Monday, May 14, 2007



While on an archaeological dig in Central America in 1927 F.A. Mitchell-Hedges found a human skull made of pure crystal quarts. The amazing creation was discovered atop a Mayan temple at the ancient city of Lubaantum, within the country of Belize. The mere sight of the skull generates instant questions. Who made it, how was it made, how old is it? There seems to be no end to the mystery of the Mayan crystal skull. In 1970 art restorer Frank Dorland was given permission by Anna Mitchell-Hedges the daughter of F.A. Mitchell-Hedges to submit the skull to engineers at Hewlett Packard.

After intensive research the engineers could not determine how the object was made. Citing that even with modern tools it would take a year of cutting and polishing to simulate the object and its near perfectly smooth surface. The engineers failed to find any tool marks or microscopic scratches on the skulls surface. Another conundrum is how was the crystal cut and polished against the natural grain of the stone. Heat and vibration can also cause crystal to chip and crack. The engineers concluded that if the skull was made by ancient primitive man it would have required 300 years of constant sanding and buffing to reach the same level of perfection. The Maya believed that the earth had seen the rise and destruction of four earlier civilizations. The time from 3000 B.C. until now is the 5th go around, and according to the greatest star watchers of ancient times this version is scheduled for demolition on December 21, 2012. The Maya have left many artifacts that could be interpreted as ancient high tech. Statues that resemble rocket motors, carvings of ancient aircraft, their calendar and their incessant star gazing. Among the writings of the Maya Prophets a story is told of the inhabitants of the twelve planets who gave 13 skulls in all to the people of the earth. It was the Atlantes who originally received the skulls from the inhabitants of the 12 planets. The Atlantes then bequeathed them to the Maya. According to the legend the elders of the Atlantes could make them talk and their jaws would move. When all 13 skulls were brought together they could solve problems and instruct man how to avoid catastrophes. It is assumed that the other skulls exist and are buried somewhere in the ruins of the vast Mayan Empire. When the skull is set upon a light source it will channel light to the eyes and emit light coming up from the bottom, as if there are fiber optic pathways incorporated into the design. The jaw is perfectly balanced and counter weighted for a fluid motion. There are no tests for dating crystal, the age of the skull can not be determined and could be extremely ancient. One Hewlett Packard engineer is credited with saying "this damned thing should not even exist". If the skull wasn't manufactured then how was it created? One possibility may lie in the science of today. Scientists and Engineers have been growing various forms of crystals in the laboratory for 50 years. Silicon crystals are grown in large stalks that are then cut wafer thin and used as the substrate of integrated circuits. Recently crystals have been grown into more geometric shapes. In the future as these crystal growing processes evolve it may be possible to grow quartz and silicon into any shape or form. This could explain how the Mayan crystal skull came into existence and the absence of any tool marks on its surface. If the skull was grown into its detailed shape it would simply appear to have been fabricated. It is possible that a highly advanced growing process could also account for many of the strange internal features of the skull. The highly dense crystalline structure could have been created as an advanced computer memory storage device. Scientists are currently studying the potential of encoding data on ferroelectric materials at the nanoscale. Each molecule of a crystal has the ability to retain a permanent electric charge depending on the position of each molecules' polar orientation. What this means is that a crystal the size of the Mayan skull could hold an unfathomable amount of information. Easily holding all the data ever generated. The 20th century profit Edgar Cayce while in a deep trance was asked if there was an Atlantis and what happened to it? He not only acknowledged the existence of Atlantis but addressed many questions about the ancient civilization over his lifetime. He concluded in one reading that Atlantis was destroyed by the over charging of a large crystal. The resulting explosion was sufficient to sink the continent. One of the most amazing stories surrounding the skull was told by Anna Mitchell-Hedges. One day the skull appeared milky cloudy and began to form condensation on the surface. She said that it looked like the skull was sweating and she wiped it with a cloth a number of times. She thought that it might be a difference in temperature or barometric pressure that was causing the skull to change. Later that day President Kennedy was assassinated. Coincidence? Is the crystal skull just a stone version of ancient whittling? Did the Maya polish the skull for 300 years? In the Atlantium continuum the answer is "NO". The Maya most likely inherited the skull from the Atlantium era. A time 25,000 to 50,000 years ago. Artifacts from around the world are emerging that point to a time in ancient history when super advanced technology existed. The engineers who examined the skull back in 1970 at Hewlett Packard may have unwittingly examined the future of computing. ATLANTIUM. Roc Hatfield/Author


athena said...

Realize and know,
The Anna Mitchell-Hedges skull predates the Maya and is of the order of 10,000 years old. It was made by rubbing with sand and bovine hair and took centuries to complete, during which time it was also imbued with much knowledge.
Anna Mitchell-Hedges did not exactly "find" it in the archaeological dig sense of the word, but rather murdered its possessors and stole it.

Fluffykins said...

Yeah. Recent micro-examination of said skull has shewn that it was produced using machine tools (mots of highly parallel microgroves, not random as you'd expect with hand tools).
The woman who claimed to have found it is also highly suspicious.
A fake whose story has fed on itself. Nothing more and a lot less.

philipalancarter said...

Bullshit. It's an alien artifact.

Adi said...

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