Saturday, July 21, 2007



Time keeps on tickin' tickin' away, sings songwriter Don Henley in one of his greatest hits. The marking of time and the references about time permeate every culture on Earth. Where did the keeping or marking of time come from? The answer could be out of this world. Literally. The ancient Sumer are credited with creating the hour, minute and second and we still use the exact same increments today. So, how did the ancient Sumerians come up with this revolutionary and long lasting idea?

Little was known about the ancient Sumer before the mid 1800s until the emerging science of archeology discovered their existence. In 1910 a large cache of clay tablets were found containing thousands of documents written in an unknown language. The tablets were recorded using a cuneiform alphabet with 400 characters, along with relief panels containing pictures made using metal seals. Many years have been dedicated to the study and interpretation of these clay panels. Researchers have found records that cover every aspect of everyday life, marriage documents, business contracts, city tax records and a virtual encyclopedia of a very advanced culture. The Sumer are credited with being the first civilization on Earth to have invented a long list of things we still use everyday; the wheel, arch, astronomy, courts, laws, mathematics, sea travel, and time keeping just to name a few. Perhaps one of the most amazing aspects of the Sumer is their highly detailed accounts of their gods the Annunaki. The Annunaki came down to Earth from Heaven and created man by mixing their DNA with the primitive humans that lived on Earth at the time of their arrival. The Anunnaki gave the Sumer everything they needed. All the inventions they are credited with were given to them by the Annunaki according to their writings. The Sumer had a mathematical system based on 60 rather than our base 10 system. They divided hours by 60 minutes, and minutes by 60 seconds. How were they able to mark off these units of time? It is assumed that they must have had some device capable of marking time. A very curious device is ever present on the wrists of the Annunaki. The Sumer generated a great number of carvings, statues and images of the Annunaki and they always took great care in placing what for lack of a better description appears to be a watch. They are not Rolexes but do look very precise with a face, markings all around the outside of the face and a sweeping hand. The Sumer have left great volumes of information to us about their gods the Annunaki. The Annunaki are characterized by the Sumer as a great space fairing people. They are believed to have been very large individuals perhaps 2-3 times larger than a man. They are called the Nephilim in the Hebrew Bible and referred to as the Sons of God. They became attracted to human women and had offspring that were giants, the "Men of Renown". What is interesting is that the Sumer recorded stories about these creatures thousands of years before the Bible. One startling account tells of the Annunaki's origins and how their planet Nibiru comes through our neck of the woods every 3600 years. One time in the ancient past Nibiru passed to close to Earth and knocked off a big chunk of our planet that later formed our Moon. The cross pollination of Earth with Nibiru provided the basic elements for their evolution. These ideas are 7000 years old and NASA today believes that this could be a very valid theory. NASA is currently searching for what they call Planet X. Planet X is believed to be out beyond our recognized solar system. Much of the information contained in the ruins of the Sumer has yet to be translated, who can imagine what knowledge may be reveled. Were the ancient Sumer just a bunch of really smart tribesmen? Are the Annunaki merely religious idols created as part of a creation myth? In the Atlantium continuum the answer is "NO". The probability of a group of primitive humans gathering in the desert and creating the first of many inventions we still use today without some sort of help is difficult to imagine. The record shows that they had almost every modern convenience that we have today and the TIME to enjoy it. ATLANTIUM. Roc Hatfield/Author


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