Saturday, March 31, 2007



The ancient Aborigines the oldest know race of humans on the planet tell of a state of reality known as "Dreamtime". They believe our world was created by spirit beings in an earlier age called Dreamtime. This age began at the dawn of time and continues even until today. Aborigines have always believed that there are two realities, one is the world around us and the other is Dreamtime. In their detailed myths these spirit beings came to earth in shinning boats, flying canoes that sailed high above the water. Wanjina came down from the sky and lived on the land and when they became tired they returned to their abode in sky clouds. In the many caves around Ayres Rock the Aborigines have left portraits of how the Wanjina appeared to them over 18,000 years ago.

Much more recently the Egyptians carved a panel in the Step Pyramid at Saqqara that prominently features a man sized creature with large almond shaped eyes. The "Mothman of Saqqara" is an insect looking being that would be very menacing in appearance if seen in person. The creature was placed in among a group of humans working on the Pyramids and could have potentially been instructing them. The Egyptian creature is named after the Mothman legend of Clendenin, West Virgina. Members of this sleepy town discovered a bazaar creature living in an abandoned TNT factory near town. It was described as a human sized moth like being with large reflective eyes that could fly. The town suffered from the collapse of its Silver Bridge leaving 46 dead the week before Christmas in 1966. Many still until today believe that the Mothman was there to warn residents or observe the Bridge collapse tragedy. After the tragedy the Mothman was never seen again. The 8000 year old rock drawings at Val Comonica Italy depict two ancient human like beings floating as if weightless and dressed in what today could be described as spacesuits. The beings are holding instruments of some sort and wearing helmets made of a clear glass bubble. A cave drawing made by early man in Africa revels a humanoid creature clearly wearing a protective suit and helmet. Flying discs are swirling above his head. The discs are drawn from the side and from below. In Japan as many as 15,000 Dogu figurines have been found throughout the island. These highly intricate clay figurines range in age from 10,000 to 2500 years old. Very little is known about the Dogu figurines. Researches believe that the Dogu were fertility gods or religious icons. However the figurines are amazingly similar to many of the other ancient images found throughout the world. The figurines are also called "divers". In the years after deep diving suits were invented observers noticed how closely the outfits resembled diving gear. This was long before the advent of space flight and spacesuits. Today's deep diving suits feature claw like hands for workers to manipulate objects from inside their pressurized suits. Many of the Dogu figures have claw like hands extending from their arms. The Dogu could be 3D representations of the Aborigines' Wanjina. The Dogu and Wanjina both share many of the same features. Large goggle like eyes, a small vent like nose and an oversized suit. The observation suggests that the Dogu were dressed in a manner that protected them from the earths' environment. The fact that so many of the figurines have been found indicates that the primitive peoples of Japan were very aware and respectful of the Dogu. Could ancient man have actually seen and interacted with all of these nightmarish creatures subsequently creating elaborate mythologies around the experience? Are these images evidence of contact by a space fairing race of beings? In the Atlantium continuum the answer is YES. Artifacts and ancient texts are surfacing that suggest that the world 50,000 to 12,000 years ago was far different from today. The world was host to super technology and served as an inter-galactic spaceport. Just as today we have people who live in the modern sophistication of large metropolitan cities while African bushmen live in primitive grass huts. This same juxtaposition could have existed in the ancient world, primitive outlanders could have come in contact with these visitors and would have been awestruck. This truly would have seemed like a Dream. Atlantium. Roc Hatfield/Author

Saturday, March 24, 2007



One of the most well know stories from the Hebrew Bible is that of Ezekiel. More than 2500 years ago Ezekiel stood on the desert floor near the river Chebar where he describes being visited by a massive flying machine. Among other things he denotes how the flying machine moved, how its parts worked and how it sounded. NASA engineers stripped back all the layers of poetry and created an artist rendering of how Ezekiel's Wheel may have really appeared and the results are astounding. Ezekiel was by no means the only Bible figure to describe strange aberrations in the sky. There are countless drawings, figurines and written descriptions of exotic flying objects that have been observed from the most distant past. If you look at the evidence on the surface alone it leaves one with the impression that "Space Travel " was common place in the ancient past.

