Saturday, December 16, 2006



Plato described Atlantis as a great lost world that was full of wonderfully advanced people. A world that slipped beneath the ocean waves thousands of years before his own time. Plato lived in Ancient Greece over 2400 years ago and enjoyed a loyal audience of readers. His reporting of the details of Atlantis are at best the retelling of much older stories that would have been in circulation during his lifetime. Today we know that the Atlantis Myth is hard wired into the fabric of virtually all Ancient civilizations. The Atlantis Myth and the Flood Myths are most likely one and the same.
Both Ancient myths tell of a time when a very advanced civilization lived on the Earth and possessed very advanced technology. The demise of these enlightened people comes in a single moment as their world sinks under the sea and water devours everything they ever knew.
Just off the shore of western Cuba Paulina Zelitzky a former Russian Oceanic expert has discovered the remains of an Ancient City some 2000 feet below the waves. The recent discovery has yielded a number of alarming facts. The city is huge with many Pyramid shaped temples, roads and other smaller buildings. The site encompasses about 7.7 square miles and is covered with buildings made from huge stones consistent with other architecture found in other newly emerging city sized ruins.
Archaeologists have stated that the earliest date that this city was last above water would have been 13,000 to 15,000 years ago. Recent satellite photos reveal a network of what appear to be roads that extend from the location of the Ancient City all the way to the Bahamas and the Florida Keys. Could this whole area have once been a major metropolitan city?
Another newly discovered Ancient City lies off the coast of India in the Gulf of Cambay. Fishermen noticed the ruins emerge when the waves from the deadly December 2004 Tsunami pulled back lowering sea levels. The city rests in 120 feet of water and is very expansive covering 5 square miles. Large buildings featuring huge foundation stones have been seen by divers exploring the ruins. Reports from early dating of bones and artifacts found at the site date the city at 9000 years old. This would pre-date the oldest known cities by 4000 years. Scientists exclaim; "The whole model of the origins of civilization will have to be remade from scratch."
These archaeological findings will require many years of exhaustive study to determine who built and lived in them. But one fact has already made itself very clear, the myth of Atlantis is a metaphor for a Global civilization that most likely existed prior to some Earth changing cataclysm. These recently discovered cities are perhaps just a sampling of what was lost before the last time the world ended. Could the fact that so many large cities are being found intact be a grave and dire warning to us today? Ancient Indian texts tell of a world scale war that sounds eerily similar to a nuclear holocaust. Scientists have noted that a layer of burned Earth is present in almost all archaeological dig sites from Iceland to Africa. Was the Ancient world and those that lived in it witness to a horrific event that changed the world forever?
In the ATLANTIUM continuum the answer is YES. 13,000 to 15,000 years ago the Earth was covered with many advanced cities containing millions of citizens. A Global catastrophe swept over the entire planet burning whole continents and many large metropolitan areas. Finally, these once beloved cities sank beneath the sea. ATLANTIS is RISING and in time we will know all of its secrets. ATLANTIUM. Roc Hatfield/Author

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