Sunday, April 22, 2007



The 90's Sci-Fi TV series "Sliders" explores the fantastic concept of traveling through an energy vortex that is connected to another dimension. The shows' heroes travel to a different dimension each week where they encounter one rude awakening after another. Real science has only just begun to generate theories about different dimensions and the possibilities they propose. Interesting ideas have been created in physics labs that point to atomic particles being present not only in our reality but in others simultaneously. In the Sliders series a machine was used to generate an opening between two closely aligned dimensions. These dimensions are envisioned as bubbles, like soap bubbles on water. Each bubble represents an entire reality just like ours. The bubbles are packed tightly together with their surfaces connecting to each other. In order to travel from one to the other you need to tear an opening where the two come together. In real life this would pose many complications, like what if the bubbles slide around and now you are no longer near the bubble you came from.

Not to worry, it seems there may be natural openings that exist between dimensions known as "Coordination Points". These points are all over the world and are natural gateways between our dimension and many others. The Pyramids at Giza Egypt are said to be one such Coordination Point. They are not all on the surface of the Earth, some may lay in the air above or in the depths below. When dimensions come together at these locations it would be possible to pass over, or just peer into the other side. This idea is not new it has been referenced many times down through ancient history. More recently strange artifacts and anecdotes from the last few hundred years have started to take on revived interest as more and more people have begun to open their minds to alternate possibilities. A number of researchers have gone back into newspapers and books from the 1700's forward looking for out of the ordinary accounts that may be connected in some way to the idea of inter dimensional travel. In 1885 a well digger discovered a clay doll at a depth of 320 feet. The doll was in good condition with many details clearly visible. The material it was found in was dated to over 300,000 years old. In 1826 well diggers near the Ohio River found a stump with a modern looking ax still stuck into it. The stump was found 100 feet down encased in a layer of material that dates to 100,000 years old. In 1851 the Boston Transcript reported that miners had blasted a metal vase out of solid rock. The vase made from zinc and silver had intricate floral patters in the metal work. The vase was cemented into limestone over 100,000 years old. 1853, a horned lizard was found in New Mexico inside solid rock. The lizard was still alive and had rested in a pocket molded perfectly to its body. The lizard was sent to the Smithsonian where it lived for a few days and died. In 1856 in St. Dizier France french workmen digging a railway tunnel were terrified when a large winged creature stumbled toward them and let out a squawk and fell at their feet. The animal was later identified as a Pterodactyl. The animal had been frozen in solid stone leaving a perfect mold of its body in the rock. Near Los Angeles in 1869 workers discovered a solid wall embedded in a coal mine. The wall featured perfectly formed unknown letters raised on its surface. The coal where the wall was found was over 200 million years old. In 1870 near Peoria Illinois well diggers lifted a copper coin the size of a quarter from 150 feet below. The coin was evenly made and featured detailed engravings on both sides. The material in which it was found dated to 150,000 B.C. In 1944 a sophisticated metal bell was found inside a lump of coal. The Bell was analysed and found to be made of unusual metals. These are but a small sampling of the strange stories that have been recorded in newspapers in the last few centuries. It is entirely possible that these stories are fiction and used solely for the purpose of selling newspapers. On the other hand stories like these appear very far back into our past. One possible explanation could be connected to the idea of Coordination Points and Inter Dimensional travel. These objects and animals could have been in the wrong place at the right time. If different dimensions do intersect from time to time they may claim objects and creatures in their paths. Pulling or pushing things from one side of the dimensional boundary to the other. Are these stories just an ancient version of Inquiring minds want to know? Are all of these ancient out of place artifacts mere hoaxes? In the Atlantium continuum the answer is "NO". The overwhelming number of these accounts of OOPARTs points to a different explanation. Perhaps in the near future science will discover the real secret of Sliding. ATLANTIUM. Roc Hatfield/Author