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Doug Bower and Dave Chorley are credited with starting the crop circle phenomenon back in 1978. The two English gentlemen claimed to have used a plank with a rope handle and a stake with a string to create their masterpieces in the middle of the night. That may have worked 30 years ago but today's crop circles are a whole new kettle of fish and chips. The debate over what these grand scale works of art really are, remains a very hot topic not only in England but around the world. Crop circles like UFO's are studied with a great deal of skepticism and doubt. After all, if they are not man made or the result of some weather system which most scientists would have us believe then what could they be?

Crop circles have been showing up for a very long time. The "Mowing Devil" was reported by the Hartford-Shire news in 1678. The story describes a farmer who witnessed a Devil using a reaper to make a circle in his field. The article features a drawing of a crop circle being made by a force that could have only come from the Devil. Crop circles appear in cave and rock drawings created by early man thousands of years ago. Crop circle symbology is unique and has appeared in ancient times among many advanced cultures. One recent crop symbol featured what looks like a Menorah. The Menorah is an ancient symbol used by the Sumerians, Babylonians and Hebrews. The symbol was a representation of the tree of life. This tree originally introduced by the Sumer was a model for Annunaki DNA. The Annunaki were the space traveling gods of the Sumer, Babylonians and Assyrians. The Hebrew Bible refers to this same tree of life in the book of Genesis. The tree of life was located in the garden of Eden and had the power to give longevity if the fruit of the tree was eaten. Symbology has played a critical role in every culture on earth. Even in the new world a graphic menorah can be found on the side of a mountain in the Nazca plains of Peru. The symbology of crop circles has evolved rapidly. As copycats get better at making crude reproductions of the symbols the true symbol makers up the ante. Recent crop symbols have become so complex that a whole group of artists could not make the symbols in the 6 hours of darkness they are allowed even under the best of conditions. An intriguing story has emerged in the fringe media related to the appearance of highly complex drone aircraft that have been photographed by witnesses in and around Bakersfield California. Shortly after photos of these hovering drones began to circulate, a very dense white paper was released under a pseudonym by the name of ISAAC. It is unclear if ISAAC is a person or a group. The document details in a very convincing manner the origins and capabilities of the drones showing up in various locations. According to ISAAC the drones are backward engineered alien technology. These drones are capable of anti-gravity flight and can make themselves invisible. However ISAAC explains that some kinds of magnetic interference can wreck havoc on the drones' cloaking abilities reveling them for all to see. ISAAC was a former employee of an organization known as C A R E T a quasi government research group given the task of adapting alien technology for use in earthly pursuits. Where this story gets interesting and separates it from most run of the mill hoaxes is its long dissertation on the use and importance of symbology. ISAAC explains that the creators of these devices use an intensely saturated form of software that is integral to the hardware. In other words HardSoftware. Our computers execute commands by completing a series of mathematical equations that result in signals being sent to mechanical devices such as motors, lights, screens etc. that are turned on or off . The aliens use an extremely precise sequence of symbols integrated into the devices construction. This then becomes the operating instructions for the device. More a kin to the relationship of the human body and DNA. The operating instructions are part of the device rather than a stand alone system. This is obviously a superior way of building a device because the operating system isn't venerable to damage and will remain intact as long as the device exists. Whether ISAAC is an elaborate ruse or not the detailed ideas promulgated by his document is relevant. Symbology as software, could this be an ancient idea? Could symbols some how carry hereto unknown information to material things? Our digital instructions would be so very crude in comparison to the idea that a single symbol could represent myriad possibilities and when one symbol is in the presence of other symbols instructions could form that are beyond our current ability to comprehend. This then shines a whole new light on the symbology of crop circles. Are all crop circles just fine examples of performance art? Are hundreds of these symbols made in the dark all over the world by nocturnal pranksters? In the Atlantium continuum the answer is "NO". These symbols have been documented by humans for thousands of years. It is possible that copycat circle makers are unwittingly communicating with the true circle makers. No doubt it is the equivalent of gibberish but it may be challenging the true circle makers to a game of one-ups-manship. ATLANTIUM. Roc Hatfield/Author

