Friday, November 03, 2006



ATLANTIUM is a culmination of a life's worth of study, travel and curiosity run amok. Every story that has been told in all the religious and historical works of the ancient past elude to a mystical angelical race of beings that lived and traveled freely over the earth.

Scientist, archeologist and spiritualists are rediscovering ancient texts and artifacts that when filtered with the eyes of modern technology take on whole new and amazing meaning. Questions that would have never been posed 10 years ago for fear of ridicule are now capturing the imagination of the most skeptical. Who are we really? Our history is riddled with guesses and grand leaps of faith. Many turn to religious texts for answers and believe without waiver in the answers proffered there.

The BIBLE itself contains many references to ancient beings that roamed the earth, offering grand detail about what they were like and how they behaved. Could this and countless other documented accounts of ancient beings be a cryptic analogue of a hyper-advanced civilization that lived here on earth over 30,000 years  ago?
ATLANTIUM will venture into this mind altering world of possibilities. The ATLANTIUM continuum, is an exhaustive look at our real and potentially freighting past. Many people of the current world will be unable to except the potential ramifications of the knowledge of the pre-historical world and the impact it could have on our thinking. Join us as we search for the real truth of who we are, and where we may be from.                       Roc Hatfield/Author

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