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Star date 12,000 B.C. a Dropa ship has left its' home world on a deep space mission to an unexplored planet. The Dropa is an exploration class starship hailing from a planet in a distant star system. The large crew is pleased to have finally arrived at their destination. Crew members are now preparing the vessel for entry into the strange planets atmosphere. As the ship makes the transition from spacecraft to aircraft something goes wrong, terribly wrong. The crew is now planning for a crash landing on this strange and potentially dangerous planet. The pilot is unable to find a suitable area to land his ship and is on coarse for a hard landing in a remote very mountainous area in the planets northern hemisphere. The pilots are struggling with the controls but their fate is locked.

Moments later the huge craft crashes into a rugged mountainside. The sound of the crash thunders through the dark night air. A few hours later a crewman swings open a door and can see that they are not alone. A group of very strange beings are standing in awe as they look upon the crashed ship. This could be the opening scene of a summer blockbuster but its not, it is a story chronicled by the Dropa over 12,000 years ago. In 1938 a team of Chinese archaeologists were searching caves along the Chinese and Tibetan boarder. The scientists were mapping the caves and searching for remains of primitive man when they came upon a cave that contained a hoard of stone discs over 700 in all. The discs looked like Fred Flintstones' record collection. Each stone 9 inches in diameter and three quarters of an inch thick had a perfectly cut hole in the center and small spiral grooves coming out from the center just like an old record album. Next to the stones were found neatly arranged rows of small skeletons with big heads. The scientists assumed that the remains were that of some hereto unknown ape. But quickly realized that apes don't bury their dead and certainly not in neat rows. The discs and bones were collected and filed away with other artifacts collected in the area. It was discovered some time latter that the grooves on the discs were tiny almost microscopic hieroglyphs of an unknown language. Many experts attempted to translate the writings for more than 20 years as the stones remained in Peking. It was only after Professor Dr. Tsum Um Nui broke the code and started to unravel the mysteries of the code that an extraordinary story began to unfold. According to Professor Um Nui one line of a stone reads, the Dropa came down from the clouds in their craft. The men and women of the Ham tribe hid in their caves until morning. While venturing into the woods they came upon the crashed craft. They could see small men moving around inside the ship through an opened door. The tribe was very frightened until they understood the Dropa sign language and realized they had peaceful intentions. Another disc revealed that the Ham had deep regret that the Dropa could not repair their vessel so that they might return to their home world. When the professor finally published his findings the Peking Academy of History ordered him not to release the information to the public. Finally in 1965 the amazing story of the Dropa was released to the World. Many Dropa Stones have been deciphered and the accounts of the Dropa are both sad and inspiring. There are many astounding findings that surround the Dropa saga but one of the most intriguing has to be the Ham and Dropa tribes that still live in the area near the caves where the Dropa Stones were found. Archaeologists were told of the legend of small yellow faced men that flew down from the sky with big heads and were so ugly that they were repulsive. The archaeologists began to notice how unusual the Ham and Dropa tribe members were. The average height being only 4 foot 7 and they had strange facial features. The tribe members were found not to be either Chinese or Tibetan. One theory expresses the possibility that these tribes are the descendants of the Dropa crew. More recently scientists have found these people to have no ethnological background. A few discs were sent to Moscow upon request by some Russian scientists for study. The Russian researchers found the stones to be made from a very hard granite with a high level of cobalt and other metals. The stones were very electrically active and appeared to have had high voltages surging through them at one point as if they were part of a high voltage circuit. After placing a disc on a turn table and spinning it the disc began to emit a humming sound. The scientist were amazed at how such small writing was etched into the extremely hard stone. Are these stones salvaged parts of a crashed alien craft? Was the writing on the stones made with tools that survived at the crash site? In the Atlantium continuum the answer is "YES". The potential for these discs to be artifacts of an ancient crash site is undeniable. Unlike the Roswell incident there has been no "Government cover up or sanitizing". The discs are available for study, the oral history of the tribesmen and the recorded history etched onto the face of over 700 discs make the Dropa crash truly the first Roswell. ATLANTIUM. Roc Hatfield/Author

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Our ancient and modern history is full of accounts of exotic flying machines. The Sumerians, Babylonians and Assyrians started it all with their creation myths based on gods that came to earth from the distant planet Nibiru. The Egyptians, Greeks and Romans recorded many stories that they borrowed from the Sumerians changing the names to fit their own brand of mythology. The Maya left us with numerous artifacts and writings that point to their obsession with flying machines and vigilant sky watching. The ancient Rama empire left us complete Sanskrit manuscripts on the minutia of how to build and operate an anti gravity driven flying machine. More recently renaissance painters from the 1600s included detailed images of flying craft into their famous frescoes.