Sunday, June 24, 2007



H.G. Wells the prolific British science fiction writer accurately predicted many futuristic weapons and achievements. Wells was born in 1866 and wrote about Nuclear War, Submarines and Space Travel many years before they became reality. In his famous novel "The First Men on the Moon" Wells weaves a tale of two men that build a primitive space capsule and shoot themselves to the moon. Soon they discover that the moon is inhabited by an underground colony of ant like men known as the Salenites. These highly advanced creatures live in a huge matrix of caverns and tunnels under the Moons surface. According to former NASA Astronauts, Sub-contractors and Russian science officials H.G. Wells was right once again. Many high ranking credible individuals are coming forward with the revelation that someone or something is building a vast base on the dark side of the Moon.

Apollo 11 the first manned mission to land on the Moon carried astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins 250 thousand miles across open space. Upon reaching the Moon the command module and lunar module orbited the Moon while preparing for the first manned landing. As the fragile spacecraft passed behind the Moon the Astronauts could see what looked to them to be a huge mining complex. During an exchange with Mission control in July 1969 Aldrin and Armstrong could be heard describing a bright light that was emanating from a large crater on the surface. Immediately after that statement the conversation went silent. NASA was filtering all the radio transmissions before they were fed to the world's TV and Radio networks. However Amateur short wave radio operators from around the world were monitoring and recording the broadcasts. The portion of the conversation censored by NASA is nothing short of startling. NASA: "Mission Control, what are you seeing?" APOLLO: "Sir! these Babies are enormous! they are huge. OH MY GOD! you wouldn't believe it. I am telling you there are spacecraft lined up on the far side of the craters' edge! They are on the Moon watching us! In 1979 former chief of NASA communication systems Maurice Chatelain confirmed that Armstrong had reported seeing UFO's on the Moons surface. Chatelain also confirmed that Apollo 11 transmissions were interrupted on several occasions in order to keep information from the public. It is worth noting that Chatelain was in charge of designing the communications and computer equipment aboard Apollo. He was also a highly sought after technology consultant to many top U.S. Corporations. Chatelain claimed that every Gemini and Apollo mission was followed closely by unidentified spacecraft. Mission Control ordered flight crews to absolute silence during every encounter. Walter Schirra aboard Gemini 8 was the first to code name the observers "Santa Claus". The general public never questioned these statements. James Lovell aboard the command module of Apollo 8 stated as he emerged from the dark side of the Moon, "Please be informed that there is a Santa Claus". He made this statement for all to hear on Christmas Day 1968. This was an inside joke to all those in the know at NASA. Many years later Armstrong was interviewed at a science symposium and he was asked, "What really happened out there with Apollo 11?" "Well we had always known there was a possibility of finding some type of activity up there, the fact is we were warned off. I can't go into details except to say that their ships were superior in technology and size to ours. Boy! were they big! and they were very menacing. Why did NASA send more missions after Apollo 11? "The folks at NASA didn't want to panic the whole World so they just went up there grabbed some rock samples turned around and came home. Putting a permanent manned presence up there is out of the question and that is why we have never gone back". He concluded by saying that the CIA was in charge of the cover up. Ancient texts from a number of cultures have described a time in the past when man traveled to the Moon and all over the Earth in sophisticated flying craft. In the Ancient Indian Sanskrit texts these flying machines are called Vimanas. Vimanas came in all shapes and sizes and some were not of this World but were operated by those from heaven. A large white stone sits in a Temple in the mountains of Tibet. The legend surrounding the stone tells of men who brought the stone down from the Moon as a gift to the priests. Were Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong suffering from some kind of deep space sickness? Could all these statements be a form of urban myth? In the Atlantium continuum the answer is "NO". It is entirely possible that the Apollo 11 crew saw a vast space mining operation on the surface of the Moon. Ask yourself are you really ready to know? Are you prepared psychologically for NASA and Military officials to have a news conference and announce that an unknown presence has a vast mining base on the Moon and they appear to be operating immense spacecraft from this base? The overwhelming majority of individuals on this planet are not ready. Keeping this information covered up for now and relegated to the kook fringe is most likely the safe bet for us all. ATLANTIUM. Roc Hatfield/Author

