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Time travel has been the subject of hundreds of Sci-Fi novels, Movies and Television serials for the last fifty years. The heros of these Time Traveling escapades are usually faced with dilemmas and paradoxes that create brain twisting stories. One stalwart element of every good Time Travel tale is the notion that you must not influence anyone or anything because it will have tremendous repercussions in the future. Today we call these repercussions "The Butterfly Effect". A concept that describes how a Butterfly can influence a chain of events starting in a lonely corner of the forest that can ultimately have a global effect. Physicists and Scientist studying quantum mechanics believe Time Travel is possible and does not violate any Laws of Physics. Just recently a few scientists on the leading edge of Time related research have discovered unique evidence of Time Travel in the laboratory.

Is it possible that our Ancient Super Tech world possessed Time Travel Technology? A large body of artefactual evidence is being discovered around the world that would at least suggest the possibility that our Ancient Fore Fathers were moving around in time.
One thing is clear, either our current technological abilities for dating artifacts is greatly flawed, or someone has been moving around in time and leaving very amazing artifacts in Ancient history like a Time Traveling Easter Egg hunt.
The "Aluminum Wedge of Aiud" was found deep in the Earth among pre-historic animal bones. The wedge of mostly aluminum is highly machined and could be 20,000 years old. A sample of the metal was examined and it was found to be made of a number of exotic and strategic metals. Aluminum is a difficult metal to mine and separate from the host stone, the process wasn't commercially available until the late 1800's. Additionally the blending of many different metals to create an alloy is a very recent technology. Where did this object come from? An aerospace engineer was asked to speculate what it might be and he concluded that it was possibly a landing pad at the end of a strut for a flying vehicle.
"The Chinese Communist Party Collapses" these are words written neatly on the face of a giant stone found recently in a river valley in the Guizhou province on mainland China. The discovery of the 100 ton stone has been reported by every major Chinese news outlet and has been examined by that country's best experts. The stone has been determined to be authentic and bears no evidence of tool marks. The word "collapses" is hidden from photos and TV images shown in China by the Communist Government. Scientist have dated the stone and it is at least 270 million years old.
A sophisticated hammer head with a portion of its wood handle still attached sits encased in solid rock on exhibit in a London Museum. Upon initial inspection it seems perfectly modern maybe 50 years old. The hammer is dated to at least 100 million years old. The wood handle is in fact petrified and has begun to turn into coal. The metal has been examined by the leading metallurgists in the world and it was found to be pure Iron. It has amazing strength and was forged using a very advanced process that eliminated all impurities from the metal. This process exceeds the quality of most iron in use today.
The remains of high tech metal forgings in the shape of springs or screws have been found in Russia. These highly machined and accurate metal workings are believed to be 20 to 100 thousand years old. These delicate and precisely made metal shapes would have been nearly impossible to manufacture before World War II.
Could all of these artifacts have been left by a Time Traveling civilization? These are just a few of the logic defying ancient artifacts that are being discovered everyday. The Earth is giving up amazing evidence of articles dropped or lost by someone a long long time ago.
It is believed that our Ancient ancestors possessed incredible technology and understood the mysteries of the universe. Today science is just beginning to explore the concepts of Time Travel. Could Ancient Time explorers have traveled back in time 100 million years on an expedition and dropped a hammer, and now it sets in a London Museum?
In the Atlantium continum the answer is YES. Time Travel is scientifically consistent with the Laws of the Universe and the Ancients would have been as curious as we are with the prospects of Time Travel. It is not difficult to imagine that at least some Ancient explorers made it back into time and they could have come forward to today. ATLANTIUM. Roc Hatfield/Author


Brandon said...

I suppose my only question is, why does it have to be our ancestors doing the time traveling? Maybe someone from our future will go back in time. Admittedly, this is as implausible as an ancient civilization having such sophisticated technology on their own. Also, I don't trust the one about the Chinese Government falling, that would be too easy to fake. The aluminum and the hammer however, very interesting.

josh said...

A more practical explanation for these artifacts would be advanced extra-terrestrial life that once visited earth.

Think about this:

When someone travels back in time, what happens to the matter that they are made of?

Imagine: If the person ate a burger before they time traveled, they would be traveling back to a time when that burger was perhaps a cow. Or maybe it wasn't even in the cow, and still was part of blades of grass. Heck, if you go back far enough, the atoms you are made of presently from the burger, would be existing in sunlight in the sun, or on its way to earth still! So that person would technically be missing parts of their body. They would be missing every part that existed at a different place at that time.

You have to remember that matter exists in a different place all the time. An organic being cannot travel back to a time when it was not created simply because the matter it is composed of simply isn't 'them' at that time.

Time traveling into the future works logically, but traveling to the past does not work logically. It violates basic laws of matter.

Kerry said...

What if the people traveling in time got lost somehow where they created a split universe, that didn't allow them to go back to they're original timeline because from leaveing something behind they themselves change their own history. So we are they're original timeline, and they are trapped somewhere. Thus that's why we don't have the technology, because the machine itself had to have traveled with them, and the information (the inventors). There would be no way of traveling from the present to the past with a "Gateway." Though the reverse could be said for traveling to the future. Unless they destroyed the "Gateway"

I'm not sure if these are actual from people that knew how to time travel. Or just something that a civilization figured out how to do. Come on don't you think that if we could figure something out, that they could too... Look at the Battery, the Egyptians knew about them.

search4atlantis said...

Have you thought about the String theory??
This theory according to which all matter is ultimately made up of electromagnetic string like particles continuously vibrating and creating different basic forms to create larger particles is currently being tested by many Swiss and French scientists using huge particle accelerators and others. If it were true as it also conforms with the Anti-matter particles theory which has been almost totally proved.. then anything is possbile.
It means there could be existence of a parallel world just next to ours which we cannot see or feel but its made up of matter such that the strings have different form in that. Maybe the people of that civilization have found technology to enter our world (quite likely explaining some UFO sightings which still cant be explained) or maybe if really world as advanced as Atlantis once existed which is highly probable. maybe to avoid total destruction of humans they transported themselves using some form of technique which was quite undeveloped at that time into the Other world of strings... and maybe they cant transport their world back in.
Whatever the final thing maybe. One thing is sure.. Its time we learn that Science has immense destructive power and if we dont stop some self-destructive discoveries (like more powerful atom bombs, better weapons, wars, genetic fiddling beyond certain limits) then maybe we may face an end that our ancestors faced... after all HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF.. truly...

Sunfell said...

I have a different theory: The earth 'overwrites' its crust from time to time, obliterating any evidence of previous advanced civilizations- wich get 'reseeded' and start again. The overwrite isn't perfect, and we find these puzzling clues to our previous 'cycle' ancestors buried in stones and mines. The Hopi and other Native American peoples have myths about this- we're on our fourth or fifth cycle according to them, and another 'overwrite' is due soon.

Adi said...

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