The ancient Sumer were one of the most prolific chroniclers of Space Travel. Using a cuneiform alphabet of more that 400 letters they recorded in great detail the story of the space fairing Annunaki. The Annunaki traveled to Earth from a distant planet known to them as Nibiru. The Sumer left us with an enormous cache of information including crude artist renderings. Appearing on a Sumerian clay tablet is an image of what looks like a frame from a Hollywood storyboard. A Starship that looks eerily like the Enterprise from the Star Trek series is headed directly toward our solar system. The Sun and the Planets are depicted in the familiar flat plane that we use today. One remarkable detail featured in the image seems to represent a collector array on the left front pylon. Our modern spacecraft and satellites use this same dish shaped antenna to pick up weak radio signals that travel vast distances. These images are 6500 years old but yet still seem futuristic and contain knowledge that was only rediscovered in very recent times. The ancient Rama Empire known today as India left us with a cornucopia of data related to their space program and various flying craft. Sanskrit texts that have recently been translated define a number of various craft that are classified as being able to fly in the atmosphere only, while others are capable of space travel. One story tells of a battle on the moon and in orbit between the Rama and one of its rival empires. These Rama space craft were designed to carry a contingent of soldiers to any planet for deployment. The Egyptians carved images 5000 years ago of creatures they beleived came to earth from the heavens. Images of various craft have been discovered recently at the temple Abydos. These highly controversial carvings have set traditional archaeology on its heels. The images are detailed reliefs of futuristic flying craft that mainstream historians say are just a fluke. That in fact even though these images look like modern aircraft they are just the result of panels being carved over and over a number of times leaving these completely unintentional images. More recently the skies over 16th century Europe were filled with advanced flying craft. Many Renaissance painters conspicuously included them in religious frescos. Often the craft are seen with their deft pilots at the controls. The New World has had its share of space travelers, the Maya left us a number of elaborate stone carvings that reveal highly technical illustrations of space craft. Even ancient Japan has a long heritage of artifacts, writings and paintings that memorialize fantastic flying machines and their operators. The Dogu figurines dating back 10,000 to 30,000 years are an enigma. These ancient astronauts with there intricately carved spacesuits and helmets were made by humans that according to modern science were just emerging from their caves. These awesome looking figurines have been found in many areas and are always uniquely similar. The Dogu figurines always feature large goggles, a helmet and a complex suit with pockets and straps. How could the ancient Japanese conceived of these images when they were barely beyond wearing animal skins? All of these ancient artifacts leave us with many difficult questions. How did all of these ancient primitive cultures create such compelling ideas and technological understanding? Did these ancient people produce these ideas and objects? In the Atlantium continuum the answer is NO. All of these ideas and artifacts are most likely the ancient worlds' best shot at remembering an earlier age. The age prior to our earliest recorded history, the time from 50,000 to 12,000 years ago. New and amazing information is beginning to emerge that may put mankind on a completely different footing. We may ultimately find that our real origins are well beyond the bounds of this world. ATLANTIUM. Roc Hatfield/Author

Saturday, March 17, 2007



The 1939 landmark movie "The Wizard of OZ " starring Judy Garland features the promise land destination known as the "Emerald City". The characters in the film all have one goal in common and that is to reach the futuristic city where every need and prayer can be fulfilled. L. Frank Baum wrote the cult classic "The Wonderful Wizard of OZ" in 1900 along with 13 sequels in the years following. He envisioned The Emerald City as a modern metropolis on a hill where an advanced society dwelled. At the helm of this great and advanced center of technology lives a Wizard. An individual that possesses awesome knowledge and power. This theme has echoed down through our history for thousands of years.

