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It is difficult to imagine when your sitting in your car listening to satellite radio, stuck in traffic in a major urban enclave that everything around you may have come from the sky. Recently, volumes of information from researchers has been surfacing that raise powerful questions. Where did ancient civilization really come from? Scientists and Archaeologists agree that the first truly organized civilizations began in Mesopotamia with the Sumerians some 6500 years ago. From there two very different trains of thought diverge.

The classic knowledge base says that man was living in caves and hunting for food using primitive weapons. Then the cavemen just settled down for some reason and started making cities and creating everything a civilized community would need. Before the Sumerians there is no record of incremental developments in writing, math, astronomy, education, government, or any other component of civilized life. It seems that these amazing humans just pulled up there sandal straps and invented everything that they needed. The Sumer were prolific writers, using an alphabet consisting of 400 symbols they wrote down everything on clay and stone tablets. One thing about the writings of the Sumerians is that they wrote everything in stone. No one today can say that their writings have been altered for political, religious or translation reasons. What you see is what they wrote. This singular fact is what makes the records of the Sumer so important today. Zecharia Sitchin one of the few people worldwide that can read Sumerian cuneiform has written many books on the writings of the ancient Sumerians. His study has taken him down a very different path than that of his colleagues. Sitchin has spent 40 years reading and studying the ancient writings of the Sumerians and he believes that the texts describe actual events that took place and are not mere mythologies. Mainstream academia summarizes the Sumerian stories as Mythos, elaborate physco-symboligy that attempts to explain creation and mans relationship with God. Sitchin believes that the Sumerians lived among a super advanced space fairing race called the Annunaki. And it was these not so benevolent space travelers that gave humans everything they needed to create a civilization. The Sumerians wrote that the Annunaki came from the outer solar system from a planet called Nibiru. They gave early man mathematics, time measurement that we still use today and just about everything else a modern civilization would need. From literally no where cities with water and sewer systems, streets, government, writing, financial systems, education, science, astronomy and many other advanced ideas sprang into being. The Sumerians wrote that the Annunaki translated "Those from heaven who came to Earth" gave them all the knowledge that they had. Today we still use the 60 minute 60 second time model that the Sumer say was given to them by the Annunaki. Many other concepts like the 12 month calendar and the constellations of the Zodiac to name but just a few are still in use today. If the Sumer had created all of these modern achievements on there own why would they give all the credit to a mythological Annunaki? The Sumerians had elaborate knowledge of our solar system, they were fully aware of the location of all the planets in the solar system, the constellations of the zodiac and the procession of the equinoxes. All of this 5000 years before the invention of the first telescope. In a relief panel made by rolling a metal scroll over wet clay the solar system is clearly represented with the sun in the center and 10 planets revolving around it. The tenth planet is Nibiru the Annunaki home world. It was thought that the Earth was the center of the solar system and all the planets revolved around it until the 1600's some 5500 years later. Could the Sumerians have lived among super advanced spacemen? Did the Annunaki give mankind a jump start and hand down key knowledge from the sky? In the Atlantium continuum the answer is YES. It is clear that the Sumerians were amazingly advanced, creating many concepts and ideas that we still use everyday. After 6500 years their ideas must be pretty good for us to still be using them. Ancient works from all over the world tell of a time before a great deluge when man was company to angels that came to earth and shared their wealth and knowledge with man. The Sumer were most likely the last Atlanteans. ATLANTIUM/Roc Hatfield/Author


Les said...

The 'UFO's" of Ezekial are Egyptian warships. The missing crew are albino's which we decended from. They originally escaped to the depths of the Atlantic where some still are. The leaders of the Illuminati is deep inside the Vatican catacombs. They believe they are the direct decendants of Julius Caesar so, therefore the righteous rulers of the world. They are immortal and do not die. The ones beneath the sea emerge occasionally to see if we are still alive. s we decend the depths for the same reasons. I can fill in every word of Ezekial to correspond with an Egyptian war ship. The legs were the oars oars. The spirit was the wind. When the spirit stood the living thing stood. When the spirit moved the living thing moved. The clouds were the sails. The crows nest is where god was. On and on....

Les said...

The living thing was the ship. The beryl is barrel. The steering oar house.