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Nicola Tesla the arch nemesis of Thomas Edison is the most famous unrecognized inventor of modern times. Tesla is revered by amateur scientists and electrical hobbyists around the world today. He is considered to be the greatest electrical engineer ever to have lived. Tesla a Serbian born in 1856 became an American citizen and suffered many businesses failures throughout his career. He died in 1943 but left the world with a wealth of discovery and invention. Tesla's crowning achievement was his WardenClyffe project. A prototype tower that could broadcast electricity around the globe wirelessly. Tesla may have not been the first to employ this idea. Ancient granite spheres found in Costa Rica may have been used in a similar way.

In the early 1930's surveyors working in Cost Rica for the United Fruit Company discovered a large number of perfectly spherical balls. Some of the spheres were as large as eight feet across and weighing up to 16 tons. The artifacts were found near the southwest pacific coast. The company was laying out plans for banana plantations and had no archaeological appreciations they just wanted to move them and make way for their crops. Soon word spread of the discovery and hundreds of the stones were located. The stones are simply amazing in their accuracy of construction. Primarily made of granite and polished to a high gloss. The mathematical dimensions indicate that the spheres are 99.8% perfectly round. That level of accuracy exceeds even today's laser controlled milling machines for an object of that size and weight. Whoever fabricated these marvels was not only mathematically advanced but had the ability to machine very large and heavy objects. No quarries have been found anywhere near where the balls were originally discovered. The nearest large deposits of granite are in a mountain range 50 miles to the north. No tools of any kind have been discovered that could explain their construction. Building these huge spheres is only the first layer of mystery, moving 30 tons by land or river is a whole new challenge. These objects were moved over rough terrain, no roads or flat even ground. Costa Rica has no recorded history before the 16th century when it was first discovered by Christopher Columbus. A small number of Indigenous tribes lived in the areas near the stones and can be dated to 400 A.D. There is no relationship between the Indians and the spheres. Stone can not be carbon dated so the artifacts could be ancient. Many gold icons have been discovered in the ruins up and down Central America. These solid gold objects exhibit extremely technical features such as advanced aeronautical knowledge. All of these artifacts are potentially pointing to an ancient past that was full of super technology. Archaeologists and Geologist are not so ready to concede that the stone spheres are man made. They conclude that the balls could have been formed when nearby volcanoes threw molten lava miles into the air and the spheres formed and hardened on the way back down to earth. A much more plausible idea could be that the orbs are navigational and energy relays. Nicola Tesla proved he could send electricity around the globe by transmitting one side of an electric current through the air and the other side through the ground. The Costa Rican Spheres sit on the ground and are made of a conducting piezoelectric substance. Energy and information could in theory have been broadcast from the spheres to aircraft passing over head. A large amount of the stones are now used as lawn ornaments and have been moved from their original locations. Researchers were able to document the positions of a few clusters of stones. It becomes very obvious when the patterns of the stones are seen that they were not ejected from a volcano or pushed by a glacier. These stones are dense mathematical equations manifest in stone. The big question is who made and distributed these stones? One compelling possibility is handed down in the ancient records of the Chorotega Indians who many academics believe made the stones. The Chorotega believe that the stones were made by an ancient civilization that existed 12,000 years ago. The Books of Prophecy of the Chorotega Priests describe legends of ancient human beings that were looked after by beings from the stars. According to this legend man will one day also reach the stars. These beings from space were known as the Jaguar men. References to these men can be found throughout the Maya and Inca empires. Maybe they were called the Jaguar men because they had cat like features or moved in a manner similar to a Jaguar. The Chorotega Indians believed that their ancestors could be traced all the way back to the Atlantians. Did these 30 ton balls fall out of the sky and land in triangular patterns? Were they carved, sanded and moved miles by ancient Indian tribes? In the Atlantium continuum the answer is "NO". These amazing ancient artifacts are most likely part of a long forgotten navigation and energy network. Ancient aircraft traveling to destinations from beyond the Pacific to locations across the Atlantic could have used a route that took them over this gateway location for purposes of re-fueling and updating navigation information. These spheres were discovered only a few years before Nicola Tesla's death. He would have been very amused by these incredibly profound Orbs. ATLANTIUM. Roc Hatfield/Author


A.V. Michaels said...

Great post, great blog, great work!
I too am convinced there is more to our history than 1)They know or 2) They are telling us.

Soterios said...

Hi there, nice blog although I am interested in the link between fallen angels ad spheres of light, sometimes know as orbs.
These orbs can shape-shift into clouds, birds, winged humanoids, flying projectiles etc. I believe the UFO problem is building up to a really large global deception where people might be drawn to these spiritual entities who might want us to believe they created us. They pose as benevolent beings, reptilian, draconian, but I believe there is an agenda much more evil, sinister and bizarre than we can begin to imagine.

You should watch the Brazilian UFO coverup on you tube which happened in Colares about the blood-sucking UFO.

Fluffykins said...

Oh yeah. granite. That well known conductor of electricity.

Load of balls.