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Many in our culture today are intent to the point of militancy over protecting the sacred ideas of our beginnings. After all it has taken millenia to compile the historical record that is generally accepted today. Religion in all its present forms is an oral record that in the very recent past was transcribed to the medium of writing. Anyone who has played the childhood game "Pass It On" knows how distorted a simple sentence can become after being repeated to just a few people.
Can we in all honesty build an entire belief system upon an infinitely reiterated oral record. Until the advent of the most recent technologies there was no other option. Today civilization can look at the historical record in a previously unavailable light. The world finally is moving into an age of enlightenment. Our engineering, computerization and abilities to observe stars and molecules gives us a quantum advantage our forerunners could have not dreamed of.

The image above is a photo of a panel carved in relief that was discovered by Dr. Ruth Hover. The panel is part of a story recorded in Egyptian hieroglyphics at the temple of ABYDOS. A basic translation of the story is compelling and warps the current concepts of history. The PHARAOH is being asked, How will you defend Egypt from the Nine Enemies of Egypt? The answer is represented on the panel below. The panel has been highlighted below to show the glyphs that represent the Pharaoh's answer. The same panel is shown above in natural light. The images are in the own words of PHARAOH, what he intends to use
to defend Egypt from the Nine Enemies. Take a closer look at the enlarged images below. This image of a modern helicopter is 3500 years old according to accepted egyptologists. ATLANTIUM dates it to 11,000 -15,000 B.C.
Many respected POP Scientists reject the image entirely. Suggesting that the image is a forgery, a trick of light, a damaged panel that just happens to resemble modern aircraft. The panel has been noted by some experts as possibly one of the most well crafted panels in the the ABYDOS temple.

Regardless of where science falls on this highly detailed panel it remains a testament to the ancient past and those who made it. Below are highlighted images of the other amazing craft in the PHARAOH's arsenal. The other vehicles are even more advanced in nature and if not for the minds of the Sci- Fi writers and film makers of today might be completely unrecognizable. These images further emphasize the technological veil that is only just now beginning to be lifted from this and many other artifacts that are being discovered around the world. These images would not have had a grain of meaning to archaeologist 100 years ago. But, looking at them through the filter of modern technology it is easy to see that they are highly advanced flying machines that could be only 50-100 years into our future.
The final image below evokes parallels to modern satellite ground stations. A parabolic dish is easily made out standing on a tower, or perhaps this was an energy weapon that uses the dish to focus on enemy targets. Military scientist are currently developing energy beam weapons and the hardware looks eerily similar. Can all of these intriguing images be just a lucky cosmic coincidence, a trick of light or the fanciful musings of an ancient carver. In the ATLANTIUM continuum these are tangible records of our true ancient past. A past rich with advanced super science and answers to all the questions of OUR vast universe.
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Amazing facts! Why not write a book putting it all together. These are things we have all suspected and dismissed at the risk of being called crazy. Be sure to mention recent research indicating that the Earth Poles do reverse themselves periodically. If you do the book, I will print it for you at reduced costs in Asia. Visit me through and also through

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really interesting blog with reaaly intresting facts.

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