Thursday, January 04, 2007


29,000 Years of UFO's

On the wall of a cave in Tanzania can be found a familiar image. The saucer shaped outline of a Flying Disc, painted most likely by an observer some 29,000 years ago. These are the oldest known images of Flying Discs found to date. Move forward in time 17,000 years and prehistoric artists really become prolific. A 12,000 year old cave painting in Val Camonica Italy clearly depicts two astronauts holding instruments of some kind and wafting like ghosts in a B movie. Move forward another 8000 years and Flying Discs become three dimensional.

The Lalladoff Plate discovered in Nepal dates to 7000 B.C. and features the shape of a flying disc. On the plates' surface a whirlwind effect is engraved denoting that either spinning or wind was associated with the disc. Most curiously an image of a small human figure is painted in great detail on the surface as if he is riding on the disc. The image is compatible with the other drawings associated with Flying Discs all throughout history. Renaissance period artwork is rife with images of Flying Discs. The Discs are typically attended by an individual in the background looking up and with an expression of surprise painted on his face. The epic painting "The Madonna with Saint Giovannino" was painted in the 15th century by Dommenico Ghirlandaio. A very radiant Flying Disc can be seen prominently in the background with Saint Giovannino looking up while shielding his eyes. The painter going to great lengths to capture on canvas an object that was both brilliant and extraordinary. There are numerous examples of Flying Discs recorded in art from our Ancient past right up to today. The Internet is full of eye witness video of Flying Discs. Certainly most are staged and are made by people testing our gullibility. As we go back in time the likelihood of hoaxing gets less and less. Still a whole choir of critics seem intent on weighing in on the issue of UFO's in our modern media. The pat response to whether Flying Discs truly exist is; if ET's are out there why did they travel so far and not land on the White House lawn? Could a benevolent space fairing civilization be watching and monitoring us from afar? Many questions are raised by these Ancient images. Something has been in the skies above our heads for thousands of years. Are all of these images a result of a collective mass hallucination, or our inner need to know GOD? In the Atlantium Continuum the answer is NO. The Flying Discs are most likely owned and operated by a highly advanced space fairing civilization. Our ancient historical record is full of written and oral references to a race of beings that traveled from great distances to reach Earth. After arriving they mingled with humans in a pre-flood world. Could we be their long lost half brothers? Many ancient texts describe how these Sons of God came down from heaven and took human women as wives. Are we the children that were born unto them? Perhaps they have been watching us for the last 29,000 years. ATLANTIUM. Roc Hatfield/Author

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