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Craig Venter the world famous and tediously controversial DNA researcher stunned the science community with his announcement that he had created a complex synthetic chromosome. Venter and his team of scientist stitched together laboratory chemicals to create a gene that is 381 genes long and contains 581,000 base pairs of genetic code. The synthetic life form is then placed in the cell work of a bacterium known as Mycoplasma genetailia. Once inserted the DNA takes over the workings of the cell and becomes an entirely new form of life. The new bacterium has been dubbed Mycoplasma Labortorium. Designer lifeforms could provide completely new ways of solving problems in many areas from energy to medicine. No doubt these new genetically engineered creatures will open up new unseen uses, but are we just relearning ancient knowledge?

The ancient Sumer built super cities and lived in very modern like conditions over 6500 years ago. The existence of this civilization has only been known since the 1800's and researchers have only begun to scratch the surface of the many artifacts that have been discovered. The Sumerians were excellent record keepers and invented a way to engrave metal and stone cylinders to make clay seal panels. The panels still completely intact today offer some insight into the pantheon of the Sumer society. Their beliefs regarding man's creation are very well documented in the seals and tablets that they generated. One image that stands out is the double helix of the entwined snakes. This image has been used ever since as the symbol for medicine. The medical establishment today still prominently uses this ancient image as its mascot. The ancient Sumer believed that their creators the Annunaki literally designed them in a laboratory. In one clay panel the Annuanki are depicted sitting among what appear to be flask jars and vases while presenting a human infant, the tree of life a symbol used in many Sumer panels is standing in the room representing creation. The tree of life and the entwined snakes have appeared frequently in Sumer clay panels. The Annunaki came down from heaven and created man and woman. The Annunaki made man in his own image by using his own blood to make man. These detailed creation myths have been reinterpreted by modern researchers like Zecheria Sitchin to read like a Sci-Fi novel. Sitchin's research has lead him to believe that the Annunaki were a space fairing race that came to Earth 400,000 years ago to mine for gold and other valuable minerals. While here they took indigenous primates and other animals and experimented with their DNA, finally breeding Homo-Sapiens some 150,000 years ago. Interestingly, the Hebrew Bible written some 3000 years after the Sumer wrote their creation story asserts that the "Elohim" said; "Let us make man in our own image". The Elohim are the same individuals as described by the Sumer as the Annunaki. The name Annunaki means "Those who came to earth from heaven". Zecheria Sitchin and others firmly believe that the Annunaki were a very advanced race from a distant planet called Nibiru. The Annunaki were skilled in all the sciences we are familiar with today. It seems that they may have been a few hundred years ahead of where we are currently. Of coarse there is no way to know how advanced they really were. But 500-800 years into our future could be amazing. After all Columbus could have never imagined our world today only 500 years ago. His little wooden ships state of the art at the time took months to cross the Atlantic. Today thousands of people cross the oceans everyday in hours. Our modern DNA research has mapped the human genome and discovered that humans are extremely closely related to every other thing on earth. We share 50-60 percent of the genes of plants and bacteria, and 99 percent of the same genes as other primates like chimps. It is clear that man is the most complex being on the planet and a product of the evolution and improvement of the lower species. Man has evolved from the successes of all the lower creatures that have come before. But wait, it turns out that there are 223 genes in the human genome that don't show up anywhere in any of our predecessors. In other words there is a milk man somewhere in our past. 223 genes is almost 1% of our total 30,000 gene instruction package. Where did these unrelated genes come from? The Annunaki were said to have used their own blood to make mankind more like them, to improve them physically and mentally. These unique genes show up in man at the same time as the Annunaki reigned in Sumer, our modern day Iraq. A recent study of the Human genome was concluded and determined that a Mitochondrial Eve in fact existed. Eve would have lived 140,000 years ago in the north of Africa near southern Iraq where the Sumer settled. Was ancient man genetically altered by an advanced race of beings from a distant planet? Is the missing link the result of altered DNA? In the Atlantium continuum the answer is "YES". The Sumer, Hebrews, Egyptians and others have been telling us this fact about ourselves for Millennia. It is very difficult to come to the realization that we may be hybrid beings. As races here on earth we mix together frequently and this should stand as an example of how blending can be good. ATLANTIUM. Roc Hatfield/Author


Solitary said...

Everything I read here in the article is so plausible, based on everything I have read on this subject (a favorite of mine) over the past 30 years or so.

"are we just relearning ancient knowledge?" ... or are breadcrumb trails being laid out for the right minds to lead them back into to knowledge we have buried in out DNA?

tyler said...

I have been shopping the theory for a night or so, I really want to buy it, its very appealing to have a biblical record that corresponds to a scientific truth. It reminds me of a system of equations in math. My problem with the whole Sumerian direct contact with god account is that sumerian civilization was 2000-6000 bce thats pretty shy of 200,000 bce which is the first reported year for Homo-sapiens. Thus the story needs a bandaid. Which brings up another issue, if where genetically the same as our 200,000 grandparents why did it take so long to become smart where other societies have started off virtually from scratch and within a few thousands of years had language and math? I do still raise an eyebrow at the sumerian society and wonder if anyone besides ?zitchen? has translated the tablets the same way.. Interesting stuff.

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