanese government quickly declared the area a hazard and extremely dangerous to shipping.

Japan has a rich and fascinating history with regards to UFOs. The culture has recorded many accounts of encounters with UFOs and their operators. One painting discovered on a cave wall documents two UFOs and their pilots hovering over a herd of wild game animals holding weapons that look like rifles and taking aim at the herd. This is a matter of fact illustration created by someone who most likely witnessed this event. This would seem to have very powerful ramifications. Dozens of these incredible images are known to exist, another color image from 900 A.D. clearly addresses the siting of a flying disc. The highly technical drawing features portals and what appears to be a hatch at the top of the vehicle. One myth that ties all of the recorded sitings together is the enigma of the Dogu. The Dogu figurines have been showing up for centuries, these little clay figures embody the epitome of the modern alien. Thousands have been found and they are believed to be thousands of years old many perhaps dating back 12,000 years. The detail of the figurines is stunning if looked at with modern understanding. The Dogu appear to be wearing a pressure suit. This suit is depicted with valves, gauges, vents, hoses, fittings and a very sophisticated helmet that features large goggles with articulating irises. On the surface these figures could represent the pilots of the craft that have been seen for centuries emanating from the Dragon's triangle. The suits wore by the Dogu could have been both protection from the vacuum of space and the pressures of the deep ocean. One ancient Japanese myth describes how the Dogu came from the ocean each day out onto the land to assist villagers. The Dogu gave instructions to the primitive people on virtually every subject and helped them with learning how to make everyday life easier and more enjoyable. What ever the inspiration for the Dogu figurines it was powerful. The clay spacemen have been found all over the entire country and in great numbers. It is possible that they were seen and interpreted as gods. Their popularity undoubtedly spread across the whole ancient Japanese culture and they were warmly worshiped. Is the Dragon's Triangle just an unstable geological vortex? Are the hundreds of sightings of advanced flying craft a side effect of ocean sickness? In the Atlantium continuum the answer is "NO". In a court of law an overwhelming preponderance of evidence can send a man to the gallows without one stitch of physical evidence. If this same tenant were to be applied to the mystery of the Dragon's Triangle the conclusions could be simply astonishing. ATLANTIUM. Roc Hatfield/Author

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Zecharia Sitchin one of the leading writers and investigators of the Astro Archaeology movement has traveled the world many times over in search of out-of-place-artifacts. He discovered that the Istanbul Museum of Archaeology had been holding a stone carved relic that so closely detailed a modern space capsule that they refused to display it. The curators assumed that it had to be a hoax. The amazing vehicle displays many features of a modern day capsule, rocket exhaust nozzles in the back, and a cockpit with pilot seated and wearing a pleated flight suit with his hands at the controls. After meeting with the museum curators and studying the carving Zecharia Sitchin determined the artifact was consistent with many others that he had seen from ancient times and suggested that the museum display the artifact. He encouraged the curators to allow museum visitors to make up their own minds as to whether the object was a spaceship.

