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Doug Bower and Dave Chorley are credited with starting the crop circle phenomenon back in 1978. The two English gentlemen claimed to have used a plank with a rope handle and a stake with a string to create their masterpieces in the middle of the night. That may have worked 30 years ago but today's crop circles are a whole new kettle of fish and chips. The debate over what these grand scale works of art really are, remains a very hot topic not only in England but around the world. Crop circles like UFO's are studied with a great deal of skepticism and doubt. After all, if they are not man made or the result of some weather system which most scientists would have us believe then what could they be?

Crop circles have been showing up for a very long time. The "Mowing Devil" was reported by the Hartford-Shire news in 1678. The story describes a farmer who witnessed a Devil using a reaper to make a circle in his field. The article features a drawing of a crop circle being made by a force that could have only come from the Devil. Crop circles appear in cave and rock drawings created by early man thousands of years ago. Crop circle symbology is unique and has appeared in ancient times among many advanced cultures. One recent crop symbol featured what looks like a Menorah. The Menorah is an ancient symbol used by the Sumerians, Babylonians and Hebrews. The symbol was a representation of the tree of life. This tree originally introduced by the Sumer was a model for Annunaki DNA. The Annunaki were the space traveling gods of the Sumer, Babylonians and Assyrians. The Hebrew Bible refers to this same tree of life in the book of Genesis. The tree of life was located in the garden of Eden and had the power to give longevity if the fruit of the tree was eaten. Symbology has played a critical role in every culture on earth. Even in the new world a graphic menorah can be found on the side of a mountain in the Nazca plains of Peru. The symbology of crop circles has evolved rapidly. As copycats get better at making crude reproductions of the symbols the true symbol makers up the ante. Recent crop symbols have become so complex that a whole group of artists could not make the symbols in the 6 hours of darkness they are allowed even under the best of conditions. An intriguing story has emerged in the fringe media related to the appearance of highly complex drone aircraft that have been photographed by witnesses in and around Bakersfield California. Shortly after photos of these hovering drones began to circulate, a very dense white paper was released under a pseudonym by the name of ISAAC. It is unclear if ISAAC is a person or a group. The document details in a very convincing manner the origins and capabilities of the drones showing up in various locations. According to ISAAC the drones are backward engineered alien technology. These drones are capable of anti-gravity flight and can make themselves invisible. However ISAAC explains that some kinds of magnetic interference can wreck havoc on the drones' cloaking abilities reveling them for all to see. ISAAC was a former employee of an organization known as C A R E T a quasi government research group given the task of adapting alien technology for use in earthly pursuits. Where this story gets interesting and separates it from most run of the mill hoaxes is its long dissertation on the use and importance of symbology. ISAAC explains that the creators of these devices use an intensely saturated form of software that is integral to the hardware. In other words HardSoftware. Our computers execute commands by completing a series of mathematical equations that result in signals being sent to mechanical devices such as motors, lights, screens etc. that are turned on or off . The aliens use an extremely precise sequence of symbols integrated into the devices construction. This then becomes the operating instructions for the device. More a kin to the relationship of the human body and DNA. The operating instructions are part of the device rather than a stand alone system. This is obviously a superior way of building a device because the operating system isn't venerable to damage and will remain intact as long as the device exists. Whether ISAAC is an elaborate ruse or not the detailed ideas promulgated by his document is relevant. Symbology as software, could this be an ancient idea? Could symbols some how carry hereto unknown information to material things? Our digital instructions would be so very crude in comparison to the idea that a single symbol could represent myriad possibilities and when one symbol is in the presence of other symbols instructions could form that are beyond our current ability to comprehend. This then shines a whole new light on the symbology of crop circles. Are all crop circles just fine examples of performance art? Are hundreds of these symbols made in the dark all over the world by nocturnal pranksters? In the Atlantium continuum the answer is "NO". These symbols have been documented by humans for thousands of years. It is possible that copycat circle makers are unwittingly communicating with the true circle makers. No doubt it is the equivalent of gibberish but it may be challenging the true circle makers to a game of one-ups-manship. ATLANTIUM. Roc Hatfield/Author


cwoods said...

The assertion that crop circles have been showing up for a very long time seem to me, rather than promote their non-earthly origins, but instead provide a yet more compelling argument as to why they must be made using very simple apparatus.

Atheistic Mystic said...

Comparative mythology and comparative mysticism, as well as testimonies from known circle makers indicate that crop circles are manifestations of the collective unconscious.

Adi said...

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