All of this and volumes more are preserved in a global net of ancient artifacts and written records. Today we may be on the very threshold of bringing all of these far flung parts of a very jagged puzzle together into one high resolution picture.
The Disclosure Project headed up by Dr. Steven Greer and comprised of a number of former high ranking government officials, scientists, military and intelligence personnel took center stage in May 2001. The group of esteemed professionals assembled at the National Press Club in New York to disclose what they knew about UFOs and Aliens. Over 15 prominent witnesses took the podium and recounted what they knew about UFOs and how they were being systematically covered up by a government within the government. The meeting was attended by every major media outlet on the planet and yet very little has been reported about the meeting or its members. One witness a former high ranking military officer working within the top secret NRO (National Reconnaissance Office) described how secrets were divided into priority levels and that many secrets regarding UFOs were at many levels above the clearance of any U.S. President. In fact a U.S. President has no ability to request or acquire documents concerning UFOs at the upper levels of secrecy. Members of the press were told that a covert group of projects headed by the Air Force and various government contractors had been successful in backward engineering a UFO. The super luminance vehicle, meaning that it was capable of traveling at faster than light speeds was being called an ARV. The Alien Reproduction Vehicle is not only capable of flying faster than the speed of light but harnesses an exotic energy source known as Zero Point Energy to create an intense electromagnetic field. A number of the Disclosure Project witnesses claimed that black projects had been on going since the 60s and that there are a number of fully functioning ARVs hidden on air bases around the country. The Russians have recovered their share of crashed UFOs and scientists from that country have come forward in recent years describing their efforts to reverse engineer these craft. The level of secrecy surrounding recovered UFOs in Russia seems to be a little less than in the U.S. in part because of the break up of the Soviet Union. No one knows where all the documents are kept or who is responsible for them. Recently photos of the recovery of a crashed UFO dating from the beginning of WWII has surfaced. The grainy photo clearly revels a small one man saucer shaped craft being pulled from the mud while soldiers look on. A chief Russian scientist commented that it was staggering as to the complexity of the craft and that their was no way to know what any of the components of the UFO were or what their purpose was. Astronaut Buzz Aldrin has joined his Disclosure Project colleagues and has given interviews recalling his flight to the Moon in 1969 with Neil Armstrong. Buzz and Neil were the first humans to ever set foot on another world but according to Buzz they weren't alone. The Apollo XI capsule was flanked for much of the trip by a UFO. Aldrin described how his crew tried to inform Huston control of the visitors but were unable to alert them without informing the whole world. He acknowledged that astronauts were briefed on the UFOs that had been seen in space and that they were not to speak about them to anyone under any circumstances. Reports of the appearance of UFOs have been heard over private radio channels used by the space shuttle. Amateur radio operators have locked onto the signals and recorded them. Space Shuttle crew can be heard discussing a UFO outside the shuttle with ground control personnel. According to Dr. Steven Greer and other members of the Disclosure Project only a handful of people worldwide know the complete story behind UFOs. Government leaders are not even trusted with the information. He stresses the need for this information to be widely disclosed to the general public in an effort to diffuse the concentration of power that this gives to such a small group of individuals. Dr. Greer has expressed his fear that these individuals may use the knowledge they control to panic governments and create false threats of alien invasion and attack as a way of selling expensive space based weapons to World Governments. Wernher Von Braun, Dwight D. Eisenhower and Ronald Reagan all spoke publicly about being careful and mindful of the Industrial Military Complex. The aliens who operate these amazing vessels have been visiting us for well over 30,000 years. Our ancestors recorded their visitations in stone carvings, statuary, hand paintings and writing, virtually every way they knew how so that we might know that they witnessed these machines and their inhabitants. Will these Aliens thwart the efforts of humans that create fear and panic in there name just so a few can profit financially? Have the Aliens intervened in the affairs of the human race in earlier times? In the Atlantium continuum the answer is "YES". An overwhelming assembly of evidence points to the possibility that Alien space fairing beings came to earth and assisted man on many occasions down through time. Most likely they are still involved in our destiny in some way and they know that we have evolved to the point where we can not be dealt with directly, thus the elusiveness. If we are in fact reproducing their vehicles this would prove that man is a very dangerous prodigy. ATLANTIUM.      Roc Hatfield/Author

