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There are thousands of old rusty cars strewn across America. Many of them are almost unrecognizable, the wind, rain and elements taking their toll. These cars were made of advanced metal compounds no more that 80 or so years ago, yet they have all but vanished from existence. Creating non-oxidizing metals is no easy challenge. New advanced metals like stainless steel and titanium are highly resistant to rust but will eventually succumb if not maintained properly. Amazingly ancient metallurgists had conquered many of these technical problems thousands of years ago.

The Ashoka Pillar located at a temple just outside Delhi India also known as the Iron Pillar of Mehaurali is a 1500 year old solid piece of pure iron. The Pillar is over 23 feet high and weighs 30 tonnes. What makes this object so unique is the fact that it has no rust on it despite being outdoors in the very humid air of Delhi for at least one thousand five hundred years. The pillar said to have been erected by Kumara Gupta of the Gupta dynasty that ruled this part of India in A.D. 320-350 is believed by many to be much older. One reason researchers believe it to be 1500 years old is due to an inscription that was made into the pillar at is construction. The inscription is a poem to the ruler and many of the references are not of the A.D. 320-350 time frame which leads many to think that it could be at least 4000 years old or perhaps even much older. The Ashoka Pillar has been examined by many modern companies in an effort to find its secret of a long and rust free life. The current thinking is that the metal contains 1 percent phosphorous which is much higher that modern steel. Researchers have found that the Pillar has a very thin protective natural accruing film around it that will not allow oxygen or moisture to penetrate to its surface. A kind of built in force field if you will. A number of scientists are convinced that containers made from the same blend of metals could store radioactive waste safely for thousands of years. Recently translations of ancient Sanskrit texts have reveled that the Rama Empire which could have existed as far back as 12,000-25,000 years ago possessed fantastic technology. Extremely detailed stories of flying machines that used anti gravity propulsion, nuclear weapons, space travel and more are described in these ancient texts. The Ashoka Pillar may have come from the time of the Rama Empire and is just another technical wonder from that era that has survived until today.

The Wonderstone Mine of South Africa has yielded an even more quizzical metallic object. A large number of metal spheres the size of baseballs have been discovered deep in the mine. At least 200 have been unearthed and the spheres are all subtlety different. The spheres are made of an alloy of nickle and steel a combination that does not occur in nature. These objects have a thin outer shell and some spongy substance on the inside with indented lines running around the equator of the sphere. One museum curator claims that they can spin on their own power. These spheres have been fabricated by someone or something, the big question is what? The spheres are being dug from solid rock that is deep in the earth and is billions of years old. That's right BILLIONS with a B. The Earth was just cooling off from being coalesced from ultra hot space debris when the rock from which these spheres are pulled was formed. One potential theory; these objects were created by creatures that lived on a planet that circled a giant star that occupied the same space we do now. It is believed that our solar system formed from the dust of a star that exploded billions of years ago. Prior to that stars demise it could have had its own planets circling it. One of those planets could have had intelligent life that created the spheres in question. When their planet was destroyed by their star going nova the spheres survived and became part of our new Earth. OK, big idea but it is just as valid as any for the moment. Science remains baffled as to how these objects found their way into solid rock that hasn't seen sunshine in billions of years. Is the Ashoka Pillars ability to prevent rust just a fluke caused by a primitive metallurgist? Are the metal spheres found deep in the Wonderstone Mine a very cleaver trick of nature? In the Atlantium continuum the answer is "NO". Whatever the real answer is to these mysteries it is clear that many objects around us point to a very different kind of history than we are accustomed to. ATLANTIUM. Roc Hatfield/Author


A.V. Michaels said...

Yup, there was definitely stuff going on way long ago...thanks, this was very interesting

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