Saturday, November 11, 2006



The Hubble space telescope has revealed images of our Universe that until recently would have been incomprehensible. The vastness of the universe with its billions of galaxies overwhelms the mind and humbles the human sprit. A new armada of advanced telescopes scans the Heavens for Planets. These new juggernauts have already discovered dozens of Planets circling their stars in a timeless dance millions of light years away. There is little doubt among astronomers that hundreds if not thousands of planets will be eventually documented. A number of new deep space telescopes are in the works and scheduled for deployment in the next few years.
One already emerging theme is that Earth like planets are rare, while gaseous giants and solid rock planets are the norm. Even though this developing search is in its earliest stages, finding Earth like planets will be equivalent to finding Gold or Diamonds here on our own globe.
Our planet would be seen as a great treasure to anyone looking back on us from the other side of the Universe.
Could a great space faring race of Super-Tech voyagers have come to Earth in our distant past? The established scientific community rejects even the suggestion of such a question. Always falling on the ever ready "where is the proof”? Science, and rightfully so relies on the facts, hard tangible proof. "Show us a Spaceship let us go onboard and take a test flight then we will believe" It may be awhile before that takes place so for now we must depend on more subtle artifacts and some common sense deduction. This of course will not prove anything but it could open our collective minds to possibilities and deliberation.
The Ancient Sacred Sanskrit texts from the RAMA EMPIRE over 2300 years ago lucidly describe Demi-gods that lived in heaven and traveled from great distances to visit the Earth. The texts reveal many details about these visitors and the awesome technology they possessed. One account chronicles a diplomatic trip made by a delegation from RAMA in India to what is now Peru in a vehicle flown by these visitors from Heaven. This is a trip of some 8500 miles.
The NAZCA plains of Peru are known around the world for the strange lines on the desert floor that form drawings of animals and spacemen. Once again archeologist and scientist insist that these drawings on the desert floor are religious monuments made by early Peruvians, even though their age remains unconfirmed.
Erik Von Daniken made the observation in his book "Chariots of the gods" that these immense drawings could have only been seen from the air and that ancient spacemen used them as landing and navigational aids. From the ground the large drawings are only seen as lines scratched in the ground that proceed off into the far distance. Only when seen from the perspective of 1000 feet into the air can the intricate images be made out.
Could have ANCIENT AIR TRAVELERS used these lines and images as a way to navigate to this spot from high in space? Most conspicuous is the NAZCA SPACEMAN that is carved into a mountainside overlooking the vast plain. His helmet and pressure suit are easily made out as he waves in a friendly gesture of hello or welcome. Perhaps air travelers saw the spaceman figure from a distance and were comforted by the warm greeting. These large icons and runways similar to the Nazca site appear in other parts of the world most likely as part of a worldwide network of landing sites. In the ATLANTIUM continuum Earth is an OUTPOST for a civilization from a distant star system. Large inter-stellar spaceships with thousands of passengers remained in earth orbit for long periods of time. Numerous shuttle craft traveled frequently from the orbiter to the Earth's surface, landing at well marked airports all over the planet.
In Genesis the first chapter of the BIBLE the patriarch MOSES writes of a time when the "SONS of GOD" traveled back and forth from Heaven to Earth. EZEKIEL described being taken up to Heaven. Could the Pre-Flood world have been a base camp for the "SONS of GOD"? Are we descendant children of this Hyper-Advanced space faring race? As amazing as it may seem the answer is most likely, "YES". ATLANTIUM. Roc Hatfield/Author


Sharon Michelle said...

Great job! It is obvious that you have put a lot of time, energy, and focus into it. You have accumulated a lot of info and pics to illustrate.

I do a lot of channeling and I have been told that indeed the gods and goddesses of old were real people and were from another planet.

Feel free to check out my first blog if you like.

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