Sunday, June 17, 2007



Indiana Jones the larger than life icon of the 80's blockbuster "Raiders of the Lost Ark" has nothing on Bosnian Archaeologist and author Semir Osmanagic. Semir who travels the world in search of the next great discovery returns frequently to his home base in the United States. In the spring of 2006 Mr. Osmanagic discovered what may be the biggest find of his career, literally. Near the town of Visoko 15 miles north of Sarajevo stands what Semir believes is a massive ancient Pyramid. After many months of research the archaeologist has concluded that a stone Pyramid fully one third larger than the Pyramids at Giza Egypt is buried under a mountain of earth. Osmanagic has intensely studied Pyramids in Central America, Asia and Africa and now he's certain he has found the first Pyramids in Europe.

The Bosnian Pyramid is called "Pyramid of the Sun" and is thought to closely resemble a Mayan Temple. It may be accompanied by two smaller Pyramids, "Pyramid of the Moon" and the "Pyramid of Love". This would not be surprising due to the fact that other areas around the world see Pyramids in group settings. The structures are believed to be over 12,000 years old and built by an ancient European tribe known as the ILLyrians that lived some 27,000 years ago. “The pyramid is 30 stories high and there is evidence that it contains rooms and a monumental causeway … The plateau is built of stone blocks, which indicates the presence at the time of a highly developed civilization,” says Bosnian explorer Osmanagic. “Archaeological excavations near the surface have uncovered a part of a wall and fragments of steps have been reveled". The hill under which the Pyramid is buried is called Visocica and the discoverers doubt that a four sided hill with perfectly flat sides is a product of nature. Semir is continuing to organize the excavation of the site seeking to prove his hypothesis. His discovery has kicked off a fire storm of bitter controversy. It seems the establishment of Archaeologists and Scientists in Europe have already concluded that Visocica Hill is just that...a Hill. Various groups have made numerous attempts to discredit Osmanagic, some going so far as lobbying to have him shutdown and his efforts to verify the existence of the Pyramid stopped. This is not a surprise to a contrarian explorer like Osmanagic who writes books about Mayan, Peruvian and Sumerian cultures. He has found reports among the writings of these ancient civilizations that refer to the great ancestors that came to Earth from the Stars. One fact is difficult to overlook, Pyramids are located in numbers all over our planet. Chinese Pyramids have been found, Pyramids stand all throughout the Americas, Africa and even under the Ocean off the coasts of Japan and Cuba. These structures are very similar to one another and it would be hard to deny that whoever really made these monuments were communicating with one another. In the Hebrew Bible, in the chapter of Genesis the great Patriarch Moses describes the story of the Tower of Babel. Man had advanced so far with his building techniques and abilities that he decided to construct an enormous tower that would reach to Heaven. This alarmed the Angels, and upon the word reaching God he ordered that man be stifled by changing their languages so they could not work together as efficiently. Moses a student of the upper class Egyptian education system would have been taught a version of this story which was very likely passed down from the Sumer. The continuity of Pyramids being placed all over the planet points to a distant time when a very advanced global society built these structures where they pleased. It would be completely harmonious with history to find a massive Pyramid in Bosnia or in any other location. The established notion that civilization began 7000-8000 years ago is sure to be shattered. This will require a new calibration of thinking for some and others may just refuse to accept it no matter how striking the evidence. Another notable surprise was the discovery of large stone spheres in a valley not far from the Pyramid of the Sun. These large spheres are virtually identical to the Costa Rican Spheres discovered in that country in the 1930's. This discovery further highlights the possibility that ancient man was global in his pursuits. Is the Bosnian "Pyramid of the Sun" just a big pile of dirt left from the ice age? Were Pyramid shaped monoliths found all over the globe built similar by coincidence? In the Atlantium continuum the answer is "NO". The recent discovery of ancient Pyramids under the Sea off the coast of Japan and Cuba along with dozens found in the last century indicate that a global effort was involved. Many out of place artifacts have been found in recent years that open up the possibility that an advanced global civilization covered the Earth 12,000-50,000 years ago. Still with all of our modern achievements and self proclaimed enlightenment many are unwilling to except the possibilities. ATLANTIUM. Roc Hatfield/Author