Monday, May 14, 2007



While on an archaeological dig in Central America in 1927 F.A. Mitchell-Hedges found a human skull made of pure crystal quarts. The amazing creation was discovered atop a Mayan temple at the ancient city of Lubaantum, within the country of Belize. The mere sight of the skull generates instant questions. Who made it, how was it made, how old is it? There seems to be no end to the mystery of the Mayan crystal skull. In 1970 art restorer Frank Dorland was given permission by Anna Mitchell-Hedges the daughter of F.A. Mitchell-Hedges to submit the skull to engineers at Hewlett Packard.

After intensive research the engineers could not determine how the object was made. Citing that even with modern tools it would take a year of cutting and polishing to simulate the object and its near perfectly smooth surface. The engineers failed to find any tool marks or microscopic scratches on the skulls surface. Another conundrum is how was the crystal cut and polished against the natural grain of the stone. Heat and vibration can also cause crystal to chip and crack. The engineers concluded that if the skull was made by ancient primitive man it would have required 300 years of constant sanding and buffing to reach the same level of perfection. The Maya believed that the earth had seen the rise and destruction of four earlier civilizations. The time from 3000 B.C. until now is the 5th go around, and according to the greatest star watchers of ancient times this version is scheduled for demolition on December 21, 2012. The Maya have left many artifacts that could be interpreted as ancient high tech. Statues that resemble rocket motors, carvings of ancient aircraft, their calendar and their incessant star gazing. Among the writings of the Maya Prophets a story is told of the inhabitants of the twelve planets who gave 13 skulls in all to the people of the earth. It was the Atlantes who originally received the skulls from the inhabitants of the 12 planets. The Atlantes then bequeathed them to the Maya. According to the legend the elders of the Atlantes could make them talk and their jaws would move. When all 13 skulls were brought together they could solve problems and instruct man how to avoid catastrophes. It is assumed that the other skulls exist and are buried somewhere in the ruins of the vast Mayan Empire. When the skull is set upon a light source it will channel light to the eyes and emit light coming up from the bottom, as if there are fiber optic pathways incorporated into the design. The jaw is perfectly balanced and counter weighted for a fluid motion. There are no tests for dating crystal, the age of the skull can not be determined and could be extremely ancient. One Hewlett Packard engineer is credited with saying "this damned thing should not even exist". If the skull wasn't manufactured then how was it created? One possibility may lie in the science of today. Scientists and Engineers have been growing various forms of crystals in the laboratory for 50 years. Silicon crystals are grown in large stalks that are then cut wafer thin and used as the substrate of integrated circuits. Recently crystals have been grown into more geometric shapes. In the future as these crystal growing processes evolve it may be possible to grow quartz and silicon into any shape or form. This could explain how the Mayan crystal skull came into existence and the absence of any tool marks on its surface. If the skull was grown into its detailed shape it would simply appear to have been fabricated. It is possible that a highly advanced growing process could also account for many of the strange internal features of the skull. The highly dense crystalline structure could have been created as an advanced computer memory storage device. Scientists are currently studying the potential of encoding data on ferroelectric materials at the nanoscale. Each molecule of a crystal has the ability to retain a permanent electric charge depending on the position of each molecules' polar orientation. What this means is that a crystal the size of the Mayan skull could hold an unfathomable amount of information. Easily holding all the data ever generated. The 20th century profit Edgar Cayce while in a deep trance was asked if there was an Atlantis and what happened to it? He not only acknowledged the existence of Atlantis but addressed many questions about the ancient civilization over his lifetime. He concluded in one reading that Atlantis was destroyed by the over charging of a large crystal. The resulting explosion was sufficient to sink the continent. One of the most amazing stories surrounding the skull was told by Anna Mitchell-Hedges. One day the skull appeared milky cloudy and began to form condensation on the surface. She said that it looked like the skull was sweating and she wiped it with a cloth a number of times. She thought that it might be a difference in temperature or barometric pressure that was causing the skull to change. Later that day President Kennedy was assassinated. Coincidence? Is the crystal skull just a stone version of ancient whittling? Did the Maya polish the skull for 300 years? In the Atlantium continuum the answer is "NO". The Maya most likely inherited the skull from the Atlantium era. A time 25,000 to 50,000 years ago. Artifacts from around the world are emerging that point to a time in ancient history when super advanced technology existed. The engineers who examined the skull back in 1970 at Hewlett Packard may have unwittingly examined the future of computing. ATLANTIUM. Roc Hatfield/Author