Zecharia Sitchin has made it his life's work studying the mysterious artifacts and writings from our ancient past. Stichin points out that our current scientific view of the past does not include spaceships and star travel. But he has uncovered a vast menagerie of artifacts and ancient texts that overwhelmingly point to the existence of a highly advanced ancient world. The Istanbul rocket ship could not have been carved solely from the imagination of an ancient artisan. The engineering details would have been simply impossible to guess at. The model clearly demonstrates that the carver was a first person witness to a much larger craft. The arrangement of the engines in the rear, the pilots sitting position and pleated pressure suit are not details an ancient carver would conceive on his own. Many of the details are repeated in artifacts found halfway around the world in Central America. The Maya left us a compendium of their space fleet in the stone that adorned the massive Temples and Pyramids that rise high above the jungle canopy. Once again the question is raised as to how were these ancients capable of creating works of art that modeled spacecraft with such rich detail. It must be said that just as the Istanbul museum curators were resistant to displaying their ancient rocket ship Mayan researchers are adamantly opposed to any spacecraft or spacemen references to their beloved Maya. Almost to the man mainstream researchers have elaborate accounts of what these spacecraft look alike objects really are. They explain them as religious artifacts that were used by the Kings. Or, they are symbols of the underworld where their gods dwelled. Are these individuals completely blind or are they just following the company line in order to keep their jobs and funding intact? Whatever the real answer luckily we have dedicated researchers like Zecharia Sitchin who don't answer to a higher buck and is out there opening new doors and asking compelling questions. The Maya not only carved exquisite detailed cut-a-way drawings of their vessels they were the most proficient star gazers. At least modern science doesn't deprive them of there astrological expertise. The tone was set by the church in Spain when the Conquistadors massacred the Mayan descendants all in the name of the church and state and some gold of coarse. Modern Universities and Institutions are the direct inheritors of this warped thinking. Once a doctrine is in place it can not be altered under any circumstances. Even if these brilliant individuals found a working rocket under a Temple they would say that it just looks like a rocket it really is a religious symbol used by the King to worship the underworld. This is the core reason that our true history will never be given serious study by the mainstream and that any references to spacemen or spaceships will always generate a roll of the eyes and a chuckle. Are all of these ancient artifacts just religious symbols that just happen to resemble modern space vehicles? Is the Istanbul rocket ship just a bunch of Instan-bull? In the Atlantium continuum the answer is "NO". Occam's Razor is a principal attributed to the 14th century Francican Friar William of Occham. The principal states; "All things being equal the simplest explanation tends to be the right one." In the case of the ancient spaceship artifacts we can be certain which side old Occam would have come down on. ATLANTIUM. Roc Hatfield/Author

Sunday, August 12, 2007



The Buhistan Inscription stands prominently on a mountainside 300 feet above the ground like a modern day over sized billboard. The figures depicted in the scene are carved life sized or larger and are flanked by a story that has been written in three different cuneiform texts. The true age of the massive carving is hotly debated and the age varies wildly. The monument is located in the Kermanshah province in the Islamic Republic of Iran near the boarder with Iraq. The speculation around this ancient stone carving is as monumental as its physical size. The voluminous story that appears next to the illustration is recorded in Old Persian, Elamite and Babylonian. It was discovered by British Army officer Henry Rawlinson in 1835 who subsequently had the texts translated. The image clearly exalts the Sumerian Zoroaster Logo top and center hovering in the air. Could the texts have been added to this carved image thousands of years after its creation?