Saturday, June 09, 2007



Nicola Tesla the arch nemesis of Thomas Edison is the most famous unrecognized inventor of modern times. Tesla is revered by amateur scientists and electrical hobbyists around the world today. He is considered to be the greatest electrical engineer ever to have lived. Tesla a Serbian born in 1856 became an American citizen and suffered many businesses failures throughout his career. He died in 1943 but left the world with a wealth of discovery and invention. Tesla's crowning achievement was his WardenClyffe project. A prototype tower that could broadcast electricity around the globe wirelessly. Tesla may have not been the first to employ this idea. Ancient granite spheres found in Costa Rica may have been used in a similar way.

In the early 1930's surveyors working in Cost Rica for the United Fruit Company discovered a large number of perfectly spherical balls. Some of the spheres were as large as eight feet across and weighing up to 16 tons. The artifacts were found near the southwest pacific coast. The company was laying out plans for banana plantations and had no archaeological appreciations they just wanted to move them and make way for their crops. Soon word spread of the discovery and hundreds of the stones were located. The stones are simply amazing in their accuracy of construction. Primarily made of granite and polished to a high gloss. The mathematical dimensions indicate that the spheres are 99.8% perfectly round. That level of accuracy exceeds even today's laser controlled milling machines for an object of that size and weight. Whoever fabricated these marvels was not only mathematically advanced but had the ability to machine very large and heavy objects. No quarries have been found anywhere near where the balls were originally discovered. The nearest large deposits of granite are in a mountain range 50 miles to the north. No tools of any kind have been discovered that could explain their construction. Building these huge spheres is only the first layer of mystery, moving 30 tons by land or river is a whole new challenge. These objects were moved over rough terrain, no roads or flat even ground. Costa Rica has no recorded history before the 16th century when it was first discovered by Christopher Columbus. A small number of Indigenous tribes lived in the areas near the stones and can be dated to 400 A.D. There is no relationship between the Indians and the spheres. Stone can not be carbon dated so the artifacts could be ancient. Many gold icons have been discovered in the ruins up and down Central America. These solid gold objects exhibit extremely technical features such as advanced aeronautical knowledge. All of these artifacts are potentially pointing to an ancient past that was full of super technology. Archaeologists and Geologist are not so ready to concede that the stone spheres are man made. They conclude that the balls could have been formed when nearby volcanoes threw molten lava miles into the air and the spheres formed and hardened on the way back down to earth. A much more plausible idea could be that the orbs are navigational and energy relays. Nicola Tesla proved he could send electricity around the globe by transmitting one side of an electric current through the air and the other side through the ground. The Costa Rican Spheres sit on the ground and are made of a conducting piezoelectric substance. Energy and information could in theory have been broadcast from the spheres to aircraft passing over head. A large amount of the stones are now used as lawn ornaments and have been moved from their original locations. Researchers were able to document the positions of a few clusters of stones. It becomes very obvious when the patterns of the stones are seen that they were not ejected from a volcano or pushed by a glacier. These stones are dense mathematical equations manifest in stone. The big question is who made and distributed these stones? One compelling possibility is handed down in the ancient records of the Chorotega Indians who many academics believe made the stones. The Chorotega believe that the stones were made by an ancient civilization that existed 12,000 years ago. The Books of Prophecy of the Chorotega Priests describe legends of ancient human beings that were looked after by beings from the stars. According to this legend man will one day also reach the stars. These beings from space were known as the Jaguar men. References to these men can be found throughout the Maya and Inca empires. Maybe they were called the Jaguar men because they had cat like features or moved in a manner similar to a Jaguar. The Chorotega Indians believed that their ancestors could be traced all the way back to the Atlantians. Did these 30 ton balls fall out of the sky and land in triangular patterns? Were they carved, sanded and moved miles by ancient Indian tribes? In the Atlantium continuum the answer is "NO". These amazing ancient artifacts are most likely part of a long forgotten navigation and energy network. Ancient aircraft traveling to destinations from beyond the Pacific to locations across the Atlantic could have used a route that took them over this gateway location for purposes of re-fueling and updating navigation information. These spheres were discovered only a few years before Nicola Tesla's death. He would have been very amused by these incredibly profound Orbs. ATLANTIUM. Roc Hatfield/Author

