Friday, November 17, 2006


"SONS of GOD"?

Moses the great Patriarch of the Hebrews described in the book of GENESIS how the "SONS of GOD" came from Heaven to Earth. He further declared that these non-terrestrials were very enamored with human women and took them as wives. The offspring of these unions were considered to be the Men of Renown, from ancient times.Moses born as a Hebrew was adopted and raised by a daughter of PHAROH, the Egpytian King more than 3400 years ago. Moses a prince of Egypt would have been exposed to the highest levels of education and knowledge that would have been available at the time. Egypt was one of the most technologically advanced civilizations on Earth and could have been a trading partner with other advanced civilizations around the world.The Men of Renown are described in many different ancient cultures. These individuals were well known to the people of Moses' day and long before Moses came on to the scene. Who were these SONS of GOD? A curious altered human form appears in hieroglyphs, pottery, statuary and in the form of well preserved skulls. All of these artifacts have one undeniable element in common; they memorialize a record of a group of humans that were very different from us and most of the others around them. It seems that these individuals were completely accepted at the time and actually revered. The most striking feature of these SONS of GOD is their enormous brain cavities. These large heads must have held a very large brain in comparison to our modern brains. Anthropologists and archeologists have weighed in on these individuals and explain that their appearance is the result of a practice called "Binding". The concept of Binding describes a process whereby a baby's head is bound tightly with a wrapping and kept tightly bound until reaching adulthood. The result is an elongated head that meets all the fashion status of the day. If this practice was at all ever used it was most likely an attempt at trying to make a counterfeit SON of GOD. These Men of Renown enjoyed a celebrity status like modern day Rock Stars. It’s easy to imagine that envious Royals would attempt to emulate the Big Heads.The skulls discovered in recent years near the NAZCA plains would have a much larger volume of brain cavity than a human skull formed into the same shape. If that cavity was in fact full of brain matter how intelligent would these individuals have been? It is notable that in the areas where artifacts of these SONS of GOD are found are great ancient structures that still defy explanation. The Pyramids, The NAZCA plains, Great Mayan Cities all dwelling locations of these large headed ancient Men of Renown. NEFERTITI the great Queen of Egypt is depicted in two and three dimensional artifacts as having a very large conehead. Many times shown wearing an elaborate hat that covers her elongated head. Her daughters also had this prominent feature. There are no records of where NEFERTITI came from and her death was not recorded, strange for a society that chronicled everything. None the less she became one of the greatest leaders of Egypt an unheard of accomplishment for a woman of her era. Could the oversized brain of these non-terrestrial decendents account for some of the advanced technology in use around the world of their day? Could they have been in contact with their space fairing fore fathers? In the ATLANTIUM continuum, there is one explanation as good as any other to this mystery. A great space fairing civilization made initial contact with our pre-flood world and intertwined with the humans that lived here. An ancient SUPER-TECH civilization arose as a result of the influence that these SONS of GOD exerted on the humans of that time. The inter-breeding and technology transfer could have advanced the whole human race in immeasurable ways. Could our innate curiosity of our origins be a hereditary trait passed down to us from these powerful figures? Moses and his other cultural counterparts were aware of these Men of Renown and were undoubtedly influenced by there presence in the World. ATLANTIUM. Roc Hatfield/AUTHOR

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