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 The 6500 year old writings of the Sumerians and later the carvings of the Babylonians and Assyrians focus on a super tech race known to them as the Annunaki. These creatures described as gods that came to earth from heaven are credited with among many other things the actual creation of the first man. One Sumerian creation myth tells of a time before modern man when the Annunaki came to Earth in search of gold. The Annunaki organized the primitive Homo Erectus humans as gold miners.

It seems that the Annunaki are from a planet called Nibiru which is the 10th planet in our solar system. Nibiru sails around an elliptical orbit that takes it out beyond Pluto and every 3600 years it comes back into our neck of the woods. The planet is warmed internally by friction and is dark most of the time due to its vast distance from the sun. According to the Sumerians the Annunaki wanted to vaporize the gold that was mined here on earth and introduce it into their planets' atmosphere in order to create a global insulation blanket. Trapping the heat coming from the planets' surface and preventing it from escaping into space. We call this Terra-forming today, the idea that a planet can be made livable by generating an atmosphere and ecosystems on a global scale. This idea is at best 75 years old but the Sumerains thought of it 6500 years ago. Homo Erectus proved to be very difficult to manage and gold production was inadequate. The top two Annunaki leaders established an R&D project to see if various animal genes could be blended with the primitive man in an effort to produce a better more productive worker. Apparently many bazaar creatures were developed but none met the needs of the Annunaki. Finally Annunaki blood was used in the experiment and the result was a success, Homo Sapiens were born. This new and improved human was just what was needed to fit the bill. The story of the Annunaki and his relationship with his creation continues for thousands of years up until the time of the Sumerian culture. These ideas are easy to shrug off as just fantasy myths and grand story telling. We are immersed in many of these ideas today due to books, movies and television, but the Sumerian stories are ancient going back to the very beginning of recorded history. When these stories are coupled with the many visual images that have been left a very solid platform begins to emerge. A base that science can build on by looking at these ancient stories in a whole new way. One panel left by the Sumerians clearly depicts seven planets and the sun. The Earth was the 7th planet for the Annunaki because they were coming here from beyond Pluto and they considered Nibiru to be the 10th planet. The Annunaki are always pictured as beings that could fly, many flying vehicles are apparent in many of the ancient Sumerian and Babylonian carvings. They typically are wearing what could be a watch or personal information device. One relief reveals two Annunaki swimming under water with fish nearby with what looks like Scuba gear. One daunting feature that is always present in the depiction of the Annunaki is a very large calf muscle. This could be the result of living on a larger planet with greater gravity than Earth. Many images of the Annunaki seem to include industrial strength sun glasses. They hail from a very dim world and the Earths' sunlight could be damaging or at least painful to there sensitive eyes. The Annunaki were revered and worshiped as gods by the Sumerians, Babylonians and the Assyrians. An overwhelming amount of information has been found over the last 200 years about these super advanced beings and now we are starting to see these records in a new and exciting light. According to the Sumerians the Annunaki lived very long lives, tens of thousands of years and they could sleep for 5 or 6 years. They were very slow to make changes taking centuries to make decisions and alter plans. Everything for them was on a grand scale even their planet took 3600 years to go around the sun once. Are the Annunaki just the stars in an ancient creation myth? Are the thousands of writings and carvings just an ancient form of comic book? In the Atlantium continuum the answer is "NO". It is plausible to piece together a story that holds up to scientific scrutiny from the writings of the Sumerians. We haven't found a 10th planet as yet but Pluto wasn't discovered until 1930. The real question is how would mankind handle the idea that their origins could lie in the need for a good slave. ATLANTIUM. Roc Hatfield/Author