The Sumer civilization expounded dramatically and powerfully in texts found in thousands of clay tablets about their gods the Annunaki. The Sumerians were a very advanced state that existed 6500 years ago. They are credited with discovering many sophisticated innovations that we still use today. The Sumer were aware of the planets, our solar system, spaceflight, genetic engineering and many other technological ideas. The word Annunaki translates as "those who came to Earth from heaven". The Annunaki came to Earth from the distant planet of Nibiru. According to the Sumer the Annunaki traveled from Nibiru in search of much needed gold and other strategic metals. Not finding any suitable work force on Earth they genetically engineered modern humans from the pre-historic homo erectus. One theme running through their writings and illustrations is the description of the Annunaki's ability to fly and the craft they used to travel from earth to heaven. The Zoroaster logo is a capsulation or metaphor illustrating that the Annunaki could in fact fly. The winged and tail feathered man riding in his ring with its stylized landing gear could be a representation of the flying craft that the Annunaki operated. The Zoroaster image if seen in this context is amazing in its ability to communicate a very technical idea across millennia and cultures. The Sumer cleverly used this image to represent their space traveling gods. Later the Babylonians and Assyrians adopted the Logo. The Annunaki lived and lorded over the newly minted man for thousands of years educating him on how to be useful citizens and build advanced cities. Up until the height of the Sumerian era the Annunaki were involved in the everyday life of their human creations. Prior to their exit here on Earth they installed a government officiated by a human ruler King. This family of human Kings and their descendants were given charge of everything and everyone by those who came to Earth from heaven. The lastest translation of the texts next to the Behistun Inscription tells of a great King by the name of Darius I of Persia. 593 lines of text are dedicated to informing everyone who is passing by 300 feet below that Darius I is a very important and powerful man. Darius I was put in place by God and he is from the bloodline of those that lived in the place of the gods. And to make sure no one misses the message it is in three languages. This sounds very much like the Sumerian records and perhaps Darius I was a long lost decendant of the Annunaki anointed human King. The Sumer illustrated the Annunaki as very large muscular individuals, the Babylonians and Assyrians copied the Sumer prototype. It is not certain if the Annunaki were giants or just depicted in that way to convey their larger than life persona. In the chapter of Genesis in the Hebrew Bible the great patriarch Moses tells of the time when the "Sons of God" came down to Earth and took human wives and had offspring that were giants. The "Nephilim" the "Men of Renown" as they were described. The Annunaki are the Nephilim and could have actually been large individuals. The Hebrews and Moses believed in a one true God and therefore moved the Annunaki down in rank to the status of "Sons of God". The Sumerians on the other hand believed the Annunaki to be the true creators. Were the Annunaki real flesh and blood creatures? Were the Sumer living among an alien contingent? In the Atlantium continuum the answer is "YES". The Behistun Inscription is just one of the many records left behind by the ancients that capture a time when a space fairing race walked the Earth. The ideas credited to these iconic creatures could not even have been understood 100 years ago and perhaps we can't see many others now. We are beginning to slowly open our eyes to the possibilities that these awe striking images and ideas represent. The Annunaki may someday bring understanding and light to a very confused world. ATLANTIUM. Roc Hatfield/Author

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Journey to the center of the Earth, the classic Jules Verne novel was originally published in French in 1864. The story tells the tale of a Professor, his Nephew and a hired guide who climb down into a volcano in Iceland and eventually reach the center of the Earth. The rag tag explorers encounter numerous monsters and amazing vistas as they climb deeper and deeper into the Earth. This Civil War era tale has great relevance to a growing number of Hollow Earth Theorists. These researchers have gathered volumes of information from old tribal myths and modern reports of Unidentified Submerged Objects or USOs and combined them to create what they call the Hollow Earth Theory.

In the early 1920's Russian Explorer Ferdinand Ossendowski traveled through Mongolia and Asia speaking with the locals about the ancient tribal myth of the Kingdom of Agharti. This myth describes a subterranean Kingdom known to the Buddhist Monks as Agharti. The entrance to this world is through a cave with the inscription "This is the Gate to Agharti" carved prominently in stone above the cave's opening. Ossendowski found the same myth among dozens of cultures and tribes. Astonishingly, many of these tribes were completely unaware of each other. Ossendowski wrote a book "Beasts, Men and gods" and it became a sensation setting off a wave of expeditions to all corners of the World in search of the Hollow Earth. Adolf Hitler and his occult cabinet believed in the Hollow Earth Theory sending clandestine researchers to find the openings to the underground world. Alternative scientists have speculated that the worlds oceans were once below the surface. This prospect would require an immense amount of space. Today we know that giant caverns filled with oil sit thousands of feet below the surface. Theorists believe that a vast network of caves and tunnels could have been left behind when the oceans made there way to the surface. There are countless reports by eyewitnesses of Unidentified Submerged Objects. Records of the accounts go back to the days of Christopher Columbus and have continued unabated to our current time. Boaters and Pilots have filed hundreds of reports of siting highly sophisticated craft entering the water from the air and moving at high speed under the surface of the water. A concentration of these sitings come from witnesses traveling by boat and airplane over the Bermuda Triangle. Numerous reports have been made that detail advanced machines that are seen either entering or exiting the waters off the coast of Florida and the Bahamas. Tribes in the South American country of Peru have seen strange craft enter volcanoes and descend into Andes Mountain plateaus. The Japanese have there own unique Hollow Earth tale known as the Dogu. Dogu figurines have been found by the thousands all over the Japanese islands. These highly intricate figurines depict creatures that appear to be wearing spacesuits or diving gear. One myth tells of the Dogu coming from under the sea and walking out onto land. They would spend the day teaching the ancient Japanese how to do a multitude of tasks that made life easier and richer. At the end of the day they would return to the water and disappear below the surface. The Dogu were said to be from a world far below the sea. Other more ethereal myths describe a huge city that is hidden below ground. Shamballah is inhabited by very enlightened people who have reached a oneness with God. They live in their advanced city completely apart from the surface dwellers. On occasion they will meet with surface representatives and share some of their great wisdom and knowledge with them. A great city of Peace from which all understanding has come. The city of Salem in the Hebrew Bible is most likely taken from the same ideal. Jeru-Salem which means City of Peace was the home of Melchizedek a great spiritual leader who instructed Abraham on the ways of Peace and the path to God. Could the Hollow Earth Theory be just a tribal myth? Are the Hollow Earth Theorists just a bunch of wacky Sci-Fi fanatics? In the Atlantium continuum the answer is "NO". Many artifacts and eyewitness accounts from ancient times up through today point to the possibility that there could be caves and large caverns under the Earth's surface. Ancient humans may have found openings to these large underground expanses and returned with fantastic accounts of what they saw while on the road to Shamballah.

