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H.G. Wells the prolific British science fiction writer accurately predicted many futuristic weapons and achievements. Wells was born in 1866 and wrote about Nuclear War, Submarines and Space Travel many years before they became reality. In his famous novel "The First Men on the Moon" Wells weaves a tale of two men that build a primitive space capsule and shoot themselves to the moon. Soon they discover that the moon is inhabited by an underground colony of ant like men known as the Salenites. These highly advanced creatures live in a huge matrix of caverns and tunnels under the Moons surface. According to former NASA Astronauts, Sub-contractors and Russian science officials H.G. Wells was right once again. Many high ranking credible individuals are coming forward with the revelation that someone or something is building a vast base on the dark side of the Moon.

Apollo 11 the first manned mission to land on the Moon carried astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins 250 thousand miles across open space. Upon reaching the Moon the command module and lunar module orbited the Moon while preparing for the first manned landing. As the fragile spacecraft passed behind the Moon the Astronauts could see what looked to them to be a huge mining complex. During an exchange with Mission control in July 1969 Aldrin and Armstrong could be heard describing a bright light that was emanating from a large crater on the surface. Immediately after that statement the conversation went silent. NASA was filtering all the radio transmissions before they were fed to the world's TV and Radio networks. However Amateur short wave radio operators from around the world were monitoring and recording the broadcasts. The portion of the conversation censored by NASA is nothing short of startling. NASA: "Mission Control, what are you seeing?" APOLLO: "Sir! these Babies are enormous! they are huge. OH MY GOD! you wouldn't believe it. I am telling you there are spacecraft lined up on the far side of the craters' edge! They are on the Moon watching us! In 1979 former chief of NASA communication systems Maurice Chatelain confirmed that Armstrong had reported seeing UFO's on the Moons surface. Chatelain also confirmed that Apollo 11 transmissions were interrupted on several occasions in order to keep information from the public. It is worth noting that Chatelain was in charge of designing the communications and computer equipment aboard Apollo. He was also a highly sought after technology consultant to many top U.S. Corporations. Chatelain claimed that every Gemini and Apollo mission was followed closely by unidentified spacecraft. Mission Control ordered flight crews to absolute silence during every encounter. Walter Schirra aboard Gemini 8 was the first to code name the observers "Santa Claus". The general public never questioned these statements. James Lovell aboard the command module of Apollo 8 stated as he emerged from the dark side of the Moon, "Please be informed that there is a Santa Claus". He made this statement for all to hear on Christmas Day 1968. This was an inside joke to all those in the know at NASA. Many years later Armstrong was interviewed at a science symposium and he was asked, "What really happened out there with Apollo 11?" "Well we had always known there was a possibility of finding some type of activity up there, the fact is we were warned off. I can't go into details except to say that their ships were superior in technology and size to ours. Boy! were they big! and they were very menacing. Why did NASA send more missions after Apollo 11? "The folks at NASA didn't want to panic the whole World so they just went up there grabbed some rock samples turned around and came home. Putting a permanent manned presence up there is out of the question and that is why we have never gone back". He concluded by saying that the CIA was in charge of the cover up. Ancient texts from a number of cultures have described a time in the past when man traveled to the Moon and all over the Earth in sophisticated flying craft. In the Ancient Indian Sanskrit texts these flying machines are called Vimanas. Vimanas came in all shapes and sizes and some were not of this World but were operated by those from heaven. A large white stone sits in a Temple in the mountains of Tibet. The legend surrounding the stone tells of men who brought the stone down from the Moon as a gift to the priests. Were Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong suffering from some kind of deep space sickness? Could all these statements be a form of urban myth? In the Atlantium continuum the answer is "NO". It is entirely possible that the Apollo 11 crew saw a vast space mining operation on the surface of the Moon. Ask yourself are you really ready to know? Are you prepared psychologically for NASA and Military officials to have a news conference and announce that an unknown presence has a vast mining base on the Moon and they appear to be operating immense spacecraft from this base? The overwhelming majority of individuals on this planet are not ready. Keeping this information covered up for now and relegated to the kook fringe is most likely the safe bet for us all. ATLANTIUM. Roc Hatfield/Author

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