Saturday, March 03, 2007



The ancient Egyptians and Greeks spoke of an astral library known to them as the Akasha. The word Akasha means "Sky", "Space" or "Aether" intimating that it dwells outside the physical. The Akashic Records were described by the ancients as a "Hall of Knowledge" where everything that has ever happened, or will happen is stored in millisecond by millisecond detail. The Akashic Record also chronicles the details of all animals, plants, minerals, and objects that ever have or ever will exist. Every person dead, alive or to be born has every moment of their lives recorded in the great Akasha. A great computer database in the sky.

The Hebrew Bible refers to these records as the "Book of Life", an infinite scroll that God uses to record every thought of every individual. This record can be changed and cleansed, the mistakes and sins of individuals can be blotted from the "Book of Life". The Book is consulted as to whether a dead individual is to be permitted into Heaven. These stories are all composite elements of one first story that has been passed down from the ancient past. Edgar Cayce born in 1877 became world famous after discovering the cure to his own life threatening illness by tapping into the Akashic Records. Cayce had only an eighth grade education, yet he dictated volumes upon volumes of information about subjects like math, science, medicine, history and the future. When asked how he obtained this knowledge he claimed to be able to connect with the Akasha. He said he could know anything about anything that ever happened or will ever happen. Cayce would go into a self hypnotic trance and speak aloud about any subject he was asked about. Cayce was asked to look back as far as he could into the records and describe what he found. He told of the Atlanteans and their struggles with various factions within, and how their continent was destroyed by the explosion of an overcharged crystal. He concluded that refugees of Atlantis settled in Egypt and Central America. One of his most famous readings reveled that a Hall of Records would be found beneath the Sphinx at Giza. Cayce died in 1945 and his family maintains a library of all his readings over 14,000 of them in all. Today scientists primarily in the realm of physics and quantum mechanics are looking at the idea of information being at the root of all existence. Evolving theories include ideas with names like Plank scale, zero point energy and the aether physics model. All matter and all the vacuum of space are made of atomic particles that when pulled apart continue to get smaller and smaller until you get down to the core building block. This bottom level is the Plank Scale. The lego of the Universe, from this the smallest of all elements, everything exists. In one compelling idea this element is called an Aether Unit a magnetic field that oscillates. Many Physicists believe that these smallest particles are a form of information energy, and that the Universe is an unimaginably vast sea of information energy. A well known physics experiment concluded that photons behave differently when being observed leading many to conclude that the consciousness of the experimenter was influencing the behavior of the photons. Some scientists believe that our thoughts could have a connection to this ocean of information energy and that this energy could be connected to us in some way. Is the Universe itself a giant ocean of data? Could the ancients have known what science is only now rediscovering? In the Atlantium continuum the answer is YES. The myths told by our ancestors are most likely encrypted ancient knowledge that has been passed down until today. Only now are we just beginning to decode these myths with science and reason. Edgar Cayce said that time was like a ball and that everything that has, or ever will happen is in that ball taking place all at the same time. It is only our human perception that makes it seem to flow in a progression. Are we ready to Google the "Book of Life"? ATLANTIUM. Roc Hatfield/Author