Saturday, July 28, 2007



On display in the Egyptian Museum of Cairo are many breath taking and ethereal artifacts. Objects owned and used by many of the great rulers of ancient Egypt. Sitting in a back room in a humble case is an object that has completely perplexed modern Egyptologists. The complex object is called the Tri Lobed Bowl and is made of a very fragile stone called Schist. It was discovered by Brian Walter Emery in 1936, Emery is recognized as one of the most influential Egyptologists of the 20th century. The object was found near the tomb of Prince Sabu, the son of a Pharaoh that lived in 3000 B.C. Emery classified the object as a "Cachibache" translated as a small hole that threatens to become a large hole. The technical skills required to carve such an object from solid stone is on the order of a modern computerized 3D milling machine.

The mainstream scientific community has shunned the object relegating it to no more than a religious ceremonial artifact, perhaps used in a burial ritual. This is typically code for "We have no idea what the hell this thing is". The Egyptians of 5000 years ago were undoubtedly extremely capable. In fact many alternative thinkers believe that ancient Egypt was re-established by Atlantians after the great flood of ancient lore, and that the pyramids are much older than the 5000 years mainstream science has put on them. The Tri Lobed Bowl is wheel shaped with a center slot designed for a drive shaft. The Hicsos are credited with the discovery and early use of the wheel. The Egyptians fought in battle with the Hicsos 1400 years after this object was created. This is thought to be where the Egyptians got the idea for the wheel. One possibility is that the Tri Lobed Bowl is a reproduction of a part from a more sophisticated machine created by an artist in the Schist stone. Other advanced stone carvings made of the Schist stone have been found from the same era. An Egyptian vase was found that was carved so precisely and delicately that it would challenge any 3D milling equipment used today. There have been many artifacts that do not fall within the time lines of conventional thinking. The Saqqara bird for example was found in a tomb and sat in a British Museum for years long before the discovery of flight. It was assumed that it was a model of a bird, but researches have found through computer modeling that it could have been a cargo plane. The aircraft would have been a very stable machine capable of lifting great weight. It wasn't until 5000 years later that Orville and Wilbur Wright had the same idea. At the Temple of Abydos is one of the most astonishing "Cachibache" found to date. A relief panel high in the tomb includes images of very advanced and exotic flying craft. Helicopters, flying cars and perhaps a submarine are carved in intricate detail. Mainstream Egyptologists once again explain theses images as optical aberrations created by a series of re-carvings. Pictographs laid one over the other creating the coincidental shapes of modern vehicles. If on the other hand these were true to life vehicles they would have required many moving parts and there in lies the possibility that the Tri Lobed Bowl was a component of one of these machines. One very modern part that comes to mind when looking at the Tri Lobed bowl is an Impeller. Impellers are the main parts used in a hydraulic pump and any large machine would need any number of them. If in fact these fantastic machines really existed then they would need all the machined pieces that would make up such an advanced craft. Egyptian artisans may have seen actual metal parts that came from one of these craft and were so enamoured with it that they had to reproduce it in Schist stone. Or, the Tri Lobed Bowl may have been the positive cast for making the part in metal. This technique is still used today when making a cast for a mold to be used in the foundry of metal parts. Sand is pack around the model part and baked. When the cast is cut open the model leaves a perfect negative image in the sand where molten metal can be poured in to form the part. Could the Tri Lobed Bowl be just part of a fancy religious burial rite? Were the ancient Egyptians nothing more than a very cleaver tribe of desert dwellers? In the Atlantium continuum the answer is "NO". Ancient artifacts have surfaced all over the world in recent years that point to a time when man was very advanced. These artifacts fly in the face of conventional thinking and scientific dogma. We should at least begin to look at these ancient objects with a more opened mind and see if they hold any secrets from our distant past. Mr. Emery chose the perfect word for these amazing artifacts, "Cachibache". ATLANTIUM. Roc Hatfield/Author