The book of Genesis in the Hebrew Bible opens with the story of how God created the Garden of Eden and placed his ultimate creation Adam within its midst. The Eden was complete and contained all that a prototype man and woman could want or need. Soon, Eve and Adam became dissatisfied with Eden and were expelled for there corrupt behavior. This myth is present at the core of ancient writings from the Sumerians, Babylonians, Indians and hundreds of different cultures from all around the world. The Greek philosopher Plato referred to a great continent in the Atlantic known as Atlantis. He learned of the Atlanteans from the Egyptians who knew of them from the Sumerians. In every version of the ancient stories of our beginnings there is a great city, a very advanced culture, a wizard and a fall from grace. Edgar Cayce the great sooth sayer of the early 20th century described an advanced civilization called Mu meaning motherland that existed 50,000 to 15,000 years ago. Lemuria, Oz, are other names used to refer to Mu which exisited before and then along side Atlantis. Writings and oral records indicate that Mu was a continent that was situated in the Pacific between the Americas and Australia. The story of Mu and Atlantis are the story of Eden. These great paradises were all lost to cataclysm wrought by a wizard, an extraterrestrial or in the case of Genesis God Almighty. A picture is evolving from the ancient record that is being gathered by modern researchers from the four corners of the world. This picture yet fully developed is revelling an astonishing possibility that the Earth was truly an Eden in the ancient past. The ATLANTIUM is the world of Mu and Atlantis, a world host to a global civilization that spanned the entire planet. A world where every technological advance had been realized, a world where inter-planetary space travel was common place, where every need of man had been met. When the Atlantium was destroyed in a worldwide planet level event the few left behind immortalized it. How would a band of randomly chosen people today describe our world to their children if all that we know were lost? There would be no way to recover from that kind of destruction and the world would have no choice but to start over from scratch. Wouldn't we tell of a paradise on earth where the land flowed with milk and honey and men flew in the sky and traveled to the stars? In the ATLANTIUM continuum the answer is YES. We are in the Atlantium continuum, our world is most likely a re-run of the ancient world. We have had only 12,000 years to reorganize and are still potentially as much as 40,000 years behind the first Atlantium. It doesn't take much imagination to realize that if man continues on the track of technological advances that have been achieved in the last 50-100 years we will soon be living in a miracle world. Will our planet be a Garden of Eden in 40,000 years? ATLANTIUM. Roc Hatfield/Author

Sunday, March 11, 2007



It is difficult to imagine when your sitting in your car listening to satellite radio, stuck in traffic in a major urban enclave that everything around you may have come from the sky. Recently, volumes of information from researchers has been surfacing that raise powerful questions. Where did ancient civilization really come from? Scientists and Archaeologists agree that the first truly organized civilizations began in Mesopotamia with the Sumerians some 6500 years ago. From there two very different trains of thought diverge.

The classic knowledge base says that man was living in caves and hunting for food using primitive weapons. Then the cavemen just settled down for some reason and started making cities and creating everything a civilized community would need. Before the Sumerians there is no record of incremental developments in writing, math, astronomy, education, government, or any other component of civilized life. It seems that these amazing humans just pulled up there sandal straps and invented everything that they needed. The Sumer were prolific writers, using an alphabet consisting of 400 symbols they wrote down everything on clay and stone tablets. One thing about the writings of the Sumerians is that they wrote everything in stone. No one today can say that their writings have been altered for political, religious or translation reasons. What you see is what they wrote. This singular fact is what makes the records of the Sumer so important today. Zecharia Sitchin one of the few people worldwide that can read Sumerian cuneiform has written many books on the writings of the ancient Sumerians. His study has taken him down a very different path than that of his colleagues. Sitchin has spent 40 years reading and studying the ancient writings of the Sumerians and he believes that the texts describe actual events that took place and are not mere mythologies. Mainstream academia summarizes the Sumerian stories as Mythos, elaborate physco-symboligy that attempts to explain creation and mans relationship with God. Sitchin believes that the Sumerians lived among a super advanced space fairing race called the Annunaki. And it was these not so benevolent space travelers that gave humans everything they needed to create a civilization. The Sumerians wrote that the Annunaki came from the outer solar system from a planet called Nibiru. They gave early man mathematics, time measurement that we still use today and just about everything else a modern civilization would need. From literally no where cities with water and sewer systems, streets, government, writing, financial systems, education, science, astronomy and many other advanced ideas sprang into being. The Sumerians wrote that the Annunaki translated "Those from heaven who came to Earth" gave them all the knowledge that they had. Today we still use the 60 minute 60 second time model that the Sumer say was given to them by the Annunaki. Many other concepts like the 12 month calendar and the constellations of the Zodiac to name but just a few are still in use today. If the Sumer had created all of these modern achievements on there own why would they give all the credit to a mythological Annunaki? The Sumerians had elaborate knowledge of our solar system, they were fully aware of the location of all the planets in the solar system, the constellations of the zodiac and the procession of the equinoxes. All of this 5000 years before the invention of the first telescope. In a relief panel made by rolling a metal scroll over wet clay the solar system is clearly represented with the sun in the center and 10 planets revolving around it. The tenth planet is Nibiru the Annunaki home world. It was thought that the Earth was the center of the solar system and all the planets revolved around it until the 1600's some 5500 years later. Could the Sumerians have lived among super advanced spacemen? Did the Annunaki give mankind a jump start and hand down key knowledge from the sky? In the Atlantium continuum the answer is YES. It is clear that the Sumerians were amazingly advanced, creating many concepts and ideas that we still use everyday. After 6500 years their ideas must be pretty good for us to still be using them. Ancient works from all over the world tell of a time before a great deluge when man was company to angels that came to earth and shared their wealth and knowledge with man. The Sumer were most likely the last Atlanteans. ATLANTIUM/Roc Hatfield/Author