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During World War I and later in WWII fighter pilots were the swaggering icons of Newsreels and Hollywood movies. Aviators were idolized by millions of young men who dreamed of someday having the chance to take the stick and fly effortlessly through the azure sky. On the ground dressed in their flight suits with helmet, and parachute they appeared larger than life. Today new clues are emerging that point to a time in the ancient past when advanced aircraft dominated the skies above the Americas.

Today ancient reproductions of advanced aircraft sit in museums all over Central and south America. Thousands of Pre-columbian solid gold artifacts were created by the Maya and the Inca centuries ago. Many have been recovered from the ruins of the Maya and Inca empires that spans Central and South America. Gold can not be dated so the true age of these gold icons are unknown, they could be thousands of years old. Archaeologists and researchers have classified these objects as native Indian gods and objects of adornment. However when these figurines are viewed through the lens of aviation and aeronautical design it becomes evident that many of the objects are three dimensional representations of very advanced ancient aircraft. Highly advanced jet aircraft could have dominated the skies from Mexico in the north to Peru in the south. The North American Indian legend of the "Thunderbird" tells of a time when large birds flew through the sky making the sound of rolling thunder while flying from horizon to horizon. Modern jet aircraft make the same sound today. Hundreds of these gold icons display aircraft with forward swept wing configurations, twin jet engines and articulating tail horizontal stabilizers. As in modern high performance airplanes the shapes are highly aerodynamic. One model exhibits exceptional detail of the engines with cooling veins and combustion chambers clearly in view straight from an F-15. The Maya left an amazing legacy of their fascination with flight in carvings and solid gold. Scientists and Archaeologist are loath to even consider the possibility that any of these artifacts could be ancient 3-D models of advanced flying craft of any kind. Just as in our modern culture the pilots that flew these ancient machines were immortalized and are present in great numbers. These ancient aviators are presented wearing flight suits and are equipped with various communication and navigation aides. The details of connectors, hoses and various ports was not over looked by the artists. One gallant aviator appears to be wearing a rocket pack and is in a slightly squat position as if ready to jump into the sky. His feet are even displayed as being just inches off the ground. The configuration of the rocket apparatus is identical in almost every way to new state of the art rockets packs. He is depicted holding the controls in the very same way as modern rocket belt operators. How many of these icons were lost when the Conquistadors conquered the new world in the 16th century. There could have been thousands of these figurines sent back to Spain aboard gold laden Caravels. The Spanish Conquistadors would have seen these icons as primitive religious idols and would have not thought twice as they threw them into the smelting pot. They would have been unable to imagine that the past is the future. The Maya believed that the earth had been destroyed four times in the past. After each cataclysm man rose to extreme heights only to once again be completely wiped out. Many ancient cultures around the globe refer to a time when the Earth was filled with fantastic technology. A time when man had solved all scientific challenges and the earth was a Garden of Eden. Edger Cayce the American prophet of the last century spoke while in one of his famous trances about the Maya. He said the Maya were the remnant people of Atlantis and that they had maintained much of the ancient knowledge. All of the gold figurines would have required an astonishing amount of manpower to create. Gold is extremely difficult to mine and process. These 3-D gold icons were meant to be treasured and passed on to generation after generation. It is astonishing that so many of these objects are still with us today in museums from Mexico City to Santiago. Are these objects just imaginary muddling by an ancient goldsmith? Were these icons created as ancient Nick knacks? In the Atlantium continuum the answer is "NO". It is possible the Maya and Inca were leaving us 3-D records of aircraft and the pilots that operated them. Many ancient artifacts contain information that is highly technical in nature. This information was most likely handed down from a much earlier age. These Ancient Aviators still fly in the bright blue skies of our mind. ATLANTIUM. Roc Hatfield/Author