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Time keeps on tickin' tickin' away, sings songwriter Don Henley in one of his greatest hits. The marking of time and the references about time permeate every culture on Earth. Where did the keeping or marking of time come from? The answer could be out of this world. Literally. The ancient Sumer are credited with creating the hour, minute and second and we still use the exact same increments today. So, how did the ancient Sumerians come up with this revolutionary and long lasting idea?

Little was known about the ancient Sumer before the mid 1800s until the emerging science of archeology discovered their existence. In 1910 a large cache of clay tablets were found containing thousands of documents written in an unknown language. The tablets were recorded using a cuneiform alphabet with 400 characters, along with relief panels containing pictures made using metal seals. Many years have been dedicated to the study and interpretation of these clay panels. Researchers have found records that cover every aspect of everyday life, marriage documents, business contracts, city tax records and a virtual encyclopedia of a very advanced culture. The Sumer are credited with being the first civilization on Earth to have invented a long list of things we still use everyday; the wheel, arch, astronomy, courts, laws, mathematics, sea travel, and time keeping just to name a few. Perhaps one of the most amazing aspects of the Sumer is their highly detailed accounts of their gods the Annunaki. The Annunaki came down to Earth from Heaven and created man by mixing their DNA with the primitive humans that lived on Earth at the time of their arrival. The Anunnaki gave the Sumer everything they needed. All the inventions they are credited with were given to them by the Annunaki according to their writings. The Sumer had a mathematical system based on 60 rather than our base 10 system. They divided hours by 60 minutes, and minutes by 60 seconds. How were they able to mark off these units of time? It is assumed that they must have had some device capable of marking time. A very curious device is ever present on the wrists of the Annunaki. The Sumer generated a great number of carvings, statues and images of the Annunaki and they always took great care in placing what for lack of a better description appears to be a watch. They are not Rolexes but do look very precise with a face, markings all around the outside of the face and a sweeping hand. The Sumer have left great volumes of information to us about their gods the Annunaki. The Annunaki are characterized by the Sumer as a great space fairing people. They are believed to have been very large individuals perhaps 2-3 times larger than a man. They are called the Nephilim in the Hebrew Bible and referred to as the Sons of God. They became attracted to human women and had offspring that were giants, the "Men of Renown". What is interesting is that the Sumer recorded stories about these creatures thousands of years before the Bible. One startling account tells of the Annunaki's origins and how their planet Nibiru comes through our neck of the woods every 3600 years. One time in the ancient past Nibiru passed to close to Earth and knocked off a big chunk of our planet that later formed our Moon. The cross pollination of Earth with Nibiru provided the basic elements for their evolution. These ideas are 7000 years old and NASA today believes that this could be a very valid theory. NASA is currently searching for what they call Planet X. Planet X is believed to be out beyond our recognized solar system. Much of the information contained in the ruins of the Sumer has yet to be translated, who can imagine what knowledge may be reveled. Were the ancient Sumer just a bunch of really smart tribesmen? Are the Annunaki merely religious idols created as part of a creation myth? In the Atlantium continuum the answer is "NO". The probability of a group of primitive humans gathering in the desert and creating the first of many inventions we still use today without some sort of help is difficult to imagine. The record shows that they had almost every modern convenience that we have today and the TIME to enjoy it. ATLANTIUM. Roc Hatfield/Author