Saturday, March 03, 2007



The ancient Egyptians and Greeks spoke of an astral library known to them as the Akasha. The word Akasha means "Sky", "Space" or "Aether" intimating that it dwells outside the physical. The Akashic Records were described by the ancients as a "Hall of Knowledge" where everything that has ever happened, or will happen is stored in millisecond by millisecond detail. The Akashic Record also chronicles the details of all animals, plants, minerals, and objects that ever have or ever will exist. Every person dead, alive or to be born has every moment of their lives recorded in the great Akasha. A great computer database in the sky.

The Hebrew Bible refers to these records as the "Book of Life", an infinite scroll that God uses to record every thought of every individual. This record can be changed and cleansed, the mistakes and sins of individuals can be blotted from the "Book of Life". The Book is consulted as to whether a dead individual is to be permitted into Heaven. These stories are all composite elements of one first story that has been passed down from the ancient past. Edgar Cayce born in 1877 became world famous after discovering the cure to his own life threatening illness by tapping into the Akashic Records. Cayce had only an eighth grade education, yet he dictated volumes upon volumes of information about subjects like math, science, medicine, history and the future. When asked how he obtained this knowledge he claimed to be able to connect with the Akasha. He said he could know anything about anything that ever happened or will ever happen. Cayce would go into a self hypnotic trance and speak aloud about any subject he was asked about. Cayce was asked to look back as far as he could into the records and describe what he found. He told of the Atlanteans and their struggles with various factions within, and how their continent was destroyed by the explosion of an overcharged crystal. He concluded that refugees of Atlantis settled in Egypt and Central America. One of his most famous readings reveled that a Hall of Records would be found beneath the Sphinx at Giza. Cayce died in 1945 and his family maintains a library of all his readings over 14,000 of them in all. Today scientists primarily in the realm of physics and quantum mechanics are looking at the idea of information being at the root of all existence. Evolving theories include ideas with names like Plank scale, zero point energy and the aether physics model. All matter and all the vacuum of space are made of atomic particles that when pulled apart continue to get smaller and smaller until you get down to the core building block. This bottom level is the Plank Scale. The lego of the Universe, from this the smallest of all elements, everything exists. In one compelling idea this element is called an Aether Unit a magnetic field that oscillates. Many Physicists believe that these smallest particles are a form of information energy, and that the Universe is an unimaginably vast sea of information energy. A well known physics experiment concluded that photons behave differently when being observed leading many to conclude that the consciousness of the experimenter was influencing the behavior of the photons. Some scientists believe that our thoughts could have a connection to this ocean of information energy and that this energy could be connected to us in some way. Is the Universe itself a giant ocean of data? Could the ancients have known what science is only now rediscovering? In the Atlantium continuum the answer is YES. The myths told by our ancestors are most likely encrypted ancient knowledge that has been passed down until today. Only now are we just beginning to decode these myths with science and reason. Edgar Cayce said that time was like a ball and that everything that has, or ever will happen is in that ball taking place all at the same time. It is only our human perception that makes it seem to flow in a progression. Are we ready to Google the "Book of Life"? ATLANTIUM. Roc Hatfield/Author