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Zecharia Sitchin one of the leading writers and investigators of the Astro Archaeology movement has traveled the world many times over in search of out-of-place-artifacts. He discovered that the Istanbul Museum of Archaeology had been holding a stone carved relic that so closely detailed a modern space capsule that they refused to display it. The curators assumed that it had to be a hoax. The amazing vehicle displays many features of a modern day capsule, rocket exhaust nozzles in the back, and a cockpit with pilot seated and wearing a pleated flight suit with his hands at the controls. After meeting with the museum curators and studying the carving Zecharia Sitchin determined the artifact was consistent with many others that he had seen from ancient times and suggested that the museum display the artifact. He encouraged the curators to allow museum visitors to make up their own minds as to whether the object was a spaceship.

Zecharia Sitchin has made it his life's work studying the mysterious artifacts and writings from our ancient past. Stichin points out that our current scientific view of the past does not include spaceships and star travel. But he has uncovered a vast menagerie of artifacts and ancient texts that overwhelmingly point to the existence of a highly advanced ancient world. The Istanbul rocket ship could not have been carved solely from the imagination of an ancient artisan. The engineering details would have been simply impossible to guess at. The model clearly demonstrates that the carver was a first person witness to a much larger craft. The arrangement of the engines in the rear, the pilots sitting position and pleated pressure suit are not details an ancient carver would conceive on his own. Many of the details are repeated in artifacts found halfway around the world in Central America. The Maya left us a compendium of their space fleet in the stone that adorned the massive Temples and Pyramids that rise high above the jungle canopy. Once again the question is raised as to how were these ancients capable of creating works of art that modeled spacecraft with such rich detail. It must be said that just as the Istanbul museum curators were resistant to displaying their ancient rocket ship Mayan researchers are adamantly opposed to any spacecraft or spacemen references to their beloved Maya. Almost to the man mainstream researchers have elaborate accounts of what these spacecraft look alike objects really are. They explain them as religious artifacts that were used by the Kings. Or, they are symbols of the underworld where their gods dwelled. Are these individuals completely blind or are they just following the company line in order to keep their jobs and funding intact? Whatever the real answer luckily we have dedicated researchers like Zecharia Sitchin who don't answer to a higher buck and is out there opening new doors and asking compelling questions. The Maya not only carved exquisite detailed cut-a-way drawings of their vessels they were the most proficient star gazers. At least modern science doesn't deprive them of there astrological expertise. The tone was set by the church in Spain when the Conquistadors massacred the Mayan descendants all in the name of the church and state and some gold of coarse. Modern Universities and Institutions are the direct inheritors of this warped thinking. Once a doctrine is in place it can not be altered under any circumstances. Even if these brilliant individuals found a working rocket under a Temple they would say that it just looks like a rocket it really is a religious symbol used by the King to worship the underworld. This is the core reason that our true history will never be given serious study by the mainstream and that any references to spacemen or spaceships will always generate a roll of the eyes and a chuckle. Are all of these ancient artifacts just religious symbols that just happen to resemble modern space vehicles? Is the Istanbul rocket ship just a bunch of Instan-bull? In the Atlantium continuum the answer is "NO". Occam's Razor is a principal attributed to the 14th century Francican Friar William of Occham. The principal states; "All things being equal the simplest explanation tends to be the right one." In the case of the ancient spaceship artifacts we can be certain which side old Occam would have come down on. ATLANTIUM. Roc Hatfield/Author


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