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There are thousands of old rusty cars strewn across America. Many of them are almost unrecognizable, the wind, rain and elements taking their toll. These cars were made of advanced metal compounds no more that 80 or so years ago, yet they have all but vanished from existence. Creating non-oxidizing metals is no easy challenge. New advanced metals like stainless steel and titanium are highly resistant to rust but will eventually succumb if not maintained properly. Amazingly ancient metallurgists had conquered many of these technical problems thousands of years ago.

The Ashoka Pillar located at a temple just outside Delhi India also known as the Iron Pillar of Mehaurali is a 1500 year old solid piece of pure iron. The Pillar is over 23 feet high and weighs 30 tonnes. What makes this object so unique is the fact that it has no rust on it despite being outdoors in the very humid air of Delhi for at least one thousand five hundred years. The pillar said to have been erected by Kumara Gupta of the Gupta dynasty that ruled this part of India in A.D. 320-350 is believed by many to be much older. One reason researchers believe it to be 1500 years old is due to an inscription that was made into the pillar at is construction. The inscription is a poem to the ruler and many of the references are not of the A.D. 320-350 time frame which leads many to think that it could be at least 4000 years old or perhaps even much older. The Ashoka Pillar has been examined by many modern companies in an effort to find its secret of a long and rust free life. The current thinking is that the metal contains 1 percent phosphorous which is much higher that modern steel. Researchers have found that the Pillar has a very thin protective natural accruing film around it that will not allow oxygen or moisture to penetrate to its surface. A kind of built in force field if you will. A number of scientists are convinced that containers made from the same blend of metals could store radioactive waste safely for thousands of years. Recently translations of ancient Sanskrit texts have reveled that the Rama Empire which could have existed as far back as 12,000-25,000 years ago possessed fantastic technology. Extremely detailed stories of flying machines that used anti gravity propulsion, nuclear weapons, space travel and more are described in these ancient texts. The Ashoka Pillar may have come from the time of the Rama Empire and is just another technical wonder from that era that has survived until today.

The Wonderstone Mine of South Africa has yielded an even more quizzical metallic object. A large number of metal spheres the size of baseballs have been discovered deep in the mine. At least 200 have been unearthed and the spheres are all subtlety different. The spheres are made of an alloy of nickle and steel a combination that does not occur in nature. These objects have a thin outer shell and some spongy substance on the inside with indented lines running around the equator of the sphere. One museum curator claims that they can spin on their own power. These spheres have been fabricated by someone or something, the big question is what? The spheres are being dug from solid rock that is deep in the earth and is billions of years old. That's right BILLIONS with a B. The Earth was just cooling off from being coalesced from ultra hot space debris when the rock from which these spheres are pulled was formed. One potential theory; these objects were created by creatures that lived on a planet that circled a giant star that occupied the same space we do now. It is believed that our solar system formed from the dust of a star that exploded billions of years ago. Prior to that stars demise it could have had its own planets circling it. One of those planets could have had intelligent life that created the spheres in question. When their planet was destroyed by their star going nova the spheres survived and became part of our new Earth. OK, big idea but it is just as valid as any for the moment. Science remains baffled as to how these objects found their way into solid rock that hasn't seen sunshine in billions of years. Is the Ashoka Pillars ability to prevent rust just a fluke caused by a primitive metallurgist? Are the metal spheres found deep in the Wonderstone Mine a very cleaver trick of nature? In the Atlantium continuum the answer is "NO". Whatever the real answer is to these mysteries it is clear that many objects around us point to a very different kind of history than we are accustomed to. ATLANTIUM. Roc Hatfield/Author