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Journey to the center of the Earth, the classic Jules Verne novel was originally published in French in 1864. The story tells the tale of a Professor, his Nephew and a hired guide who climb down into a volcano in Iceland and eventually reach the center of the Earth. The rag tag explorers encounter numerous monsters and amazing vistas as they climb deeper and deeper into the Earth. This Civil War era tale has great relevance to a growing number of Hollow Earth Theorists. These researchers have gathered volumes of information from old tribal myths and modern reports of Unidentified Submerged Objects or USOs and combined them to create what they call the Hollow Earth Theory.

In the early 1920's Russian Explorer Ferdinand Ossendowski traveled through Mongolia and Asia speaking with the locals about the ancient tribal myth of the Kingdom of Agharti. This myth describes a subterranean Kingdom known to the Buddhist Monks as Agharti. The entrance to this world is through a cave with the inscription "This is the Gate to Agharti" carved prominently in stone above the cave's opening. Ossendowski found the same myth among dozens of cultures and tribes. Astonishingly, many of these tribes were completely unaware of each other. Ossendowski wrote a book "Beasts, Men and gods" and it became a sensation setting off a wave of expeditions to all corners of the World in search of the Hollow Earth. Adolf Hitler and his occult cabinet believed in the Hollow Earth Theory sending clandestine researchers to find the openings to the underground world. Alternative scientists have speculated that the worlds oceans were once below the surface. This prospect would require an immense amount of space. Today we know that giant caverns filled with oil sit thousands of feet below the surface. Theorists believe that a vast network of caves and tunnels could have been left behind when the oceans made there way to the surface. There are countless reports by eyewitnesses of Unidentified Submerged Objects. Records of the accounts go back to the days of Christopher Columbus and have continued unabated to our current time. Boaters and Pilots have filed hundreds of reports of siting highly sophisticated craft entering the water from the air and moving at high speed under the surface of the water. A concentration of these sitings come from witnesses traveling by boat and airplane over the Bermuda Triangle. Numerous reports have been made that detail advanced machines that are seen either entering or exiting the waters off the coast of Florida and the Bahamas. Tribes in the South American country of Peru have seen strange craft enter volcanoes and descend into Andes Mountain plateaus. The Japanese have there own unique Hollow Earth tale known as the Dogu. Dogu figurines have been found by the thousands all over the Japanese islands. These highly intricate figurines depict creatures that appear to be wearing spacesuits or diving gear. One myth tells of the Dogu coming from under the sea and walking out onto land. They would spend the day teaching the ancient Japanese how to do a multitude of tasks that made life easier and richer. At the end of the day they would return to the water and disappear below the surface. The Dogu were said to be from a world far below the sea. Other more ethereal myths describe a huge city that is hidden below ground. Shamballah is inhabited by very enlightened people who have reached a oneness with God. They live in their advanced city completely apart from the surface dwellers. On occasion they will meet with surface representatives and share some of their great wisdom and knowledge with them. A great city of Peace from which all understanding has come. The city of Salem in the Hebrew Bible is most likely taken from the same ideal. Jeru-Salem which means City of Peace was the home of Melchizedek a great spiritual leader who instructed Abraham on the ways of Peace and the path to God. Could the Hollow Earth Theory be just a tribal myth? Are the Hollow Earth Theorists just a bunch of wacky Sci-Fi fanatics? In the Atlantium continuum the answer is "NO". Many artifacts and eyewitness accounts from ancient times up through today point to the possibility that there could be caves and large caverns under the Earth's surface. Ancient humans may have found openings to these large underground expanses and returned with fantastic accounts of what they saw while on the road to Shamballah.

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