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Star date 12,000 B.C. a Dropa ship has left its' home world on a deep space mission to an unexplored planet. The Dropa is an exploration class starship hailing from a planet in a distant star system. The large crew is pleased to have finally arrived at their destination. Crew members are now preparing the vessel for entry into the strange planets atmosphere. As the ship makes the transition from spacecraft to aircraft something goes wrong, terribly wrong. The crew is now planning for a crash landing on this strange and potentially dangerous planet. The pilot is unable to find a suitable area to land his ship and is on coarse for a hard landing in a remote very mountainous area in the planets northern hemisphere. The pilots are struggling with the controls but their fate is locked.

Moments later the huge craft crashes into a rugged mountainside. The sound of the crash thunders through the dark night air. A few hours later a crewman swings open a door and can see that they are not alone. A group of very strange beings are standing in awe as they look upon the crashed ship. This could be the opening scene of a summer blockbuster but its not, it is a story chronicled by the Dropa over 12,000 years ago. In 1938 a team of Chinese archaeologists were searching caves along the Chinese and Tibetan boarder. The scientists were mapping the caves and searching for remains of primitive man when they came upon a cave that contained a hoard of stone discs over 700 in all. The discs looked like Fred Flintstones' record collection. Each stone 9 inches in diameter and three quarters of an inch thick had a perfectly cut hole in the center and small spiral grooves coming out from the center just like an old record album. Next to the stones were found neatly arranged rows of small skeletons with big heads. The scientists assumed that the remains were that of some hereto unknown ape. But quickly realized that apes don't bury their dead and certainly not in neat rows. The discs and bones were collected and filed away with other artifacts collected in the area. It was discovered some time latter that the grooves on the discs were tiny almost microscopic hieroglyphs of an unknown language. Many experts attempted to translate the writings for more than 20 years as the stones remained in Peking. It was only after Professor Dr. Tsum Um Nui broke the code and started to unravel the mysteries of the code that an extraordinary story began to unfold. According to Professor Um Nui one line of a stone reads, the Dropa came down from the clouds in their craft. The men and women of the Ham tribe hid in their caves until morning. While venturing into the woods they came upon the crashed craft. They could see small men moving around inside the ship through an opened door. The tribe was very frightened until they understood the Dropa sign language and realized they had peaceful intentions. Another disc revealed that the Ham had deep regret that the Dropa could not repair their vessel so that they might return to their home world. When the professor finally published his findings the Peking Academy of History ordered him not to release the information to the public. Finally in 1965 the amazing story of the Dropa was released to the World. Many Dropa Stones have been deciphered and the accounts of the Dropa are both sad and inspiring. There are many astounding findings that surround the Dropa saga but one of the most intriguing has to be the Ham and Dropa tribes that still live in the area near the caves where the Dropa Stones were found. Archaeologists were told of the legend of small yellow faced men that flew down from the sky with big heads and were so ugly that they were repulsive. The archaeologists began to notice how unusual the Ham and Dropa tribe members were. The average height being only 4 foot 7 and they had strange facial features. The tribe members were found not to be either Chinese or Tibetan. One theory expresses the possibility that these tribes are the descendants of the Dropa crew. More recently scientists have found these people to have no ethnological background. A few discs were sent to Moscow upon request by some Russian scientists for study. The Russian researchers found the stones to be made from a very hard granite with a high level of cobalt and other metals. The stones were very electrically active and appeared to have had high voltages surging through them at one point as if they were part of a high voltage circuit. After placing a disc on a turn table and spinning it the disc began to emit a humming sound. The scientist were amazed at how such small writing was etched into the extremely hard stone. Are these stones salvaged parts of a crashed alien craft? Was the writing on the stones made with tools that survived at the crash site? In the Atlantium continuum the answer is "YES". The potential for these discs to be artifacts of an ancient crash site is undeniable. Unlike the Roswell incident there has been no "Government cover up or sanitizing". The discs are available for study, the oral history of the tribesmen and the recorded history etched onto the face of over 700 discs make the Dropa crash truly the first Roswell. ATLANTIUM. Roc Hatfield/Author

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